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The 20 Best Things to do in Torremolinos, Spain

A Quiet Retreat at Benalmadena Pueblo

Torremolinos is one of the most popular cities in Spain. Thanks to the beautiful beaches, bustling bars, restaurants, shop streets, and attraction centers, Torremolinos attracts tourists annually. The average Torremolinos' summer temperature is 29 degrees Celsius which makes it a fantastic summer getaway for those in need of some fun and sun. Searching for fun activities, superb seafood restaurants, and sightseeing things to do on your holiday in Torremolinos? Here is a review of the 20 best things to do in Torremolinos, Spain.

Go Shopping at Calle San Miguel

20. Go Shopping at Calle San Miguel

Whether you are searching for a local authentic store or shopping center in Torremolinos, Calle San Miguel is the best destination. Calle San Miguel is the main shopping zone in Torremolinos. Its street is lined with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, local squares, and specialty stores. Calle San Miguel is a massive street with bars, restaurants, souvenirs, and Spanish high-street brands like Pull and Bear. A short distance down the street is Las Tres Torres, where you can find traditional Spanish items such as handcrafted gems.

A Lovely Walk at Parque La Bateria

19. A Lovely Walk at Parque La Bateria

Also referred to as the Battery Park, Parque La Bateria is a nice walk from the beach Bajondillo to Torremolinos. It is only a short walk from Torremolinos or a five-minute train ride. It is a perfect destination for a family picnic because the area is elegant and clean, with mountains and sea. Here, you will learn new things about animals and history or enjoy the elegant landscape. This park includes a children's playground, an artificial pool with rowing boats, a café, and a fantastic coastline and sea view. Parque La Bateria is a fantastic site for outdoor activities like running, walking, or cycling.

Enjoy Lush Gardens at Jardín Botánico Molino De Inca

18. Enjoy Lush Gardens at Jardín Botánico Molino De Inca

Jardín Botánico Molino de Inca allows you to take some time and slow down at a leisurely pace during your Torremolinos holiday. Situated a short distance from Molino de Batán, these elegant botanic gardens consist of more than 1,00 plant species and welcome a wide range of birdlife. These gardens were established in 2003 after a long history of manufacturing brown paper, grinding bread, and flour milling sites. These gardens are excellent as a cool off-site for an afternoon when enjoying a picnic.

Shop in the Markets of Torremolinos

17. Shop in the Markets of Torremolinos

Another great way of enjoying your holiday and diving into the beauty of the Spanish culture in Torremolinos is visiting the local markets. There are two main street market days in Torremolinos. one is on Thursdays where you will get everything from plants, fruits, clothes, vegetables, and domestic utensils. On Sundays, the next one has antiques, second-hand goods, and craftwork. Both are situated in Feria ground at the edge of Avenida de Real. If you want more shopping options, you can consider exploring the Malaga itinerary in Andalusian city, just a short distance from Torremolinos.

Aqualand Torremolinos

16. Visit Aqualand Torremolinos

Aqualand is the largest water park on the coastline and one of the famous attractions on Costa del Sol. Visiting the waterpark situated in Torremolinos is a perfect way to have a memorable water adventure. With lots of different-sized tubes, slides, water rides, and a beautiful all-around garden, this is a perfect destination to spend some hours or the entire day. After getting exhausted, rest in the specially prepared green spaces for a little picnic and re-energize.

Explore the Old Town of Torremolinos

15. Explore the Old Town of Torremolinos

Torremolinos Old Town is a true gem among coastal cities and towns. It's quite relaxed and petit without too many large buildings or crowded squares, making it a tranquil and authentic spot. Here, you can get lost in the Andalusian streets with lots of small cafes and bars inviting you to experience some fresh and delicious Spanish treats while also sharing a friendly and genuine atmosphere. when meandering the streets, you will find the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, an 18th century neoclassical style church, and Torre de Pimentel, dating back to 1300s.

Church of San Miguel

14. Church of San Miguel

The San Miguel Church is another quiet and charming place found at the end of San Miguel Street. During your picnic, it's worth taking some time to go to the church and meditate for a few minutes at the San Miguel hospital. You will also enjoy viewing architecture, unique decorations, statues, and paintings. You might also like masses in Spanish and English. This church is an excellent place to rest on rainy or hot days or after a long walk on San Miguel Street.

Swing A Golf Club

13. Swing A Golf Club

If you love golfing and can swing a club, you can't visit Costa del sol and miss playing at least one golf round. Torremolinos features the first golf courses in the area situated in Costa del Sol. Starting in 1925, Parador de Málaga Golf is one of the historic golf courses you should visit. The seaside course still has excellent reviews from players and charges reasonable fees, particularly if you go before 9:00 or after 17:00. There is also a newer golf course known as the Miguel Ángel Jiménez Academy with a nine-hole par 3.

Benalmádena Butterfly Park

12. Benalmádena Butterfly Park

On Costa del sol is a butterfly attraction in a building that looks slightly out of place. The Butterfly Park is located at a Thai-designer temple. Outside the building are dragon statues out front and authentic blue roof tiles originating from Thailand. More than 1500 butterflies from 150 unique species fly freely in the building, kept at 80% humidity and temperatures between 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. These butterflies also reproduce here, so you will be thrilled to see them go through their full life cycle from an egg, caterpillar, to Chrysalis.

Explore the Beaches of Torremolinos

11. Explore the Beaches of Torremolinos

The city of Torremolinos is known for its easy access to the coastline and wide options of beaches for you to enjoy the clear water and white sand. It has seven kilometers of seafront with about six main beaches. Because the beaches are significantly close, it is a perfect idea to stroll from one beach to another and see the one you love most. Some of the best beaches to check out in Torremolinos include; Playa Los Alamos, Playa La Carihuela, Playa Los Alamos and Playa de Bajondillo. These beaches have abundant conveniences like sun loungers, restaurants, and parasols.

