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10 Places Similar to Lake George

Lake George

Lake George is a town in New York that people visit mainly for its lakeside activities like fishing or relaxing at the beach. However, there are other activities you can do in the town such as going to amusement parks or parasailing. The town is located on the southernmost banks of Lake George, which means that you get to experience the spectacular views of the water. As beautiful as Lake George is, you may want to visit a town similar to it. Perhaps, you have visited Lake George so much that it has become monotonous to you. Fortunately, there are places like Lake George which give you varying experiences. Without further ado, here are ten places similar to Lake George.


10. Ithaca, New York

Ithaca is a small, cosmopolitan city on the south end of Cayuga Lake. You may have heard the saying, “Ithaca is Gorges,” and wondered what it meant. According to Visit Ithaca, the saying stems from the city having over 150 waterfalls within 10 miles. Some of the waterfalls you can visit to get you started include Forest Falls, Wells Falls, Lucifer Falls, Buttermilk Falls, Rocky Falls, etc. If you are a wine enthusiast, you can visit over 25 wineries on Cayuga Lake. For instance, if you visit Bet the Farm Winery, the sight of the four-acre vineyard will leave you astonished. The vineyard contains red vinifera grape varieties. Not only will you admire the vineyard, but you will get to taste their wines with foods like sausages and cheeses. One other thing you can do in the city is to take balloon tours with Southern Tier Balloon Tours. By boarding the company’s hot air balloons, you get to experience picturesque views of the city. The balloon trip takes about 3 hours.


9. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, south of the Canadian border. While near the lake, you should consider taking ferry rides with Lake Champlain Ferries. The company offers one-hour ferry rides, and you will be treated to the beautiful views of Vermont. Near one of the company’s docks, you will come across several shops, hotels, and restaurants. Still, along the shores of Lake Champlain, you can stop by Oakledge Park. The center is home to two public beaches; the Cove and Blanchard Beach. There are plenty of activities you can do in the park, so it will never be a dull day here. Besides the two beaches, there are walking trails, volleyball courts, an accessible treehouse, and so on. Next, you can also consider visiting Waterfront Park. This center is largely used to host music and food festivals, but you can partake in activities like sailing and fishing.

Norris Lake

8. Lake Norris, Tennessee

By looking at this lake, you wouldn’t believe it is artificial because of its vast size. According to Only In Your State, its wideness is why it occupies five counties: Grainger, Anderson, Campbell, Union, and Claiborne. It extends more than 50 miles up the Powell River and over 70 miles up the Norris River. This lake is close to the mountains of East Tennessee, which makes it very chilly. Additionally, its chilliness is due to it being over 200 feet deep at its lowest point.

One fun activity you should try in this lake is hydro biking. Hydro bikes are unique since they allow you to relax while enjoying a full-body workout. Since hydro bikes’ seats are designed to let the rider sit upright, you will get a 360-degree view of the lake. Also, hydro bikes move at 6 miles per hour, which is fast enough to overtake kayaks and canoes. If you want to go on a hydro bike tour, consider the company “Norris Paddling Adventures.” Another activity you will enjoy at the lake is fishing. The lake is home to several fish species like walleye, striped bass, crappie, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. If you do not know how to fish, there will be fishing guides to assist you.

Lake Tahoe

7. Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California

This lake is known for its purity. According to Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, it is 99.994% pure. That means you can drink from it without distilling it. Besides its purity, the lake holds a lot of water. With a capacity of 36.15 cubic miles of water, it is enough to supply everyone in the United States with 50 gallons per day for five years.

One of the best ways of exploring this lake is hopping in a glass cabin made by Heavenly Gondola. The institution’s cabin accommodates eight passengers, and you will be whisked at a distance of 2.4 miles. From the glass cabin, you will enjoy spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. If you want to enjoy the view of the lake closely, you can consider a 2-hour private boat charter with Captain. During your 2-hour boat ride, you will tour areas like Fannette Island, Emerald Bay, Rubicon Bay, Meeks Bay, etc.

Lake Michigan

6. Lake Michigan, Wisconsin/Illinois/Indiana/Michigan

The lake is the second-largest of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is 923 feet deep and has a water volume of 1,180 cubic miles. Due to its enormous size, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Whichever beach you choose, you will get to witness the sunrise if you wake up early enough in the morning. If you want a beach where your children and pets can play, consider visiting Foster Beach. Along the lake is one of the largest harbors called Burnham Harbor. This harbor is the perfect place for fishing since several fish reside here. The fishes prevalent in this harbor include salmon, bass, and trout. If you want to go on a chartered fishing expedition, try the company “Grand Haven.” You can also partake in horseback riding along the lake. One of the places you can consider is Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the region known for its beautiful trails. The other option to consider is Rainbow Ranch in Michigan.

