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The 20 Best Things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

Texas Hill Country vineyards

At the center of Texas Hill County is a small town called Fredericksburg, Texas. It is near big cities like Austin and San Antonio and known for its unique German heritage. The town boasts picturesque beauty from majestic mountains, rolling hills, and parks, making it a tourist destination with many things to marvel at and do. So, what are the 20 best things to do in Fredericksburg, TX?

Wildseed Farms

20. Sample the finest local grapes and wines at the Wildseed Farms

Are you a sweet-tooth person who loves to sample grapes and wines? Wildseed Farms is the place you should consider on your vacation bucket list. According to Touropia, Wildseed farm is a great historic place established in 1983. The farms boast the most colorful flowers in the southeast of Fredericksburg. The picturesque scenery is a hotspot for tourists looking for naturalistic trails bursting with beautiful flowers. Spring is the best time to visit this area as the flowers bloom. Also, it’s an excellent time to taste ripe grapes and matured wines.

National Museum of the Pacific War

19. Get your armor and military regalia and head out to the National Museum of the Pacific War

To most people, vacation is about learning about a new place's history and early settlers. Information on the internet is never enough, making it necessary to witness what you've read in real-life. If you belong to this category and are in Fredericksburg, head out to the National Museum of the Pacific War. The 55,000 sq. ft museum gives a glimpse of the Pacific side of World War II. Their gallery has a vast collection of artifacts, including a hatch from the US Arizona and the Japanese submarine. Best of all, you will learn real-life stories of the unsung heroes who participated and died in the Pacific War.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

18. Go hiking, rock climbing, picnicking, and stargazing at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

When was the last time you went hiking, picnicking, or rock climbing? A few moons ago? It’s time to jog your memory, and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area should be one of the places to capitalize on while in Fredericksburg. According to Family Destination Guide, the 1,643-acre area boasts a pink-granite mountain with the same name. You have 11 trails to hike, camp, picnic, and rock climb on. If you're a sightseer, the enchanting world flowers will wow you. Don't forget to enjoy stargazing as you wind up your day if you stay the night.

Old Tunnel State Park

17. Go bat-watching at the Old Tunnel State Park

Are you obsessed with nocturnal animals and their ways of life? The Old Tunnel State Park is the ultimate place to be. The tunnel hosts millions of bats that don't mind showing up during the day in the upper and lower viewing areas. However, you will need to gather enough energy and courage to trek through the tunnel to see them. Unfortunately, kids under four are prohibited from entering the tunnel.

Rockbox Theater

16. Immerse yourself in Music events at the Rockbox Theater

The Rockbox Theater was established in 2007 for music lovers. You want to be in a place that hosts theatre shows, perfect for romantic lovers. Whether you're a fan of country, rock, or blues, various artists like the Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Bon Jovi, and many more will be there to entertain you. Each season, event organizers request well-known and talented tribute musicians to the theater to entertain tourists. You must check out their website for upcoming events so you can book your ticket in advance.

Willow City Loop- Willow City

15. Enjoy the fairytale world of Fredericksburg at the Willow City Loop- Willow City

Sometimes, you only need a road trip to the Willow City Loop’s 13-mile loop to glimpse Fredericksburg’s countryside. You don’t need to choose a specific roadway as any direction will do. The landscape boasts beautiful natural sceneries, including wildflowers, bubbling creeks, and rolling hilltops. So, take your car for a spin and enjoy the fairytale experience. Remember, the wildflowers bloom between March and May, so plan your vacationing time around those months to enjoy the scenic beauty.

wine at the Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

14. Tease your throat with local wine at the Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

Nothing compares to wine prepared and served in a laid-back setting, away from the noisy city life. This is for wine lovers tired of the city's noisy club music. The Fat Ass Ranch and Winery is a good place to relax while drinking wine. The winemakers will also give you a brief history of the place, including how they prepare their wines until they mature. You will love being in this vineyard, even if you're a teetotaler who wants to relax in a large outdoor seating area.

Meet the fallen Texas Rangers and other Civil War veterans at the Texas Ranger Heritage Center

13. Meet the fallen Texas Rangers and other Civil War veterans at the Texas Ranger Heritage Center

Do you remember the television show popular in the 1990s titled "Texas Ranger," starring Chuck Norris? At least you have an idea of the western-themed film, making it practical to want to know what inspired the movie. According to That Texas Couple, the Texas Ranger Heritage Center is an excellent spot to learn about the law enforcement regiment during the time. The primary goal of this center is to enlighten you on how the Texas Rangers enforced the rule of law for settlers in the 1900s. Every fallen Texas Ranger's name is on a large badge. Be sure to visit the historic Fort Martin Scott, established in 1848 as the pioneer US Army frontier post.

Savor the Gothic-themed architecture of the 1906 St. Mary’s Catholic Church

12. Savor the Gothic-themed architecture of the 1906 St. Mary’s Catholic Church

If you’re wondering why St. Mary’s Catholic Church is one of the preferred tourist areas in Fredericksburg, you aren't alone. The church's gothic-themed architecture and asymmetrical structural features are the reason. Germans who immigrated to the US started it in 1846 and completed it in 1906. Its rich history and unique design will make you look forward to Sundays. Alternatively, you can book an appointment for a weekday tour around the church.

