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The 10 Richest Cities in Virginia


Virginia regularly ranks as one of the wealthiest states in the US. It's got low unemployment, a stable economy, a bunch of high-income government jobs, and, of course, a very advantageous proximity to Washington DC. If you're looking for a home in a safe city with excellent schools, world-class shopping, Michelin-starred restaurants, and more besides, you won't have any problem finding a match. Just be prepared to dig deep when you do. If you want to keep up with the Joneses in Virginia's most well-to-do cities, you're going to need a big bank balance. Find out which places rank as the very wealthiest as we count down the 10 richest cities in Virginia.


10. Manassas

Kicking things off is Manassas, a suburb of Washington DC with a population of 41,174. Packed with family restaurants, small local businesses, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and several fascinating cultural centers, it manages to pack a lot into a relatively small space. Quiet and surrounded by scenic countryside, it offers a very different pace of life to the capital, despite being within just a short drive of it. Small enough to be walkable but big enough to be diverse, it combines the best of city living with a whole heap of small-town charm. As you'd expect, none of that comes for free. If you plan on joining the rest of Manassas' happy residents, be prepared to dig deep - with a median home value of $324,600 and a median rent of $1,528, the cost of living is sky-high. Thankfully, most residents don't have to struggle to make ends meet - by virtue of the city's excellent job opportunities, the median income is a none-to-shoddy $81,493.

Manassas Park

9. Manassas Park

Manassas Park is a smallish city of just under 17,000 residents on the outskirts of Washington DC. Thanks to its proximity to the capital, job opportunities abound, resulting in a tiny unemployment rate of 4.5 percent and a very respectable median income of $88,046. It's not a cheap place to live by any stretch of the imagination, with a median home value of $308,000 and a median rent of $1,732. Other than being rich in wealthy residents, the city boasts a bunch of other perks, including lots of green areas, a low crime rate, excellent schools, and more than enough shops, bars, restaurants, and local businesses to keep the residents happy in their downtime.


8. Poquoson

Poquoson is small, friendly, and very, very wealthy. The poverty rate is a tiny 5.6%; the unemployment rate is an even tinier 2.0%. Job opportunities are plentiful and, judging by the median income of $97,118, very highly paid. Compared to some of the home prices we'll see shortly, the $323,100 median for a single-family home is small fry, but it's still over $100,000 more than the US median.


7. Alexandria

Boasting a stunning location next to the Potomac River, Alexandria is a medium-sized city of 157,613 people that, despite being just a short metro ride from Washington DC, feels a world away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the capital. Its downtown is gorgeous, packed with cobblestone streets, historic sights, and hundreds of excellent restaurants, local businesses, cafes, and boutiques. Apart from being a very desirable place to live, it's also an extremely affluent one, boasting a median household income of $100,939 and a median property price of $572,900.


6. Herndon

For anyone who wants to benefit from the job opportunities of the capital but who prefers a quieter hometown, the bedroom community of Herndon makes a sound choice. Located just 22 miles from downtown Washington DC, it's perfectly placed for commuters. Those commuters had better be happy to get flash with their cash, though - with a median home value of $442,700, Herndon isn't the place for people with deep pockets and short arms. Fortunately, the median income of $111,371 does a great job of making up for the astronomical move-in price.


5. Leesburg

Leesburg has 65 restaurants, 250 retail stores, one of the best-preserved historic downtowns in Virginia, and an awful lot of filthy rich residents. According to, the former stomping ground of General George C. Marshall is now home to artists, designers, tech entrepreneurs, and NFL stars... something that may just explain its astronomical median income of $114,444 and its equally noteworthy median home value of $434,300.


4. Fairfax

23,531 people live in Fairfax. Obviously, not all of them are dripping in pearl necklaces and diamond tiaras. But if they wanted to, a good number of them could. According to Niche, the median income in this Washington DC suburb is a hefty $116,979. The property prices are just as astonishing, with the average single-family home fetching a mammoth $560,400.

Falls Church

3. Falls Church

Up next is Falls Church, a small, pretty city of 14,128 people with a historic downtown, excellent schools, low unemployment, and some of the wealthiest residents in Virginia. According to Home Snacks, the average household is earning the very considerable income of $127,610 - the third-highest median income in Virginia. If you thought that was a jaw-dropping figure, just wait till you check out the median property price... $789,300.


2. Purcellville

Keeping up with the Joneses in Purcellville is no easy matter. With an average household income of $139,074, residents of this Loudoun County city are Rich with a capital R. Then again, they need to be - with a median home price of $464,200, keeping up with the mortgage payments is no easy matter. Still, the sky-high property prices are there for a reason - with one of the tiniest crime rates in Virginia, a gorgeous historic downtown, and a huge range of outdoor recreational opportunities on its doorstep, Purcellville is every bit as desirable as it is wealthy.


1. Vienna

Vienna has made quite the name for itself in recent years. Twice named one of the best places to live in the US by Money, this small city has a ton to offer. Located within easy commuting distance to Washington DC, it comes with a vibrant downtown packed with locally-owned restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and historic buildings. Opportunities for outdoor fun and games come courtesy of the network of hiking and biking trails located along the 45-mile W&OD Railroad track. Considering its desirability, it probably won't surprise you to learn that housing here comes at a premium, with a median purchase price of $743,500 and a median rental of $2,081. Fortunately, the monster median income of $161,196 more than compensates.

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