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The 20 Best Places to Live in Alabama


Each state has places that are considered the best places to live, and others that are considered the worst. While what constitutes a good place to live is partly down to a matter of opinion, there are many factors that are taken into account in official rankings. Some of these factors include the safety of the area based on crime rates, the cost of living, the lifestyle an area can offer, employment opportunities, and leisure activities. Based on various livability factors, the following are the 20 best places to live in Alabama in 2019.

20. Alabaster

The Crazy Tourist ranks Alabaster as one of the best places to live in Alabama. Overall, this area has plenty to offer as the housing is affordable and there is no shortage of job opportunities as there is a business center. There are excellent leisure options in Alabaster, including entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, and outdoor spaces.

19. Point Clear

Many aspects of Point Clear are highly rated, so it is an appealing place to live for many groups of people. The quiet suburban vibe attracts retirees, while the outstanding schools in the area mean it is also popular with families. Located in Baldwin County and with a population of just 2,761, this is a small suburb that enjoys a true community spirit. The low crime rates appeal to many people who choose the location in which they live based on safety. Despite being a smaller suburb, Point Clear rates highly for the nightlife, so it is certainly not a boring place to live. It also has many outdoor activities to enjoy and is a good location in terms of commutability.

18. Calera

Calera is a city that spans Shelton County and Chilton County. Although renting properties in Calera is expensive, buying a home is incredibly inexpensive. Therefore, most people are homeowners in this city. Families are drawn to this area because the 38 public schools mean that there is a great deal of choice. Many of the schools on offer are outstanding. Calera has low crime rates and offers an excellent standard of living.

17. Glen Iris

For those who enjoy the urban vibe, Glen Iris is a wonderful place to live. It is a neighborhood in Birmingham that has a population of just under 21 thousand. Although most people rent their homes, there is a vast range of different sizes and styles of property on the market. Many people live here because of the lifestyle they can enjoy as there is a vast selection of shops, parks, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. Some of the best features of this neighborhood include nightlife, cost of living, commutability, and outdoor activities.

16. Huntsville

Huntsville is a city located in the Appalachian region of northern Alabama, and it is one of the best cities to live in this state. Although it is the county seat of Madison County, it extends into Morgan County and Limestone County. Both renting and buying property is affordable in this city, and there is a wide range of work opportunities. This diverse city also has a low cost of living. It is known for its connections to space exploration, so there are some attractions related to this topic.

15. Brook Highland

Brook Highland is another of the best places to live in Alabama recommended by The crazy Tourist. The cost of property rental is significantly below the national average, and housing is generally affordable. Similarly, there is a reasonable cost of living. It is expected that this area will see growth in the future, as it is becoming a popular area with millennials. There are good transport links meaning this is a good area in terms of commutability, and the area can deliver a high standard of living.

14. Pelham

Despite Montgomery being the state capital, many people are drawn to the areas surrounding Birmingham, and one of these is Pelham. Residents of Pelham can enjoy the proximity of the suburb to the work opportunities and urban lifestyle of the city while enjoying the community-focused nature of living in the suburbs. There is a diverse range of people from across the socioeconomic scale living in Pelham as the housing is more affordable than Vestavia Hills. Located just south of Indian Springs Village, Pelham is a safe community with low crime rates.Generally, the standard of living in Pelham is great.

13. Meadowbrook

An unincorporated community and census-designated place in Shelby County, Meadowbrook is one of the most affluent areas of Alabama. The population is barely over eight thousand, so it is a smaller suburb with a community feel. Those who live within the Meadowbrook schooling district have access to some of the best schools in Alabama, so families are keen to buy properties in this area. There are 31 impressive public schools from which families can choose. Education is not the only thing that this area has to offer, as it is good for commuting, has access to work opportunities, and has some nice open spaces surrounded by residential areas.

12. Auburn

One of the most affordable places to live in Alabama, Auburn has both a low cost of living and affordable house prices. Located in Lee County, this area is popular with families, so approximately 15 percent of the population is of school age. Education is one of the key factors that make this one of the best places to live in Alabama as there are outstanding schools and around 28 percent of Auburn residents have a Master’s degree or higher. The area has plenty of amenities and a decent selection of activities to enjoy in your leisure time.

