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The 20 Best Things to do in Split, Croatia

Bacvice Beach in Split

Split is 1700 years old and a must-visit destination if you plan to tour Croatia. It offers a mixture of ancient history and modern life vacation destinations. So, what things can you do in Split, Croatia? If you like history, you can explore the Klis Fortress, the Salona ruins, and Diocletian Palace. In addition, you can engage in cannoning, hiking, rafting, and paddle boarding. Here are the 20 best things to do in Split, Croatia.

Klis Fortress

20. Visiting the Klis Fortress in Klis Village to Learn about its History and Enjoy the Perfect View of the Adriatic Sea, the Surrounding islands (Pakleni, Hvar, and Brac island), and Split City

The Klis Fortress was built over 2000 years ago, and it served as a defense point against the Ottomans. The fortress became popular because in the "Game of Thrones," the fortress was Meeren. Therefore, if you are into history, you will enjoy your tour of this fortress. The Klis village is on the hillside of Split. Therefore when you visit this fortress, you will have a perfect view of the Split, the surrounding islands, and the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, it only takes twenty minutes to drive to the fortress.

the Riva

19. Stroll the Riva to Enjoy the Beautiful View of Ferries Sailing through and Live Music

If you plan to spend some time in Split, you cannot miss seeing the Riva. It is a seafront located beside the Diocletian palace. This area has beautifully lined palm trees, and many cafes serve delicious coffee.

Stroll the Riva, and you will enjoy watching big ferries sailing through the Adriatic sea. Occasionally, some events happen here; therefore, be prepared to enjoy some live music performances. Additionally, morning is the best time if you want to enjoy a perfect view of the sea.

Diocletian Place

18. Exploring the Diocletian Place and Taking Pictures of the Unique Architecture

The Diocletian Palace is a popular historic site in Croatia. Moreover, it has private quarters and a military complex covering three hectares. It is also one of the well-preserved Roman architecture. According to the Crazy Tourist, the palace dates back to the 4th century when it was built. As you explore this palace, you come across many streets, underground cellars, churches, and town squares. You will also see houses, palaces, shops, bars, and restaurants. Therefore it is an entire town. Additionally, the Diocletian Palace is a UNESCO heritage site in Croatia.

Saint Domnius Cathedral

17. Exploring the architectural elements of the Saint Domnius Cathedral

It was constructed as a Mausoleum for Emperor Diocletian during the 4th century. However, in the 7th century, the Mausoleum was turned into a church. It is one of the oldest cathedrals that are still in use. In addition, you will witness the various historical epochs in the cathedral from Roman times. The hexagonal pulpit of the cathedral will fascinate you. Also, the cathedral has a ciborium altar, a sarcophagus, and frescoes evangelist that date back to the 15th century. Furthermore, do not forget to check out the treasury room and baptistery area.

Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral

16. Climbing the Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral and Enjoy a Panoramic View of Split City

If you want the best view of Split city, climbing the bell tower is not an option. The bell tower dates back to the 13th century. However, it was reconstructed in 1908 and 2020. In addition, the tower is 59 meters high, and you have to cover 200 stairs to reach the top. The stairs have resting points in case you get tired. The bell tower is normally crowded during mid-day; therefore, the best time is the morning hours when there are fewer people. Moreover, the ticket cost 20 Croatian kuna, approximately $2.71.

Marjan Hill

15. Going Hiking, Jogging at Marjan Hill, and Enjoying the Aerial View

If you like hiking or jogging, you have to visit Marjan Hill. It is found in the west of Split City. According to Miss Tourist, the Marjan hill is 170 meters high. There is also a coffee shop at the top of the hill known as Vidilica café. It serves the best coffee in Split City. The hill has numerous trails and footpaths for hiking and jogging. It is also popular for the following activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, jogging, and walking. In addition, you can climb the hill to get the perfect view of Split city.

Jupiter’s Temple

14. Exploring Jupiter’s Temple to learn its History and Marvel at the Bronze Statue

The Jupiter temple is a historic site in Split. It is found next to St. Domnius Cathedral in Split's old town. In addition, it is where the emperor Diocletian was buried. However, the Jupiter temple serves as a baptistery for the cathedral. You will see the Saint John the Baptiste bronze statue when exploring this temple. It was made by the famous Croatia sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Also, the vaulted ceiling of the temple will mesmerize you. Additionally, you will see beautiful reliefs of carved motifs of Roman head's goddesses and gods, leaves, and flowers.

Split’s Museums

13. Visiting the Split’s Museums to learn about the History of Split and to View Artifacts

The city of Split is perceived as a big open-air museum. You might feel there is no need to visit the actual museums. However, if you love history and viewing artifacts, you will not resist the temptation to visit the museums in this area. The split town museum is found in the Gothic palace. Here you will learn about the town's history and the development changes over the years. Moreover, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, which is 15 minutes from the town. It has prehistoric times, medieval, early-Christian, Roman, and Greek artifacts. The Ethnographic Museum is found in the old town. You can visit it to view jewelry, furniture, traditional clothing, and pottery displays. You will also learn about the history of early split inhabitants.

Salona Ruins

12. Exploring the Beautiful Ancient Scenery of Salona Ruins

Diocletian, the Roman emperor, was born in the ruins of Salona. During ancient times Salona was the capital of Dalmatia Province. According to Go World Travel, Salona had 60,000 inhabitants during the Roman era. As you explore these ruins, you will see an old amphitheater with a seating capacity of 15,000 to 18000. You will also see ruins of an ancient forum, aqueduct, and thermal bath. Additionally, it will take you several hours before you finish exploring this ancient capital.

