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The 20 Best Places to Live in Denver


Denver is the capital city and most populous municipality of Colorado. It is located on the western edge of the High Plains by South Platte River Valley and close to the Rocky Mountains. Like all major cities in the United States, there are some areas of Denver that are better to live than others. What constitutes a good place to live is a matter of opinion and can depend on your personal needs. However, factors that generally influence whether a place is considered as somewhere nice to live include crime rates, amenities, cost of living, house prices, outdoor spaces, public schools, and if there are family-friendly things to do in an area. Here are 20 of the best places to live in Denver in 2019

20. Lone Tree

Lone Tree is one of the more expensive places to live, but this is because there are so many positives to this neighborhood in Douglas County. The areas in which it is highly rated are the public schools, the lifestyle for families, the job opportunities, the health and fitness amenities, the range of outdoor activities, the transport links, and the nightlife. There are also good housing options and the community is diverse. Lone Tree has a population of around 14 thousand, and the vibe of the area is a mix of suburban and urban life.

19. Belcaro

An area recommended as a great place to live by 5280 Neighborhoods is Belcaro. The large detached houses with a big price tag and a high cost of living make this an elite area that attracts high earners and retirees with a large nest egg. Many of the properties cost over a million dollars, but there are some smaller and more affordable options in the area. This neighborhood has only one school, but it has a top rating. Belcaro has low crime rates and is close to areas with lots of amenities.

18. Congress Park

Just like any area, there are pros and cons to living in Congress Park. The main downsides are the cost of living and house prices, both of which are high. However, this is a common problem when you want to live in a desirable area. The positives to living in this area are the nightlife, the standard of living for families, the transport links, the health and fitness amenities, and the outdoor activities. Crime rates in this area are reasonably low, so it is considered a safe place to live.

17. Platt Park

This neighborhood in Denver County has a sparse suburban feel, although the cost of living in this area is higher than in many other suburban areas of Denver. It is considered a good area for families as there are some good schools to choose between, the crime levels are below average, and there are lots of outdoor activities for families to enjoy together. Younger people also enjoy living in the area because of the busy nightlife and the good transport links. This is a diverse neighborhood with varied housing options, and there are job opportunities in Platt Park and the surrounding area.

16. North Capitol Hill

North Capitol Hill is an area that is experiencing a boom, including the house prices which have risen significantly since 2017. The housing options in this area are diverse and range from single condos to large family homes. Two appealing factors of this area are the low crime rates and the ability to get around and access everything you need without a car. It is also a fantastic place to live if you like eating out as it is home to many excellent restaurants.

15. Louisville

Niche ranks Louisville as the 15th best place to live in Denver. This is a larger Denver suburb with over 20 thousand residents. Due to the highly-rated public schools, Louisville is popular amongst families. The outdoor spaces are another reason why this area is good for families, along with the low crime rates. It is a diverse area with good housing options and many job opportunities in the surrounding area.

14. North Park Hill

The downside of living in this neighborhood is that the crime rates are about average for Denver, though it is certainly not considered a dangerous area in which to live. The benefits of living in North Park Hill are many, and they attract a diverse range of people. The housing options are excellent, as are the school. Commuting is easy and there are many employment opportunities in the area. Residents can enjoy a reasonable cost of living and a wide range of leisure activities. This area has a sparse urban feel, and it is home to around 10 thousand residents. It is located in Denver County.

13. Washington Park

Bellhops rates Washington Park as one of the best places to live in Denver. This suburban area has tree-lined streets and is a quiet neighborhood, yet it is still close enough to the action in the city. The area is named after the sprawling park that it surrounds, and this park included play areas, flower gardens, hiking trails, and walking paths. There are several excellent schools in this area, which makes it appealing to families. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops, most of which are located along Old South Gaylord Street.

12. Inverness

A tiny suburb with a population of under two thousand, Inverness is located in Arapahoe County. The area has an urban feel, despite its small size. This is thanks to the many restaurants, shops, and bars in the area. Families find this a desirable area because there are outstanding schools, a range of outdoor activities, and good housing options. It is also good for commuting, job opportunities, diversity, and safety. However, it is one of the pricier neighborhoods in terms of the cost of living.

