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The 20 Best Places to Live in Sacramento


As the capital of California, Sacramento is a popular location to live in this state. Not only does it offer diverse housing, but it is also a good base for people wanting access to job opportunities and a wide range of leisure activities. Like all cities, some areas are better than others. Some of the factors that influence how an area is ranked are property prices, the cost of living, the things there are to do, the social life on offer, the public schools, crime rates, and the diversity within the community. Based on a combination of these factors, the following are the 20 best places to live in Sacramento.

20. North Auburn

Niche says that North Auburn is a town with a population of under 14 thousand people that has a sparse suburban feel. However, it is somewhere that offers its residents plenty of leisure and socializing options. These include health and fitness facilities, outdoor activities, family-oriented activities, parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. Families choose this area because of the above-average public schools, while young professionals are attracted to the employment opportunities, the transport links, and the vibrant nightlife. This area has a diverse community and low crime rates. Although the house prices and the cost of living are high, residents feel that it is worth it as there are so many benefits to living in this area.

19. Antelope

Like many other of the best places to live in Sacramento, the cost of living and the house prices are both above average. However, these downsides are outweighed by the many positive aspects of life in Antelope. The diverse community, range of outdoor activities, above-average public schools, commutability, and job opportunities are some of the top elements of this area that appeal to many people. This area also has low crime rates, so it is considered a safe area in which to live. Another factor in this area that people find appealing is the parks and outdoor recreation spaces. This Sacramento suburb has a population of around 48 thousand residents.

18. West Sacramento

Sac Bee says that West Sacramento is an up-and-coming area that has gone from being an overlooked area to one that is gaining respect from its neighbors. It has the fastest-growing median income in the Sacramento area, along with the fastest rising house prices. These are both indicators that it is becoming an increasingly desirable area in which to live. It is a city that is still undergoing redevelopment to make it a more modern place to live with diverse housing options. Therefore, it has the potential to rise higher up the ranks of the best places to live in Sacramento in the future.

17. Loomis

Loomis is a small town that has country charm, says Trip Savvy. The main reason that people choose to live in this town is the out of the way location. It appeals to those who want access to the amenities, leisure facilities, and jobs in the city, but want to live somewhere more peaceful and rural. Another element of Loomis that appeals to people is the relatively low house prices.

16. Orangevale

Families and young professionals alike enjoy living in Orangevale, which is why there is such diversity amongst the 35 thousand residents. Some of the main advantages of this area include the highly-rated public schools, the low crime levels, the family activities, the range of leisure options, and the nice outdoor spaces. There are also plentiful job opportunities and the transport links are strong. Like many of the best areas in Sacramento, the house prices and the cost of living are above average.

15. Carmichael

Carmichael is a census-designated place in Sacramento County that is a suburb of the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area. It is an area that appeals to everyone from young professionals to retirees as it has something for people from all walks of life, hence the diversity of the community. The schools are good, there are job opportunities, and it is a commutable area. The downsides are the high house prices and the cost of living.

14. Rosemont

The residents of Rosemont enjoy the dense suburban feel of the area and the diversity of the community. It is an area that attracts many young professionals because of the nightlife, socializing opportunities, leisure activities, transport links, and employment opportunities. This area will also appeal to families because it has lots of leisure activities for children and the schools in the area are above average.

13. Vineyard

One of the safest places to live in Sacramento is Vineyard as the crime rates are low in this area. It also boasts a friendly and diverse community. This is an area that is amongst the top areas for families to live due to the highly-rated public schools. Most people own their own homes in Vineyard as the house prices are generally affordable. The one downside to living in Vineyard is the lack of public transportation.

12. Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova is an area that has both pros and cons. So, while it is a fantastic place for some people, others would not choose to live in this area. Starting with its downsides the cost of living is high, as are the house prices and the crime rates. An issue that some of the 70 thousand residents have is that the job opportunities are limited. On the other hand, the pubic schools are highly rated, the community is diverse, there are lots of amenities, and the leisure options are varied. Many residents love that this area has a vibrant nightlife.

11. Rancho Murieta

According to Niche, Rancho Murieta has fewer than six thousand residents and it has a rural feel that people who want a quieter lifestyle find appealing. It is appealing to retirees who do not want to live in the hustle and bustle of the city but still want access to a range of leisure activities. The highly-rated public schools mean it also appeals to families. This is an affluent community with high house prices and cost of living.

