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The 20 Best Things to do in Foley, AL

Downtown OWA

Foley, Alabama, is a small city located just over the border from Pensacola, Florida, and on the North of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The city occupies 22.77 square miles, which is about 1.6 % of the total landmass of Baldwin County. One might wonder what this small town has to offer. Despite the size, there are numerous activities and attraction sites for different visitors regardless of their age and interest. If you decide to take a vacation, the best 20 things to do in Foley, AL are.

Wilbourne Antique

20. Visit the Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail

If you are an adventurous person, a visit to Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail should be on your checklist. According to VisitFoley, this attraction site was opened in 2007, and it was named a National Recreation Trail in 2011. The trail is about a mile long, and it is covered with asphalt. It is a beautiful place to visit and hike, especially during spring. In the spring months, the trail is surrounded by lovely fragranced flowers. The sight and smell of the flowers have a calming and soothing effect on the visitors. The trail is also the perfect place to hold small ceremonies like birthdays and anniversaries.

Tanger Outlet Center

19. Shop at Tanger Outlet Center

The area is known to host about 120 designers and brands from across the world. It is located 8 miles north of Alabama. Some of the brands and designers found in Tanger Outlet Center are H&M, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Adidas. The center offers a wide variety of accessories, shoes, clothing, and gifts, making it exciting to shop. They also offer first-time visitors the chance to join the Tanger Club, where you can purchase a coupon book that will enable you to save. Tanger center is definitely a go-to place in Foley.

Foley Railroad Museum

18. Foley Railroad Museum

Located on E. Laurel Avenue, Foley Railroad Museum is a definite stopover. The area is a two-in-one destination since it offers both an opportunity to have a firing train ride on the Charles Ebert Express II and learn about the city's history. The train ride is free, but you are allowed to give a donation that will aid in managing the Museum, the park and meeting some of the miscellaneous expenses. If you happen to visit Foley, be sure to visit this fun-filled destination. You will absolutely love it and wish to come back for more adventures.

17. The Legends in Concert

If you are a legend, this concert is a must-attend if you visit Foley City. The concert is dedicated to all visitors, and it's aimed at celebrating visitors and giving them a fantastic and lovely live performance. The event is a culmination of magnificent costumes, theatrical sets, and various special effects. The concert guarantees a fun-filled experience while listening to the top-of-the-notch performance from musical legends like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Celine Dion.

Foley Horse

16. Foley Horse Arena

Foley Horse Arena is a great place to visit if you are a horse lover. The arena is found on E. Rosetta Avenue. Many cowboys showcase their skills in riding a horse. There is an annual horse-riding completion in August every year. If you happen to visit the arena during this time, you can relax with family and friends on the bleachers and enjoy the live competition. If your visit happens to be around the fall, the barrel racing completion takes place monthly.

Foley Art Center

15. Visit Foley Art Center

According to Folleyartcenter, the Foley Art Center was built in 1966. It is one of the art centers that has significantly contributed to cultural development in Baldwin County. The art center promotes the artistic work of local artists. There is also a hub developed for talented students to showcase their skills. You also get the chance to purchase elegant art pieces made by the indigenous artists. The art center also offers various events where family members can tour and enjoy the displayed arts and crafts. If you are an art lover, there are beginner classes for visitors which you will absolutely enjoy.

Lambert's Cafe

14. Lambert's Café

Also known as 'Home of Throwed Rolls. The café is known for serving hot bread rolls that are ordered over the counter. If you happen to visit Foley City, Lambert's Café is a must stopover. It is located 8 miles from the beach at the gulf shores. The café is owned by the third generation of the Lambert family. They offer delightful meals and exceptional services. There are nearby factory outlet stores where you can shop and later head to the café for a sumptuous meal. The café is located near the beach, which offers a good view as you enjoy a nice meal.

Down South BBQ

13. Enjoy Down South Barbeques

If you want a mouthwatering taste of the best barbeque, Down South Barbeque is the best place to go. It is found along the gulf coast. Foley visitors are known to head to this wonderful destination to enjoy the best barbeques for lunch and dinner. Besides the barbeque, you can also enjoy delicious meals in the dining area, decorated with beautiful family-sized umbrellas. Some of the common foods offered are sandwiches, chicken wings, grilled ribs, and cornbread. You can also do take-outs and enjoy your meal elsewhere.

Graham Creek

12. Graham Creek Nature Preserve

According to Grahamcreekpreserve, the park is located on 484 acres of land, Graham Creek Nature Preserve is one of the best places to visit in Foley City. The Environmental department manages the park, and it has plenty of animal and plant species to view. The park is covered by mixed forests, wetlands, pine savannas, and tidal marshes, which offer a natural habitat for wildlife. The park is known to have outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing. They also offer a chance to view carnivorous plants like pitchers and buttercups. Besides nature, you can also go golfing on the 18 basket disc golf. The park has designated areas for picnics, bird watching, and Archery Park.