11. Hilltop

Located in Denver County, Hilltop has a population of just under 10 thousand residents. Although the crime rates and cost of living are about average for Denver, there are many other features of this area that make it a great place to live. It is a good option for families as there are decent schools and a selection of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are reasonable housing options and the area is diverse. It is also an area with plenty of job opportunities and good transport links. One of the best aspects of this neighborhood is the vibrant nightlife.

10. Cherry Creek

Best known as a shopping and dining destination, Cherry Creek attracts people who want to live an urban lifestyle. The area boasts art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. This area is considered a high-end place to live, and it has the cost of living rates to match. Similarly, the house prices are higher than in some other areas of Denver. However, the crime rates are low and there are some outstanding schools in this neighborhood.

9. Cheesman Park

The Cheesman Park district is just seven blocks in one direction and 11 blocks in the other. Despite its small size, this is a neighborhood that offers its residents plenty to do, such as diverse dining options, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the neoclassical style pavilion. The mansions that surround the park are the most expensive housing options in the area, but there are plenty of more affordable options. This area has low crime rates, so it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Denver.

8. Downtown

If you want to live in an area close to lots of amenities and with plenty of things to do in your leisure time, then Downtown Denver is one of the best options. It is a central hub for cultural events, historic museums, a diverse range of eateries, and many shops. Many of the apartments in this neighborhood are in historic buildings, while the houses vary from traditional to modern. The vibe of this area and its proximity to the city and job opportunities make it an ideal place to live for young professionals. The downside of this neighborhood is the high house prices and cost of living.

7. Country Club

Country Club is one of the most elite neighborhoods in Denver, says 5280 Neighborhoods. High earners flock to this area to live in luxurious mansions, although the cost of living is high. The stunning properties are not the only appealing feature of this area, as it has lots going for it that make it an appealing place to live. One of the most appealing features is that the area has the fourth-lowest crime rates out of all the Denver neighborhoods. It is also close to the areas that have lots of amenities and leisure activities, such as Downtown Denver.

6. Highlands Ranch

One of the largest suburbs of Denver, Highlands Ranch has a population of more than 105 thousand and it is located in Douglas County. This location is highly rated in many areas that are considered when deciding which are the best places to live. It has low crime rates, great public schools, a diverse community, good housing options, many job opportunities, strong transport links, and a range of leisure activities to suit all people. On the other hand, the cost of living is above average for Denver.

5. Eastridge Ptarmigan Park

Located in Aurora, Arapahoe County, this suburban community has a population of under three thousand people. The highly-rated schools and nice outdoor spaces mean that this is a popular area amongst families. It is also popular with young professionals because of the nightlife, job opportunities, and good transport links. There is a diverse range of affordable housing and the cost of living is reasonable. The crime rates are exceptionally low, so it is a safe place to live.

4. Superior

Both young professionals and families alike enjoy living in Superior. This is because there are excellent job options, great commutability, highly rated public schools, a vibrant nightlife, many outdoor activities, and health and fitness options. The housing options are also diverse, as is the community that lives in this neighborhood. The downside of living in superior is the high cost of living, but this is often the price you will pay to live in such a desirable area. There are around 13 thousand people living in this neighborhood.

3. Wellshire

There is a sparse suburban feel to this neighborhood in Denver County as there is a population of around three and a half thousand. The living factors for which this area scores highly are housing, family life, outdoor activities, nightlife, and health and fitness. It also has relatively high crime rates, reasonable job options, commutability, diversity, and an average cost of living.

2. South Park Hill

With a population under ten thousand, South Park Hill has a sparse suburban feel. People who enjoy an active lifestyle find this a desirable area because it has excellent outdoor activities, a vibrant nightlife, and plenty of health and fitness venues. It is also a great place for shopping and dining out. South Hill Park is reasonably affordable with diverse housing options. There are good job opportunities and it is considered a commutable area.

1. Holly Hills

According to Niche, the best area in which to live in Denver is Holly Hills. This tiny Denver suburb in Arapahoe County has a population of under three thousand people. It has a rural feel although there are plenty of bars, restaurants. The area is popular among retirees, although it also appeals to families because of the good public schools in the area. The housing options are also good, and it is a diverse area in which to live. Crime rates in Holly Hills are virtually non-existent, so it is one of the safest places to live in Denver.

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