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The 20 Best Things to do in Lake George

Lake George

Lake George is the number one vacation destination for many New Yorkers. This is because it has a great variety of outdoor activities you can do. So, what things you can you do in Lake George? You can indulge in ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Moreover, you can do some hiking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting.

Dino Valley

20. Visiting Expedition Park at Lake George for a Train Ride, Picnic with Family, and adventure into the Magic Forest and Dino Roar Valley

If you love adventure, going for picnics, and enjoying train rides, you can find all of these in one place. The expedition park offers the perfect environment for a family picnic, entertainment, and adventure. Moreover, the park is divided into two; the Magic Forest and Dino Roar Valley.

In the Dino Roar Valley, you will experience the Jurassic age. Whereby you will follow prehistoric dinosaurs' footsteps. Their big sizes will mesmerize you, and you will also excavate fossils. Moreover, you will experience the Dino Nest. The Magic Forest has train rides to help you explore the forest. It also has different fun rides for adventure and entertainment. You can also enjoy some drinks and snacks at the concessions on your expeditions.

Parasailing Adventures

19. You Can Engage in Parasailing Adventures at Lake George

Parasailing adventures are the number one summer activity at Lake George. When you visit Lake George during summer, make sure you try our parasailing. The parasail rides are 100% percent safe. Plus, most customers have given it a 98% approval rating. As you wait to parasail, you can also ride the speedboats. You can parasail three or two people abreast, although the boat has the capacity for large groups. Moreover, the marina has amenities for before and after a flight. They include changing rooms, restrooms, bars, and dining. Also, the parking is free at the marina.

Shoreline Cruise at the Lake George

18. Enjoy a Shoreline Cruise at the Lake George

A shoreline cruise is an excellent choice if you want to do something relaxing at Lake George. According to Wandering Wagars, a shoreline cruise at this lake will give you a memorable experience of the scenic shores and bays found along the shoreline.

The cruises are available throughout the day and have featured dinners. During the cruise, you will enjoy your meal as you experience the waters and beautiful scenery of the lake at night. Moreover, sunset cruises are the most popular. Please make sure you are part of it, get to experience and take pictures of the sun setting.

Fort William Henry

17. You Can Visit Fort William Henry to Experience the Life of Wilderness Outpost and Weaponry

The port was built by a British outpost in 1755. It was to help resist the Huron and French warriors; however, in 1757, it was under siege by these warriors. Moreover, in the 1950s, the fort was rebuilt into a museum and recreation site. Over time it has become one of the popular places to visit. As you tour this fort, you will experience the life of a wilderness outpost, and the guides dress in the era-appropriate attire of the ancient soldiers. Moreover, you will learn the weaponry and military tactics used during those times. You will see a demonstration of how to mold balls and fire for musket and cannon. Moreover, the fort holds exhibitions in its museum and has the biggest gift shop.

Buck Mountain Trail

16. Go Hiking on Buck Mountain Trail

If you enjoy hiking, challenge yourself to hike Buck Mountain. The hiking trail is up to the summit, where you will have a tranquil view of the villages, islands, and Adirondacks peaks. The hike is a three-mile stretch; carry your water with you. The hike has dangerous parts, and you are supposed to follow the indicated yellow markers as you hike. You can trail Buck Mountain any time of the year. Moreover, you can bring your dog, and parking is free for both Hogstown and Pilot Knob trailheads.

Go Biking, Walking, and Jogging on the Warren County Bikeway

15. Go Biking, Walking, and Jogging on the Warren County Bikeway

If you like jogging, walking, and biking, you must experience the Warren County Bikeway. According to Travelusnews, it is a ten-mile paved trail. The pathway starts at Glens Falls south, continues through Queensberry, and ends at Battlefield Park. The trail is shaded with canopy trees and a few hills, which makes it attractive for a stroll or ride. You will also find signs placed along the trail. They contain a detailed history of the trail. Moreover, the Bikeway usually is a snowmobile route for four months (December to March).

Visiting Million Dollar Beach for a picnic, Swim, and Playing of Volleyball

14. Visiting Million Dollar Beach for a picnic, Swim, and Playing of Volleyball

If you want to swim, play volleyball and enjoy a picnic, you should visit this place. The Million Dollar Beach is the largest and most popular at Lake George. It features a volleyball court and a boat launch. The picnic areas have a snack bar and grills to enjoy picnics. The beach has lifeguards, and it is free. However, you will have to pay for parking. You must pass by the wash station and boat inspection booth to use the boat launch. Moreover, the beach is only open during the weekends.

Prospect Mountain

13. Enjoy Hiking at Prospect Mountain and the surrounding view of the Adirondacks

If you like hiking and mountain views summit, then make a plan and visit Prospect Mountain. It is 2030 feet to reach the summit, with breathtaking views of the Adirondacks, Vermont's Green Mountains, and Lake George.

The summit has restrooms and picnic areas. This mountain is popular and has a moderate climb compared to the surrounding mountains. The trail runs or stretches for four miles each way. Moreover, if you do not want to hike, you board a shuttle that journeys visitors to the mountain's summit.

Shelving Rock Falls

12. Enjoy Hiking, Taking pictures of the Beautiful Scenery of Shelving Rock Falls

You will enjoy taking pictures, hiking, and the smell and sound of water from falls in this place. It is a two-mile hike that is surrounded by beautiful scenic views. According to Busytourist, the hiking trail is good for young families and novice hikers. The hike pathway is uphill but wide enough to allow up to five people to walk abreast. The hike takes an hour. Moreover, you can approach the falls using land or boat, and you will still get beautiful scenes for photo-shoot. As you hike, you will see stony pools and beaver dams as you get to the falls.