Visit the Thrilling Crocodile Park

10. Visit the Thrilling Crocodile Park

One of the most quirky and exciting things to do in Torremolinos is going to Crocodile Park. This is a small but well-maintained park where you will be amazed by crocodiles' power and magnificence. Here, you can schedule a guided tour, observe crocodile demonstrations, and even possibly have a chance of petting a baby crocodile up close. This is a striking way to enjoy your holiday in Torremolinos.

Have Fun At La Carihuela

9. Have Fun At La Carihuela

La Carihuela is the former fishing district in Torremolinos, and although most of the old industry traces are gone, the neighborhood still has its charm. This is a fascinating place where you can walk along the seaside from Plaza del Remo and enjoy the best seafood served in restaurants and small bars along the coastline. This is hence the perfect place to enjoy distinctive food from Malaga province. La Carihuela is touristy and can be relatively packed in the summertime, but it's worth visiting, particularly to view the natural monument, Morro de Torremolinos, splitting Paseo Maritimo in two.

Take A Photo at Casa De Las Navajas

8. Take A Photo at Casa De Las Navajas

A short distance from Playa Bajondillo is one of Torremolinos' most famous historical buildings. Built-in 1925, Casa de las Navajas is a unique building open to the public. You will be free to stroll around and explore the Neo-Mudejar style of the ancient Andalusian villas. The building is elegantly ornamented and designed with amazing Mozarabic touches; the building often hosts theater performances, exhibitions, and concerts. Here, you might enjoy some traditional Spanish entertainment.

Enjoy an Andalusian Horse Show in El Ranchito

7. Enjoy an Andalusian Horse Show in El Ranchito

This beautiful and thrilling horse show is performed each Wednesday at 17:45, which has been done continuously for more than 22 years. You will enjoy gazing at the fantastic performances of the best Andalusian riders and their horses as you take a refreshing Tinto de Verano from the seats. Even better, the horse show is accompanied by precise choreography and music, bringing out a masterpiece of animal-human performance. You simply must experience this great show when going across the Andalusian coastline.

A Delicious Lunch in Mejor Con Reserva

6. A Delicious Lunch in Mejor Con Reserva

As the name suggests, Mejor con Reserva is one of the best places to get a reservation, and there is a reason behind it. This restaurant is popular in Torremolinos and has attracted many visitors since being established in 2014. Here you will find some delicious food made with the freshest ingredients, proper ambiance, and friendly staff, all you require to enjoy Spanish cuisine. Some of the must-try food include; Entrecote, Iberian pork, and the delightful Spanish cheesecake for dessert.

Enjoy Torremolinos Nightclubs

5. Enjoy Torremolinos Nightclubs

When night falls, it is time to explore the city's nightlife. Torremolinos has lots of nightclubs which makes it one of the liveliest nightlives. Here, you will find plenty of places to go out for drinks, parties, karaoke, or flamenco late-night shows. Some of the best places to have an amazing night experience and get to the lively Spanish dance floors include; Styles Music Bar, Boomerang, Taberna Flamenca Pepe Lopez, and Tanit Beach Club Torremolinos.

Water Sports Activities in Torremolinos

4. Engage in Water Sports Activities in Torremolinos

With a significant coastline, Torremolinos has endless possibilities for water sports, water activities, equipment rentals, and lessons. Indeed, you may be astounded by the wide range of offers for outdoor activities. You can choose from many exciting and fun activities such as paddle boarding, kitesurfing, diving, boat trips, and skiing in Torremolinos, which will get your heart thrusting. Most of these organizers are situated in Benalmadena.

Explore Tivoli World, Torremolinos

3. Explore Tivoli World, Torremolinos

Tivoli World is one of the popular amusement parks in Torremolinos. The park has been providing entertainment and excitement since 1972 and is still one of the best coastal getaways today. This is a perfect spot to get your heart pounding from haunted houses, dizzy due to lots of carousels, or collide in go-karts. They also feature an indoor play area and water slides. If you go on Friday morning, you can have funfair with shows and participate in a street market.

A Quiet Retreat at Benalmadena Pueblo

2. A Quiet Retreat at Benalmadena Pueblo

Benalmadena Pueblo is a popular hilltop village characteristic of whitewashed buildings and terracotta roofs, evocative of traditional Spain. Until now, this elegant but sleepy village has escaped the tourism clutches, making it a pleasant destination to escape from the bustling Torremolinos street centers. This village is positioned around Plaza De Espana, an elegant square characterized by orange trees. The church provides beautiful gardens with remarkable views. You will enjoy the flowers adorning the walls of most Benalmadena Pueblo homes and geranium pots that add bright color pops in contrast to the white walls.

Take Coffee at Plaza Nogal era

1. Take Coffee at Plaza Nogal era

Spanish cities are known for their astoundingly picturesque squares with many lively cafes, bars, and restaurants. Torremolinos is no different. If you are a coffee enthusiast, go to the vanilla Café at Plaza Nogal era for a delicious, freshly prepared coffee as you pass the time. The entire plaza has a gorgeous setting with a modernist fountain that represents 'The Birth of Eve' dating from 1993 and lots of greenery.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best things to do in Torremolinos, Spain, for your next trip. Here, you will have lots of memorable experiences and enjoy plenty of sunny beaches, delicious seafood, bustling nightlife, and great sites and parks. The city also has some amazing neighborhoods to explore. This list will help you decide and prioritize what you should plan on your Torremolinos holiday.

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