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The 20 Best Things To Do In Brittany, France

Pay A Visit to Alignment De Carnac

Brittany, a hilly peninsula extending out towards the Atlantic Ocean, is not only famous for being the second-largest cider-producing region in France but also a home to many megalithic sites that marks its rich ancient heritage. Brittany is well known for spectacular landscapes, jagged cliffs, and impressive rugged coastlines that make visiting the place worthwhile. The warm climate, incredible seafood, and endless beaches tick all the boxes and make Brittany a nice place to visit.

What You Need To Know Before Visiting Brittany

Brittany is located in northeastern France and is one of France's most popular tourist destinations. It has 800 islands and islets, and the land covers more than 2860km of the coastline. Brittany is an excellent place linked by the sea and has valued traditional characters since festive holidays. It has medieval villages and fairy tale castles. Brittany is also home to hilly and wild landscapes and several ancient woodlands. Its Celtic heritage has made Brittany distinctive from other cities in France. The civilians speak French, and quite a considerable number can speak English well. The famous foods that can be served in almost every restaurant are crêpes and cider. The most famous drinks are Breton apple cider, which contains low alcohol content. Brittany is worth visiting because of its pocket-friendly economic standards and cheap services and commodities, enabling you to stay there without any financial constraints. Apart from having exquisite and breathtaking architecture, the medieval historical monuments, and the castles, there are other reasons that will prompt you to visit Brittany now. There is a dish for everyone. Of course, we all love savory dishes and authentic meals, and I bet Brittany will serve you the best seafood besides the famous gallate. Festivals in Brittany are guaranteed. The celebrations in these phenomenal cities are valued and usually marked on calendars. Are you a fan of large gatherings? Well, I bet you will enjoy it here. Additionally, Britany has a fascinating history hence, it has a lot to teach us.

Visit the Combourg Castle

20. Visit the Combourg Castle

The Combourg castle is a medieval fortress on a small hill next to Lake Tranquil in Combourg Town. This beautifully ancient Castle existed during the Gallo- Roman period. It is one of the oldest castles in Brittany. According to Brittanytourism, it was built in the 11th century to protect the borders of Brittany. It is on the spot by four beautiful towers where one can get a beautiful view of the lake and town. The Castle is an excellent place to visit and is privately owned by a family of descendants of François- René de Chateaubriand.

Visit Musée Des Beaux- Arts De Renes

19. Visit Musée Des Beaux- Arts De Renes

It is a municipal museum of fine arts located in Rennes, Brittany's capital city. Though in a limited space, the museum is endowed with an excellent collection of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian artifacts containing tons of history. The beautiful displays of paintings created between the 14th and 20th centuries and sculptures make the museum worth spending time on. The opening hours are usually 10:00 Am to 6:00 Pm. You can access the museum through metro Ligne A, Republique station or Bus, which uses C4, C6, 40 ex, 50, 64, and 67 Musée Beaux – Arts stop. There is a car parking (kléber) reserved for people with disabilities.

Visit to Fort National

18. Pay A Visit to Fort National

It was initially called Fort Royal. It is a historical landmark located in Saint-Malo, France. The milestone was built in 1689 by Vauban, a military architect. One impressive thing about this Castle on the bay is that it is accessible at low tide from Saint-Malo's main beach, opposite the Castle. It is also suitable for little children because of the extensive neat grass they can run through.

Make A Visit to Musée National De La Marine

17. Make A Visit to Musée National De La Marine

Musee National De La Marine is a maritime museum located in the Palais de Chaillot next to the Trocadero. It usually opens at 10:00 Am. Visiting this museum will offer you a more nuanced view of the harbors. The museum is filled with beautiful collections of sculptures, paintings, and souvenirs of the labor camp. De La Marine is the only museum in France dedicated entirely to French maritime history. It is famous for its large esplanade that separates the east and west wings of the building. The museum also holds an outstanding record about the Brest dockyard and oceans going fleet.

Cap Frehel

16. Visit the Cap Frehel

Cap Frehel is a peninsula located in Côtes-d'Armor in Northern Brittany with a fantastic landscape and spectacular cliffs; also a strategic place to observe the beautiful emerald coast. There are neither towns nor villages in the peninsula, just two ancient lighthouses at Cap Frehel. There is also a chance for cyclists to take a ride on the coast of Cap Frehel at low speed.

Visit the Cathedral Saint- Pierre de Rennes

15. Visit the Cathedral Saint- Pierre de Rennes

It is a roman catholic church and a historical monument located in the town of Rennes, France. It can be easily spotted from a distance by two massive towers, each almost 50m tall. It has been a historic site since 1906, built with gothic and neoclassical architectural styles. The cathedral is the seat of the archbishop of Rennes, Saint- Mol, and Dol. The cathedral also holds exceptional items such as wafer boxes, gold, silversmith processional cross, and many other items needed by a bishop for worship.

Fonds Helene and Eduard LeCleen

14. Visit the Fonds Hélène & Eduard Lecleen

Fonds Helene & Eduard Lecleen is an art center located in Landerneau, France. It is usually open on Sunday from 10:00 Am- 6:00 pm. Fonds Helene & Eduard Lecleen (FHEL) is an extended bungalow that houses sculptures from the current exhibition. The FHEL art center is adored for raising the cultural profile in Brittany.

Visit the Needles of Port Coton

13. Visit the Needles of Port Coton

The Needles of Port Coton ecological park is located near the Goulphar lighthouse in Bangor, France. Port- Coton was named after the heavy weather that formed cotton-like flakes in the area. While visiting this wild coast, discover the islets and rocks in various shapes, like a needle-shaped rock. This ecological park is one of the most amazing places in Brittany that you should visit and experience the fabulous port cotton painting and a small beach with coarse sand.