11. Indian Springs Village

A suburb of Birmingham that is next to Oak Mountain State Park, Indian Springs Village has a small population and a close community. Niche says that there is a rural feel to this location, so it is ideally suited for those who do not want to live central to the hub of activity in a city and want a quieter life. It is great for families as the public schools are highly rated, and it is also popular among retirees. This area has plenty of parks and restaurants, so there is a good selection of ways to spend your free time.

10. Northport

Northport is the 10th best place to live, according to Home Snacks. This small city in Tuscaloosa County has a population of just over 25 thousand. The cost of renting a property is below that of the national average, and buying property is affordable compared to many other cities in Alabama. Poverty and unemployment in the area are low, as are the crime rates. This area is experiencing growth, and this is expected to continue over the coming years.

9. Daphne

Another area to consider is Daphne as this is a place that ranks h8ighly in many categories. One of this neighborhood’s best features is education, so the area appeals to families. It also has excellent amenities, good job opportunities, and a diverse range of properties for rent or to buy. It is generally an affordable area in which to live, and the crime rates are low. Daphne is a smaller city with a population of 25,960, according to the 2017 census. It is located on the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay, so it is best suited to those who prefer coastal locations. This also means that there are opportunities for outdoor leisure activities.

8. Fairhope

Those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle will probably love Fairhope. Its coastal location means that residents can spend the day on the banks of Mobile Bay looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. The proximity of Fairhope to Founder’s Park is also an advantage for residents. Despite the waterfront location of Fairhope, houses prices have remained affordable with a diverse range of property types. Living in this area means you can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle as the downtown area has a great vibe, and there is an abundance of bars and restaurants in the area.

7. Southside

There are many factors that make Southside an excellent place to consider living. Not only is this an affordable place to live with both rental properties and homes to buy available, but it is also a place that has many job opportunities. Transportation links are excellent, so it will appeal to those who need to commute to work in the city. Crimes rates are low, so this is a safe place to live, and the area is ranked highly for education. Southside has an appealing combination of useful amenities and attractive outdoor spaces to enjoy.

6. Hoover

Situated in Jefferson County, Hoover is a small town that is popular amongst people who want to live close to Birmingham without being in the hustle and bustle of a big city. The house prices are comparable with properties in places such as Homewood and Vestavia Hills, and residents can take advantage of living next to Oak Mountain State Park. The cost of living is reasonable in this safe community, and there are diverse leisure opportunities.

5. Helena

If property prices are one of your primary concerns when choosing where to live, then Helena is one of the most affordable suburbs. Unlike many suburban areas, Helena does not have the typical rabbit warren feel as the properties are diverse, and most are detached with outdoor space. Helena has exceptionally low crime rates, which is something else that appeals to many people who are relocating. There are good transport links to Birmingham, where there are many work opportunities.

4. Homewood

Homewood is a small neighborhood close to Vestavia Hills but is a more affordable option, both in terms of property prices and the cost of living. If you are renting a property, you will find that property is available for prices that are comparable with the national average. The housing prices mean that this area is popular with young families who are taking their first steps on the property ladder and want to live close to work opportunities.

3. Madison

According to Niche, Madison is one of the best places to live for those who want to live in a suburban area that has good access to towns and cities. There is a diverse range of housing available at affordable prices, and the cost of living is relatively low. It is an excellent place for families to live as there are some outstanding schools in the area. Living in Madison is also fun as there is a vibrant scene for nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the say.

2. Vestavia Hills

Located in Jefferson County, Vestavia Hills is an outcrop of the city of Birmingham. This safe and secure suburb has a warming community feel of a village while being close enough to an urban area to offer excellent work opportunities and convenient commuting. Housing is varied in this suburb, with properties ranging from affordable family homes to luxurious houses for those with a higher budget.

1. Mountain Brook

Home Snacks ranks Mountain Brook as the best place to live in Alabama, based on data from a variety of sources, including the Census and the FBI. This is a quiet area with a relaxed way of life, affordable housing, and plenty of nearby job opportunities. It is an excellent place for families due to the top quality public schools and the wonderful outdoor spaces. Mountain Brook is close enough to urban areas to make it a good location for commuting, and there is a good variety of amenities. There is hardly any crime in this area, so it is an exceptionally safe place to live.

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