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The 10 Best Rokon Motorcycle Money Can Buy

Best Rokon Motorcycle

Rokon is a motorcycle brand that has been around for decades. The company was established in 1959 with its manufacturing plant in Rochester, New Hampshire. The motorcycles are specialized for use in rugged terrain. They're known for their low-speed off-road capabilities and ability to get over steep hills. They're not known for their speed but those who love to traverse some of the most rugged terrains in the world appreciate the slow and steady pace that these bikes are known for because they're made for blazing new trails through the wilderness. If you have an adventurous spirit but you'd rather have a good motorcycle to help you reach these out-of-the-way places, here are the 10 best Rokon motorcycles money can buy.

10. 2012 Rokon Scout

2012 Rokon Scout Specs Images and Pricing

The 2012 Rokon Scout is an earlier version featuring the widest version of Rokon's all-terrain motorcycles with the most sure-footed riding capabilities for traversing the wilderness. It comes equipped with a front cargo rack, a rear passenger seat, and dual disc brakes. The tire width is 8x12, giving it a broad profile and the ability to grip the ground for making steep climbs.

9. 2009 Rokon Ranger

2009 Rokon Ranger

This is an offroad-enduro class bike that followed the traditions of its predecessors to take on the roughest terrain in the world with dual-wheel drive and a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, that puts out 5.5 horsepower with an exhaust system and spark arrestor that is approved by the US Forestry Department.

8. 2013 Rokon Hunter

2013 Rokon Hunter

The Rokon Hunter was first released in 2013. This is a motorcycle that was designed to accommodate the needs of big-game hunters. The exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrestor and muffler that is approved by the US Forestry Department. This early version is powered with a 208 ccm single-cylinder four-stroke engine that generates 7 horsepower with 9.1 lb-ft of torque for massive pulling capacity. The top speed is 34.8 mph.

7. 2015 Rokon for Hunters

2015 Rokon for Hunters

The 2015 edition of the Rokan for Hunters is an enduro/offroad version of the previously classed sports edition. This bike included special brush busters that serve a dual purpose for trail-blazing and supporting the frame. Like its predecessor, it's also treated with a camouflage aesthetic and equipped with the necessities for accessing hard-to-reach areas, and towing, hauling, and pulling capabilities.

6. 2017 Rokon MotoTractor

2017 Rokon MotoTractor

The 2017 Rokon Moto Tractor is a utilitarian motorcycle. It's a practical vehicle that can be used as a two-wheel crawler to traverse rugged terrain in the wilderness. It's even more practical when used for agricultural endeavors. The Mototractor features approximately 7 horsepower. It's equipped with a small cargo rack for carrying a variety of accessories. The 2.69-gallon fuel tank provides 8 hours of steady operation. This is a beefy motorcycle that serves as both a motorcycle and garden tractor.

5. 2016 Rokon Scout Motorcycle

Rokon Trail-Breaker: The two wheel drive motorcycle | Motorcycle, Bike exif, Cool motorcycles

The Scout is a model that features an inline-1 engine with a 208 cc displacement. The top speed of the bike is 35 mph. The Scout is designed with a dual purpose frame serving as a brush guard, also providing structural support. It's equipped with a unique 2WD system that gives this bike billy-goat climbing abilities. The design is function-driven with a high form-to-function ratio. The frame members act as brush guards. They also provide structural support for the bike. This model is built to street-legal specifications including a digital speedometer, trip meter, odometer, dual rear-view mirrors, a horn, reflectors, turn signals, a headlight, USDOT approved tires, and reflectors. It also comes equipped with a sidecar, town bar, a trailer hitch, gun racks, and saddlebag capabilities,

4. 2019 Rokon Trailbreaker

2019 Rokon Trailbreaker

The Trail Breaker has the same classic design that has made it one of the most popular choices for Fish and Game officers, Forest Service workers, and the US Armed Forces personnel. It's also useful for farmers, ranchers, treasure hunters, trail builders, and big game hunters who need a powerful bike to get them from one difficult location to another. It's equipped with a patented AutoGrad front suspension that takes you easily across some of the worst terrains in all weather. This bike can climb up a 60 percent grade thanks to the 14-inch clearance and wide tractor tires for additional stability. This is a reliable and versatile motorcycle suitable for a variety of tough-duty purposes.

3. 2019 Rokon For Hunters

2019 Rokon For Hunters

The Rokon For Hunters is a motorcycle that has a hunter-specific design. This model is based on the Trail-Breaker with all of its mountain climbing capabilities and brush busters for getting through dense undergrowth and brush. The camouflage design hides the bike from wary game to keep it from becoming a distraction. It's lightweight to leave lighter tracks but is equipped with high torque and pulling power to winch larger animals out of gulleys to make hunting easier and more effortless. The motorcycle features a narrow design for busting through narrow trails with a full-time all-wheel drive feature for going off-trail to access the best hunting spots.

2. 2019 Rokon For Preppers Survivor's Edition

2019 Rokon For Preppers Survivor's Edition

The Survivor Edition of the Rokon For Preppers is a motorcycle that is equipped with all of Rokon's usual features including heavy torque for pulling heavy loads, and its incredible climbing ability for traversing nearly impossible terrain. This special edition has a few exceptional features including Maxxis Big Horn 2-ply non-directional tires, extra lighting capacity in the LED headlight, an onboard maintenance kit for the motorcycle for emergencies, an electrical recharge device powerpoint for auxiliary lighting power, and it's a Bug-Out Vehicle.

1. 2019 Rokon Ranger

2019 Rokon Ranger

The 2019 version of the Rokon Ranger has received a redesign. It's now more powerful with more torque for dual-sport purposes. It received the Department of Transportation approved tires to make it street legal. This newer version of the Ranger can be registered as a road bike in all 50 states. Additional components to make it street legal include dual rear-view mirrors with handlebar mouths, an installed horn on the handlebar, an upgraded headlight with a license plate light, reflectors and turn signals, a digital speedometer, odometer, and trip meter gauges. The powerful motorcycle also receives a speed increase of up to 37 mph with full-time front and rear-wheel drive and a capacity to tow up to 1 full ton of weight.

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