Visit the Phare Du Petit Minou

12. Visit the Phare Du Petit Minou

Phare du Petit lighthouse house is located on the roadstead of Brest. It is found in the front of Fort du Petit Minou. It is a strategic site that shows the safety that sails can use to enter the roadstead. The reason that makes the place phenomenal is the clear view it offers to watch the sunsets and sunrises. Le Phare du Petit Minou contains a red signal that indicates a dangerous sector around the plateau.

Visit Domaine Trévarez

11. Visit Domaine Trévarez

Domaine Tre'varez is a castle in Saint- Goazec, France. It is a lovely home built in the 16th century and 17th century, adding Gothic revival architecture. It is standing on a steeply derelict land with its structures built entirely of metal works, from the frame to the floor. The Castle is a beautiful place to visit and is also located in the heart of Brittany. The business opening hours are 1:30-6:30 Pm.

Visit the Vitre Château

10. Visit the Vitre Château

Vitre Château is a medieval castle that is located in Vitre, France. The Castle is built in Vilaine valley, and the peninsula dominates the valley. It is in the ille-et-Vilaine department of France. It was rebuilt in the 13th century and enlarged in the 15th century, and the Vitre Chateau's formidable defenses were finally completed. In 1564, 1582, and 1583, the Castle served as a seat of the Parliament of Brittany. The Vitre Chateau became a parliament during the plague raged in Rennes.

Pay A Visit to Saint Vincent Cathedral of Saint-Malo

9. Pay A Visit to Saint Vincent Cathedral of Saint-Malo

The Saint Vincent Cathedral is a Roman cathedral and a monument located in Saint-Malo, Brittany, France. It was formerly the seat of the bishop of Saint-Malo and was built in 1146, which suffered damage during World War II. An organ that Louis made was destroyed. It was later on restored in 1972 after 28 years of work.

Visit Fort La Latte

8. Visit Fort La Latte

Fort La Latte is a medieval castle located in the northeast of Brittany. It is also called the Castle of the Rock Goyon. It is a Famous Tourist center of Saint-Malo and the Emerald Coast. The coastal defense forces give a breathtaking view of the Emerald Coast. In case you missed it, the Castle has been a backdrop for many films, including the Vikings, with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas in 1958. According to France Voyage, Fort La Latte was listed as a historical monument in 1925. Impressive.

Visit Phare D’eckmühl

7. Visit Phare D’eckmühl

Phare D' ekmühl is a lighthouse located in Penmarch, France. It is known as Saint- Pierre light or Point Penmarch Light. It holds a record of being one of the tallest Lighthouses globally, at 213 feet. Climbing up the Saint- Pierre light sounds so great and fascinating.

Pay A Visit to Saint Corentin Cathedral

6. Pay A Visit to Saint Corentin Cathedral

Saint Corentin Cathedral is a Roman cathedral and a national monument of France located in the town of Quimper in Brittany, France. The cathedral is the seat of the diocese of Quimper and Léon. According to From Afar, The Cathedral is a true jewel of Gothic art. It was restored in the 1990s and listed among the historical monuments in France. It is a great environment, and its history is linked to its surroundings.

Visit the Josselin Castle

5. Visit the Josselin Castle

Josselin Castle is a medieval castle at Josselin. It is located in the Morbihan department of Brittany in France. The Josselin castle is a majestic fortress founded in the early 11th century, and according to, it is still lived in by the Rohan Family. They are the descendants of the founders of the Josselin castle.

Visit the Castillo De Suscinio

4. Visit the Castillo De Suscinio

Castillo de Suscinio is a castle in Sarzegy in France built in the late middle age during the 13th, 15th, and 17th centuries to become a residence of the dukes of Brittany. The Castle is located in the department of Morbihan, near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a must-see castle built on the site of an old monastery.

Phare De Men Ruz

3. Visit Phare De Men Ruz

Phare de Men Ruz is an active lighthouse located in Côtes-d’ Armor. It is situated in an environment that is surrounded by rock formations. That forms the cote du Granite rose. The structure is pink Granite, making the location spectacular and accessible through a beautiful path.

Visit Château De Fougeres

2. Visit Château De Fougeres

Château de Fougeres is a castle in Fougeres, France that is located in the ille- vilaine department of France. Château de Fougeres is famous for being the most prominent medieval Fortress in Europe. It was built on a naturally protected site and founded over 1000 years ago with over 13 towers. It offers a beautifully more satisfactory view of the whole town, making the place worth the visit.

1. Pay A Visit to Alignment De Carnac

The Alignment of Carnac is the world-famous center of European pre-history that came into existence. The stones are aligned in descending order, and most surprisingly, the rocks hold tons of theories about religion and farming. The main sites of Alignment de Carnac are Menec and Kermario, which contains almost 30000 Menhirs that stand four miles away. The two sites also have car parks where you can park your car.


Brittany is incredible and worth the visit because of the beautiful scenography and numerous landmarks that are significantly known in entire France. Once in Brittany, there are many places you can comfortably visit and make your vacation memorable. The medieval villages, the coastal beaches, the monumental cathedrals, the lighthouses, and the fairy tale castles, which have a great history, can make you knowledgeable about the early times of France. There is a lot to be learned once you set in, Brittany. Not only entertainment but also a great history of France and significant changes that happened during the World Wars.

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