Pioneer Museum

11. Turn back the hands of time at the Pioneer Museum

According to Planetware, Pioneer Museum is a sight-seeing location occupying 3.5 acres of land, bursting with early German immigrants’ rich history. The museum has various artifacts suggesting early German immigrants settled there. The self-guided tour involves ten buildings in the village, with a smokehouse, schoolhouse, and an 1880s log cabin. There is also a stone barn and traditional townhouse nicknamed "Sunday House," which the Germans used as a Sunday church. Though it's an all-year-round tourist attraction, the best time to visit is in November and April, after 5 pm.

The Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park

10. Go golf course lessons and practices at The Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park

The Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park is on a 330-acre ground bursting with scenic attractions like exotic trees, rolling hills, Live Oak Creek, and a children's playground area. Part of the park is designated for Lady Bird Golf Course, where you can learn or practice golf. This is the ideal family vacation destination because the park has many nature trails and is large to accommodate people of all ages. Whether you want to camp in your RV or hike on the trails, you will appreciate why you went there.

Sample jams and sauces of fruits from local orchards at the Das Peach Haus

9. Sample jams and sauces of fruits from local orchards at the Das Peach Haus

Again, sweet tooth vacationers have an alternative location for sampling jams and sauces sourced from fruits of local orchards at Das Peach Haus. Located along US Highway 87, the cabin stocks world-class fruit products from local orchards. If you've been dying to know where Fischer & Wieser products originate, you have come to the right place. The farm is also known for preparing the best-roasted raspberry chipotle sauce. Don't forget to tour outside the cabin to marvel at the historic buildings on the farm. There is also a cooking class organized for guests at Dad Peach Haus.

Explore the herd, wildflowers, and farm at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site

8. Explore the herd, wildflowers, and farm at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site

This park and historic site were named after former president Lyndon B. Johnson. You will need an entire day to tour the park to learn about the early settlers' way of life in 1918. While there, take time to learn the history of Sauer Beckham Living History Farm, Texas State Bison Herd, and the Longhorn Herd. One of the park's most significant selling point are the trails taking you to the wildlife area, early German cabins, and wildflowers. It's the ideal place to take your family if you want to learn about the park and historic site's heritage.

Learn about Fredericksburg’s heritage at Marktplatz and The Vereins Kirche Museum

7. Learn about Fredericksburg’s heritage at Marktplatz and The Vereins Kirche Museum

Another place to fill you in on the city’s heritage is Marktplatz and The Vereins Kirche Museum. Located in Fredericksburg Square, the museum was first built in 1847 in the middle of the present Main Street. It was demolished years later and rebuilt in 1934. Residents consider it a landmark due to its rich history. Take time to tour the community park near Marktplatz, used for relaxing and enjoying views of Main Street. It's an excellent place for families and schools.

Stroll along and shop at local antique stores and art galleries on Historic Main Street

6. Stroll along and shop at local antique stores and art galleries on Historic Main Street

Are you an antique collector? You might want to capitalize your visit to Stroll Historic Main Street. The one-way street is at the center of the town. You will see shops, art galleries, antique stores, restaurants, and hotels. It's like visiting a town to shop for prized collectibles under one roof. If you can't get enough of Main Street, stroll to the Warehouse District, where you will find other antique stores and art galleries.

Enjoy Broadway-themed plays at Fredericksburg Theater Company

5. Enjoy Broadway-themed plays at Fredericksburg Theater Company

Besides Rockbox Theater, Fredericksburg Theater Company also offers live entertainment. According to Travel Addicts, the nonprofit company was founded in 1997. It capitalizes on Broadway-themed plays, which have helped it win an award for Best Theater in the San Antonio Region thrice. Feel free to bring your kids along for the junior versions of classic plays.

Munch Food Park

4. Devour Texas-inspired meals, beer, and wine at Munch Food Park

Nothing is as refreshing as finding a western-themed meal with beer and wine. Where to eat should be one of your top priorities if you're a guest at Fredericksburg, making Munch Food Park the ideal restaurant to satisfy your gut craving. The food park is in Hill Country and is known for serving American and Mexican foods in food trucks. There is a live music show to entertain you as you down your sangria or mimosa.

Sample German and French-hinted baked products at Twisted Sisters Bakeshop

3. Sample German and French-hinted baked products at Twisted Sisters Bakeshop

What is a vacation unless you eat a German hinted cookie, cake, hot dog, or biscuits? Twisted Sisters Bakeshop is the best place to find these baked products, prepared from German and French-inspired recipes that you will hardly find elsewhere. While there, sample specials like Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel, Tres Leches Cupcakes, and French Hot Dog.

Meet the happy band of Asian elephants at The Preserve

2. Meet the happy band of Asian elephants at The Preserve

If the closest you have been to an elephant is in a fenced zoo, it's time to have a one-on-one encounter with a herd at The Preserve. There's a herd of a happy band of Asian elephants looking forward to petting and feeding them. According to Vacation Idea, the preserve was established to protect endangered species. Being a part of the guest list means you significantly contribute to global programs for saving elephants in the wild.

Texas Hill Country vineyards

1. Take a Majesty Tours’ experience at the Texas Hill Country vineyards

Majesty Tours is a shuttle service for wine lovers to the Texas Hill Country and Fredericksburg vineyards. Your tour starts with a ride on a 14-passenger shuttle bus to taste world-renowned wines in the area. After that, the staff will fill you in on the wine-making process, allowing you to walk through the vineyards. Best of all, the staff can organize shuttle rentals for special events and dinners if you book your reservation on time.

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