Lake Eerie

5. Lake Erie, Michigan/Ohio/Pennsylvania/New York

Lake Erie is the fourth-largest lake of the five Great Lakes of North America. Out of the five lakes, this lake is the most productive. One good way you can explore the lake is by taking a cruise. One cruising line you can consider is Goodtime III in Ohio. The company has 150-foot yachts that are available every day throughout the summer months. Besides viewing the lake, you get to enjoy the five-star buffet meals the cruising line offers. Another activity you could try is kayaking. The lake has several paddling rental spots, which means you cannot lack kayaking resources. You can choose a guided tour with Harbor Yak (Ohio) or go by yourself with Best Coast Watersports (Ohio). While you are here, you should remember to visit Laurentia Vineyard and Winery. The winery makes Estate Pinot Noirs, which you can pair with one of their wood-fired, artisan pizzas. While you sip on your wine, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the company’s vineyard.


4. Hanging Lake, Colorado

Everything about this lake is beautiful, from its waterfalls to the hanging garden plants. It is no wonder tourists like to hike in this area. The region contains a 1.2-mile trail that is steep and rocky. This trail tends to be challenging for the elderly and small children, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot attempt to hike the trail. Besides hiking, you can explore the lake further through float trips offered by Turtle Tubing. You can choose your own float trip adventure or a guided tour. Also, you can hire a turtle bus with or without Transportainment, which refers to the inclusion of music in the turtle buses. Float trips are a great way of making new friends and bonding with families. Not far from the lake is a place called the Hot Springs at Glenwood Springs. It is a place where you can soothe your body and soul by relaxing in the hot springs. There are plenty of facilities near the center, like a poolside grill, a lodge, and a boutique shop. After you finish soothing yourself, you can walk over the pedestrian bridge to enjoy scenic views of the Colorado River and surrounding mountains.


3. Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lake Havasu is a city located along the Parker Dam off the Colorado River near the border of Arizona and California. The city is very popular with tourists, and there are several things you can do here. First, the area is known for its pretty lighthouses. The lighthouses are replicas, and they span the shoreline. These lighthouses are scaled-down versions of famous lighthouses from around the United States. If you desire a place with various recreational activities, you can visit Rotary Community Park. When you enter the park, you will be treated to the park’s lush green grass and tree-shaded walkways. Some of the activities you can do in this park include having group picnics, swimming, playing volleyball, exercising with the company’s equipment, and so on. While you partake in the activities, you will be surrounded by the terrific lake. Assuming you are a responsible gambler, you can visit the Havasu Landing Casino. Some of the games available in this casino include video poker, penny slots, keno games, among many others. Besides gambling, you can enjoy the blue waters of the lake as you eat one of their meals.

Lady Bird Lake

2. Lady Bird Lake, Texas

When you visit this lake for the first time, you may think it is a river. That is because part of the Colorado River runs through it. If you want to take part in any water activity on the water body, you can rent kayaks, rowing shells, dragon boats, and canoes. Some of the places that rent out these water facilities include Paddle Shack, Texas Rowing Center, and Congress Avenue Kayaks. To make your sailing activity exciting, you can ask to tour during the full moon or sunset. Rowing boats may be a lot of effort for some. Fortunately, you can take cruises on this lake as you enjoy your meal, something you cannot do with canoes. If you are wondering which cruising companies to consider, start with Lone Star Riverboat or Capital Cruises. Both cruising lines offer dinner and lunch for small and large groups. Have you always wanted to see bats? If you happen to be in this region, you would be in luck. Should you be around the Congress Avenue Bridge, you will see a line of hundreds of Mexican free-tailed bats. The best time to see the bats would be between March and November. Also, these bats usually appear at sunset.

Table Rock Lake

1. Table Rock Lake, Missouri

The lake has over 800 miles of shoreline, which makes it perfect for all sorts of activities. One activity you should definitely try is boating since you will experience the wonders of this lake. You can choose to explore the lake by wake surfing, skiing, or tubing. If you own a boat, you can bring it to this lake, so you do not have to rent one from here. Before bringing the boat, be sure to ask your lodging accommodations about their rentals, dock, and slip availability. A place you can visit that is near the lake is Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. The park contains 10,000 acres of natural beauty and rugged scenery. Due to the park’s vast size, you can participate in activities like biking, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. Lastly, you can visit another nearby place called the Talking Rocks Cavern. The center contains pristine cave formations. Walking in the caves is not the only thing you will do here. The center offers places for picnics, mini-golf, walking in mazes, and gemstone panning.


If you have been going to Lake George every year for a vacation, you can switch things up by visiting any of the identified alternatives in this list. Although they are similar to Lake George, you will get a different kind of experience, whether hiking or dining. Since the places offer a different experience, it would be hard to say which town is the best out of this listicle.

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