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The 20 Best Things to do in Wroclaw, Poland

beautiful old town

Wroclaw, Poland, is a lively and constantly developing city. There are constantly new places and events popping up, so it is hard to keep track of everything happening in the area. However, there are some truly unique things that you can do during your time here that will give you memories of this city for years to come. From visiting the palaces of the old nobility to trying all of the delicious foods, there is truly something for everyone here in Wroclaw. The city of Wroclaw is located in the Lower Silesia region of Poland. It was first established as a settlement called "Vratislavia" by Duke Soběslav I and, upon his death, it emerged as one of the most important cities in Poland. The city's growth resulted from a fortunate mix of politics and culture. First, it was instrumental in stopping the Mongolian invasion at nearby Legnica, which has led to a long-standing alliance with the Polish dukes. Second, it became a favorite center for the renaissance intelligentsia who helped establish Wroclaw as one of Poland's most important cultural locations.  As of 2020, Wroclaw was home to over 640,000 people and is considered one of the more liberal cities in Central Europe.The city has earned this reputation by being very accepting towards foreigners and actively promoting equality among its citizens regardless of race or gender.

UFO Hotel

20. Get Weird at the UFO Hotel

One of the most exciting places to spend a night or two in Wroclaw is undoubtedly at the UFO Hotel. Initially built in the 1970s, during the communist regime, the building was meant to be an office for tractor parts. However, after changing hands several times since then, it became a hotel full of mystery and extraordinary decorations. The lobby area has almost entirely been transformed into what looks like some den for hunters with stuffed heads all around you while you check-in. Then, if you make it to your room, you might find yourself facing some very bizarre furniture but don't let this dissuade you from staying here because everyone who stays here seems to rave about the experience.

Japanese Gardens

19. Learn a New Religion at the Japanese Gardens

Wroclaw is also home to a unique set of Japanese gardens that are aesthetically pleasing and fascinating. The Japanese Gardens in Europe were first established here, and they have been visited by several famous people, including Pope John Paul II and Boris Yeltsin. In addition to the beautiful areas where the fish ponds are located, two megaliths were erected on either side of the gardens to memorialize those who died during World War II. It is truly an inspirational place for both people of the Buddhist faith and just sight-seers alike.

Dworski Park Naturalny

18. Take a Tour through Time at Dworski Park Naturalny

Dworski Park Naturalny is a vast park located in the city center, and it has been around since the late 19th century. According to Wikipedia, the historic park complex has an area of ​​approximately 19 ha. But what makes this such a special place to visit is not its age but its many historical monuments and statues. Here you can find everything from an obelisk commemorating people's hard work during World War I to a statue dedicated to Pope John Paul II that was built after his death. The best time to visit would be spring because all of these monuments will be covered with blooming flowers, and it will look like you're walking through a living museum.

Wroclaw's Best Walking Tour

17. Head Out on Wroclaw's Best Walking Tour

One of the best ways to learn about any city is by getting out there right away and exploring. Lucky for you, there is a great tour company in Wroclaw that can help you start this process quickly and easily. The City Tour Company offers an array of tours, but they all start with the same initial route, which helps give visitors a better idea of how Wroclaw was founded and how it has evolved into what it is today. Many people say that this walking tour should be the only way to explore Wroclaw because it hits on many of the cities major attractions, including its old market square, several churches, and even the city hall. These sights are fascinating in their unique ways, so having this knowledge beforehand will allow you to maximize your time while here.

Hotel Qubus

16. Sleep While Swimming at Hotel Qubus

The hotel chain Qubus has several hotels all over Poland, but this particular one in Wroclaw is their most unique. When you check in here, you will be given a unique key that will let you into your room located underwater. Along with this, as part of every guest's stay, they are given free lessons on how to swim and then later can even enjoy some free time in their pool that has been created for them. The hotel itself offers everything from private rooms to huge suites, so regardless of what kind of trip you're going on, the price should still be reasonable. This is one of the most unusual hotels you will ever encounter, so it's also worth seeing for novelty alone.