Green Market

11. Visiting the Green Market to Shop for Clothes, Fruits, Cheese, and Flowers

If you like shopping, you need to visit the Green Market. The Split green market is also known as Pazar. In this market, you will get the freshest and cheapest products. In addition, the market has numerous stalls selling flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can also shop for fresh eggs, cheese, clothes, souvenirs, and meat. You can also shop for the popular delicious Dalmatian Proscuitto in this market. Moreover, to get the best fruits, flowers, and vegetables. The market is open each day from 6:00 am.

Local Craft Beers

10. Enjoying Drinking the Local Craft Beers and Touring the Brewery

Two local microbreweries exist in Split, the Mandrill Nano Brewing and the LAB. Therefore if you like drinking beers visiting the LAB brewery is a must. Moreover, the Lab brewery has two main labels, Blonde Ale Punica and Pale ALE Barba. You can also taste the English Pale Ale, which includes Barba Imperial IPA and Barba Englez. This brewery also has a special edition beer known as the Simons Motor Stout. In addition, as you tour this brewery, you will taste every kind of beer you want. You will also be gifted two beers of your choice.

Peristil Square and Taking Pictures

9. Exploring the Peristil Square and Taking Pictures

The Peristil Square is centrally located in the Diocletian Palace. It is the best-preserved monument in Roman architecture. According to Weseek Travel, the Peristil Square is where the emperor would address the citizens. The emperor also used the square for celebration. Therefore as you visit this square and learn about its history, you take a few photographs of the square. Moreover, you also notice square has marble walls and columns.

Putalj Winery and Tasting Various Wine

8. Visiting the Putalj Winery and Tasting Various Wine

If you like wine, this has to be your number spot before visiting other areas. The Putalj Winery is only twenty minutes from Split city. In addition, they have different wine labels such as the Putalj Rose, Putalj Plavac Mali, and Putalj Zinfandel. Wine tastings happen from 6:00 pm daily; however, you must book in advance. You will taste the different wine labels, including white and red versions. Furthermore, you can buy a bottle at their gift shop.

Grgur Ninski Statue

7. Viewing the Grgur Ninski Statue and Rubbing the Toes for Good Luck

Grgur Ninski was a bishop in the 10th century. This bishop conducted religious services using the Croatian language. He also spread Christianity in Croatia and won the hearts of many. However, he is known to have defied the pope. You can rub his big toe if you want some good luck. This has been the culture of Split citizens ever since the bronze statue was unveiled. You can also pause for a picture with the statue. Furthermore, Ivan Mestrovic was the sculptor that designed this popular statue.

Eating Honduran and Mexican Foods

6. Enjoying Eating Honduran and Mexican Foods at the To Je Tako Restaurant

If you like eating Latin American foods, sometimes it can be difficult to get these foods, especially in Europe. However, in Split, the To Je Tako restaurant in Diocletian's palace serves Latin American foods. According to Adventurouskate, the restaurant serves Mexican and Honduran food. You will enjoy eating Mexican food, such as the different types of tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. You can also try Honduran baleadas, which are refried beans. The beans are served with crema, vegetables, jalapeno, margarita, and flour tortillas.

Bacvice Beach in Split

5. Relaxing and Sun Bathing at the Bacvice Beach in Split

Bacvice beach is the most beautiful in Split. It is closer to the Split city center. It only takes ten minutes to walk from the bus station and ferry terminal. In addition, this beach is surrounded by beautiful scenery and has few people. You can relax on this beach as you read your book or sip a glass of wine. You can also take a nap as you enjoy the breeze of the shore. Moreover, you can sunbathe or stroll along the beach shoreline as you enjoy the scenery.

Taste Different Cakes

4. Visiting the OS’ KOLAC Pastry Shop to Taste Different Cakes

If you have a sweet tooth, you must visit this pastry shop. It has a variety of delicious cakes that will make you spend extra money. Furthermore, this pastry shop has won various accolades over the years because of its cakes. Tea Mamut is the Pastry chef who runs this heaven cake. The cakes look unique and mouth-watering from their displays. Moreover, the cakes have special names based on a play of words from the local dialect.

Ivan Mestrovic Gallery

3. Visiting the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery to View Sculptures, Paintings, and Drawings

Ivan Mestrovic was an artist and sculptor. He bought land and built his home in 1939, West of Split. The villa was opposite the Adriatic Sea. According to GPS My City, Mestrovic gave the villa to the state in 1952 with 132 art pieces. The state renamed the villa Ivan Mestrovic Gallery. As you tour this gallery, you will see the 291 architectural plans, four paintings, and 583 drawings. In addition, you will also see 168 pieces of artwork donated to the gallery by Ivan's heirs. The artwork in this gallery is arranged according to a theme.

Go rafting and canyoning on River Cetina

2. Go rafting and canyoning on River Cetina

If you like rafting or canyoning, you must visit the Cetina River. It offers an excellent environment for rafting. It has multiple rapids along the river, giving you a thrilling experience. In addition, you will raft through levels one and two as you enjoy the beautiful wilderness environment.

The Cetina River offers an excellent site for canyoning. You will jump from a cliff into the Cetina River. Then you will swim through the canyons. Furthermore, you must ensure you come during warm months to enjoy canyoning.


1. Practice Playing Picigin

If you like learning how to play new games, then you will enjoy playing Picigin. This is a Croatian Spot and was invented in Split. As you stroll along the beaches of Split, you will see a group of people playing this game. It involves you standing in the water half a meter deep. Your job is to prevent a ball from falling by passing the ball to other players. Therefore the main goal is to pass the ball accurately, so it does not fall into the water.

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