Frankenstein Wax Museum

11. Touring the Frankenstein Wax Museum for Animatronic Creations such as Ant Torture and Hatchet Man

The Frankenstein museum will make your senses alive and alert because of the sights and senses of animatronic creations and the scary wax. The museum allows you to self-guide touring, and you will also see different exhibits such as Strange Planet, Hatchet Man, Ant Torture, and the New York Colossus. With a touch of a button, these exhibitions come to life. Therefore the museum is not for the faint-hearted. Moreover, the museum staff discourages bringing of children to this place. This is because children get scared easily and panic quickly.

Wiawaka Center for Physical and Spiritual Nourishment

10. Visit the Wiawaka Center for Physical and Spiritual Nourishment

The Wiawaka Center is dedicated to nourishing women's spiritual and physical lives. Here you can unburden all the pressures of life and embrace spiritual wellness. Moreover, the center occupies 60 acres of land. The activities in this place include swimming, relaxing walks, hiking, and gardening. You can also enroll in fitness classes, spa services, talks, lectures, and artist's workshops. These activities will help you learn to walk life's journey as a free spirit.

Sagamore Resort

9. Visiting the Sagamore Resort for Spa Services, Golfing, and Food

Your trip to Lake George can never be complete without spending some time in the Sagamore resort. It is rated the top resort in Lake George. According to Planetware, it is a hotbed for dignitaries, celebrities, and well heeled-families. You might run into your favorite celebrity; who knows? The Golf course is a Donald Ross Design with an 18-hole for golf lovers. It also offers spa services and quality food. Moreover, the condominiums have been individually decorated to give you a sense of belonging and choice. You can also stay at the lakeside lodges or the historic hotel.


8. Go for Bowling and Drinks at the Lanes and Games Center

The center is the best bowling alley and attracts people from different parts of New York. The facility has excellent bowling lanes which have a perfect scoring system. It also has a lighting system, a brilliant sound, and a TV attached to each lane to ensure you follow up on your fixtures as you bowl. You will have the greatest time of your life in this game center. Apart from bowling, you can try the Laser Tag game or hone your golf skills at the Golf Simulator. Furthermore, you can attempt to play arcade games.


7. Enjoy Beer Drinking at the Adirondack Brewery and Pub

When visiting Adirondack, do not forget to pass by the pub if you are a beer enthusiast. It is located in a green-roofed cabin and has been serving beer since 1999. John Carr is the brewer who owns this pub. Moreover, the pub uses fresh flavors and European lagers and ales.

Visit the place and enjoy different home-brewed IPAs, Pilsners, and Ales. The drinks vary each season, and apart from beer, you can enjoy delicious burgers, sandwiches, and ribs. Moreover, the pub has an outdoor terrace for viewing the beautiful scenery as you wine and dine.


6. Visiting the Distilling Company in Lake George for Sampling of their Spirits

The distilling company began in 2012. It prides itself on being the number producer of quality spirits. According to Tripadvisor, the spirits are handcrafted. If you like taking spirits, pass by here, sample a few spirits, and buy at least one for the road. The company selects the best local ingredients to craft its spirits. The spirits are usually packed in small batches.


5. Touring the Adirondack Winery for Wine Sampling

Adirondack Winery is a place you do not want to skip if you are a wine lover. The Winery has a variety of delicious wines for sampling and buying. The mouth-watering wines include peach-infused wines and apple-pie wines. The red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Fireside reserve. Wine sampling happens from Friday to Sunday and is usually fully booked. Therefore you need to book in advance.

Family Fun

4. Go to the Pirate's Cove Golf Complex for Entertainment and Family Fun

In Lake George, the pirate cove is a favorite venue that offers entertainment and family fun. The complex has won various awards for the best mini-golf facility. Moreover, you will feel the vibe of the 1800s Pirate Cove. The environment has cascading waterfalls, sunken ships, lush vegetation, and pirates' treasure chest. It also has fun obstacles such as tunnels, footbridges, and waterfalls for children and adults.

Crab Cakes

3. Visiting the Log Jam Restaurant to enjoy the different Delicacies

You should not leave Lake George without checking out this restaurant. It boasts of having an Adirondack logging camp environment. According to Log Jam Restaurant, the restaurant takes pride in providing delicious and authentic hospitality.

The different delicacies include crab cakes, grilled ribs, and steaks. There are plenty of seafood delicacies such as lobster tail, Maple Dijon Salmon, and Fresh Sea Scallops. Moreover, it also has appetizers, soups, a salad bar, and sandwiches.

Lake George

2. Enjoy Relaxing, water skiing, paddling, Lazy River Tubing, and Rope courses on the Giovanni’s

It has been a popular getaway destination since the 1900s. It is a resort that welcomes tourists of all age groups. Moreover, the resort has suites and rooms overlooking the heated pool or courtyard. The rooms are built with whirlpool tubs and have a king-size bed, coffee makers, and Television. All these features are there to ensure you have a relaxing experience. You can also engage in adventure activities such as Lazy River Tubing, paddling, wake-boarding, rope courses, water skiing, and zip lines.

Stone Cave

1. Visiting the Natural Stone Caves and Bridge

It is the most beautiful natural scenery of Lake George. It offers an excellent environment for photo shooting. Moreover, the best time to visit this region is during the warm months to explore the caves and the spectacular geological view of the bridge. As you explore the cave, you will see different surface caves, grottos, and descend underground caves. Moreover, you can cave crawl or spelunk to enjoy a cave float.

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