10. Elk Grove

Families flock to this neighborhood as it has some of the best schools in Sacramento and the surrounding area. Another reason why families love this area is that it has lots of parks and playgrounds where parents can spend time with their children. However, this area does not only appeal to families as it has other benefits that also appeal to retirees and young professionals. Some of these include employment opportunities, good transport links, access to amenities, and varied leisure activities.

9. La Riviera

One of the best places to live in Sacramento for young professionals is La Riviera, says Unpakt Blog. It is conveniently located next to Highway 50, which means that the surrounding area is accessible. La Riviera is a relatively affordable area that is a pleasant place to live because of its pastoral streets. It is close to all the action as there are plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, and coffee shops for socializing. There are also plenty of leisure activities for the residents of this area to enjoy.

8. Fair Oaks

Close to the river, Fair Oaks is a quiet location that is surrounded by woodland. It will appeal to people who like spending time outdoors due to its location. However, it is only a short walk from the best shopping regions in Sacramento, so it is not completely separated from the amenities and buzz of the city. The housing options in this area are diverse as they range from modest homes in the upper $200 thousand price bracket to upscale homes that are worth close to $1 million.

7. Roseville

Roseville has a dense suburban feel and approximately 130 thousand residents are living in this area. The downsides to Roseville are the high house prices and the above-average cost of living. However, this is a price that many people are willing to pay to take advantage of the many benefits of living in such a desirable area. There are good schools, a wide variety of leisure options, a vibrant nightlife, a diverse community, plentiful employment opportunities, and good transport links. It is also a relatively safe area with low crime rates.

6. Granite Bay

Granite Bay sits on the west side of Folsom Bay. It also has many biking trails and several parks with boating access. This means it is popular with those who enjoy an outdoors lifestyle. Currently, the population of Granite Bay predominantly consists of families and corporate executives. More than 22 thousand people are living in the area, and the community is quite diverse. The public schools are highly rated, so it is a good option for families. The downside of this neighborhood is the exceptionally high cost of living.

5. Rocklin

CBS Sacramento reported that Money Magazine has named Rockling as one of the top 100 places to live in the United States. This neighborhood came in at the 86th position on the list. This is a popular area for raising a family as there are excellent public schools and plenty of family-oriented activities. It will also suit people who like socializing and dining out as there are some fantastic restaurants.

4. El Dorado Hills

Originally, El Dorado Hills was built to accommodate families who had someone working in the aerospace industry. However, most people who live in this area now work for either Intel or Blue Shield. It has a busy town center with plenty of restaurants and an excellent movie theater. There are many events held throughout the year, so there is a good community spirit in this neighborhood. The north side of the town is bordered by Folsom Lake, so there are plenty of water-based leisure activities for people to enjoy.

3. Folsom

Folsom has a sturdy economy which is mainly due to the tech giants that use this area as their base. It is companies such as these that means this area has plenty of employment opportunities. It is not just the economy and job opportunities that make this such a fantastic place to live as the natural landmarks also make it a good option for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits. Folsom is home to both Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma, so popular activities in this area include kayaking, boating, swimming, and water-skiing. Furthermore, there are miles of hiking and biking trails, great shopping options, and some nice places for eating out.

2. Gold River

Located by the American River Parkway, Gold River is often referred to as the ‘jewel of Sacramento’. It is best suited to those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle as it boasts miles of bike paths and walking trails. There is a dense suburban feel in Gold River, which has almost eight thousand residents. It is considered a safe place to live with a diverse community and public schools that are rated as above average. Although the housing options in this area are varied, the cost of living is high.

1. Davis

According to The Real Estate Solution Guy, the best place to live in Sacramento is Davis. This is a college town that is known for its nightlife and food scene. This is a great place to live if you are environmentally aware as it is a conservation-friendly town where most people get about on foot or bicycle. Davis is home to approximately 67,500 residents and while some areas of this Sacramento feel very urban, other parts have a more suburban feel. Although the cost of living and the house prices are high, residents are willing to pay the price to live in an area with highly rated schools, low crime rates, plentiful employment opportunities, and a wide range of leisure activities.

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