Spa Day at Coastal Cryo

11. Get Yourself a Spa Day at Coastal Cryo

Coastal Cryo is a spa in Foley, Alabama. After touring all the beaches and the shopping centers, you can end your day by visiting the spa. The spa offers whole-body massage, light therapy, and cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a natural process that involves exposing the body to freezing temperatures. Extremely low temperatures stimulate the body to produce an anti-inflammatory response. The spa has well trained staff who provide additional services such as facials, cryo, and whole-body therapies. If you have had a long day and you need to relax your body, then Coastal Cryo is the place to visit.

Little Lagoon Guide Service

10. Go Fishing at Little Lagoon Guide Service

Fishing is a fun activity to engage in. Little Lagoon Guide Service is found on the Gulf shores. This place is known to offer fishing services for both experts and learners. The owner of the place is known to give visitors unforgettable memories with his famous fishing trips across the lagoon. This is a good place to visit with family and friends for long lasting and fun-filled memories. The little lagoon provides inshore fishing and nearshore services on the Gulf shore, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, and Weeks Bay.

Glen Lakes

9. Go Golfing at Glen Lakes Golf Club

The Glen Lakes Golf club is located just 2.8 miles from the Lamberts family café. It is one of the premier golf courses located in Alabama, and it is found near the sandy white beaches on Orange Beach and the Gulf shore. The club has 27 holes which offer an unforgettable experience to all golf lovers. Their rates are very affordable, and visitors of all skill levels are allowed to play.

Holmes Medical Museum

8. Holmes Medical Museum

Holmes medical museum hosts peculiar and outdated artifacts. According to Tripadvisor, the Museum was constructed in 1936, and it's the first hospital in Baldwin County, which was called Sibley Holmes Memorial Hospital. Now that it is a museum, it is a storage for the old medical equipment used in the 20th century. Many visitors who have been to the Museum are astonished by the technological advancement in the medical field.

Canine to Foley Dog Park

7. Walk your Canine to Foley Dog Park

Don't we all love dogs? If you want to visit Foley and you are a dog owner, then you can bring your dog on this vacation. Foley Dog Park is in the Micropolitan area of Daphne. The park was created to take care of dogs owned by the visitors who come to Foley. The area offers a big field for the dogs to run and play in. They are also offered a place to eat and drink. There are benches where you can sit and relax and watch your best friend engage in adventurous play with other furry friends.

Beulah Heights Park

6. Beulah Heights Park

If you are a lover of sports, then you need to visit Beulah Heights Park. The park is loaded with many sporting activities such as basketball, tennis, and volleyball. You can bring your family and friends along and enjoy the various sporting events provided by the park. Don't leave your kids behind because there is a playground for the kids.

Wolf Bay Restaurant

5. Wolf Bay Restaurant

Wolf Bay Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant in Foley City. It is a popular stopover for many visitors. The restaurant is known for its unique and delicious seafood that is prepared with natural ingredients. The restaurant is also unique, and it has a pleasing ambiance. If you want to enjoy stuffed shrimp, seafood gumbo, stuffed crab, and stuffed whole flounder, then you need to visit Wolf Bay Restaurant. The owners have maintained a unique blend of mouthwatering dishes throughout their existence.

BeachnRiver Canoe and Kayak Rentals

4. Go Kayaking at BeachnRiver Canoe and Kayak Rentals

If you love Kayaking, then a visit to BeachnRiver Canoe and Kayak Rentals should be on your itinerary. The place has eco-kayaks where visitors are allowed to captain their single or double kayaks. The kayaks are easy and fun to control. There are self-guided tours that start at Bon Secour River and end on a privately owned white sandy beach. Visitors get a chance to paddle as they enjoy the sight of dolphins, turtles, cormorants, mullets, and pelicans. There are various indigenous plants to see.

Foley Kids Park

3. Have Fun at Foley Kids Park

According to Alabamatravel, Foley is a family-friendly city since it offers activities for the whole family to have fun. The Foley Kids Park is a kid's park that gives children an opportunity to play and have fun. The park was constructed by individuals residing in the area, and donations support it. There are castles where kids can play games such as prince and princesses, kings and queens. There are also picnic sites which are good venues to host birthdays and share food and snacks with loved ones.

Antique Stalls

2. Gift Horse Antique Stalls

Foley, Alabama, is the place to be if you love antiques. The Gift Horse Antique Stall is found on W. Laurel Avenue. There are various gift shops where you can purchase crafts and antiques for yourself or your family and friends. The stall is known to have unique vintage pieces that you can use to decorate your home. There is also kitchenware, furniture, and glassware that you can purchase and give your home a complete make-over.

Downtown OWA

1. Go Downtown OWA

Food and fun go hand in hand. Downtown OWA is a perfect stopover to do some shopping, relax and have a mouthwatering meal. The area has a wide variety of shops to visit and buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones. There are also many restaurants which offer delicious meals to the visitors. Downtown is mainly known for its scrumptious gulf seafood dishes such as grilled crabs, octopus, calamari, oysters, prawns, and lobsters. There is also a wide variety of tasty fried seaweed and fish to choose from. There is also plenty of locally brewed wines and cocktails. After a sumptuous meal, you can visit the gaming section where you can relax and play games like arcade and export.

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