Foxhole Poland

15. Get Down at Foxhole Poland

If you're looking for a club with an unrivaled dance scene, then look no further than Foxhole Poland. This is one of Wroclaw's most popular nightclubs, and people of all ages come here to enjoy the music and dance on the vast dance floor that they have. There are even bars located inside and seating areas on balconies that overlook everything taking place on the main level. No matter what your usual taste in music happens to be, there will likely be some act or DJ playing at Foxhole Poland that you'll enjoy.

Wroclaw Tunnels

14. Discover Wroclaw's Secrets At Bernardynski Tunnel

As adults, it is so easy for us to forget the joys of being a child and end up missing out on some beautiful things because of this. If there is one good thing about visiting Wroclaw in particular, it would be that this city offers several museums designed with children in mind which will help them learn while having fun at the same time. One example is the Tunnel of Tales which has seven different stories told through puppets, paintings, and sculptures throughout its two levels. This gives kids (and even adults) something fun to do while learning more about Wroclaw's history, which makes this particular museum so special.

Wroclaw's Observation Point

13. Enjoy a Beautiful View at Wroclaw's Observation Point

The observation point of Wroclaw is located on the city's old water tower, which offers stunning views of both Wroclaw and its surrounding areas. You can spend many hours looking out over all of this and seeing some truly unique things like the Oder River, several parks, churches, two castles, and much more. There are also some restaurants located in the same building, which means you can have a delicious meal while still enjoying this view. The idea of having an observation point in the city where you live is pretty standard, but none are quite as unique or special as this one.

Park Jordana

12. Soak Up Some Sun At Park Jordana

Park Jordana is a great place to go when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Wroclaw. According to Wikipedia, the Park was established in 1889. It was the first public playground in Poland and one of its kind in Europe. This Park gives its visitors plenty of places to relax in the sun where they can contemplate life or even just enjoy being around nature for a while. There is also a playground in this Park that children will love and a small zoo where kids can see unique animals such as foxes, owls, and rabbits. If you're looking for someplace quiet to spend an afternoon with your family, then there isn't any better spot than Park Jordana.

Cafe Kultualna

11. Drink Unique Drinks at Cafe Kulturalna

There are some cafes and coffee shops in Wroclaw that can be a little bit pricey, but if you're looking for one that's both affordable and interesting, you need to check out Cafe Kulturalna. This cafe offers drinks that cannot be found anywhere else, such as the 'carrot latte,' which tastes great and has an excellent presentation because of its unique color. There is also a wide variety of items on the menu here, ranging from different teas to ice cream, cheesecake, and even pierogi. No matter what time of day or the occasion, the food and drink served here are definitely worth checking out.

Stroll Around Planty

10. Take A Stroll Around Planty

One of the best things about Wroclaw is that it isn't just an excellent place for adults to visit; kids can have fun here as well. One example would be the Planty, a ring-shaped walkway that goes around the Old Town and even has its gardens and playgrounds for children to enjoy. Adults might want to stroll through this Park as well since there are plenty of benches available so they can relax while taking in all of the lush greenery around them. This garden also happens to be encircled by several museums such as the Copernicus Science Center, making it easy for those who aren't keen on walking long distances to see everything still that this particular part of town has to offer.

Copernicus Science Center

9. Go To Copernicus Science Center

If you happen to have a child with you, visiting the Copernicus Science Center might be a good idea since kids will want to learn more about what they can find here. Aside from having several interactive exhibits for children to enjoy, this particular museum also offers workshops that teach kids how science is relevant in their everyday lives. Even an IMAX cinema shows educational films that can help further their understanding of topics such as astronomy and chemistry. This place truly gets children involved in learning while also being entertained simultaneously, so it's a win-win situation for them and parents alike.

Wroclaw's Underground Tunnels

8. Take A Tour Of Wroclaw's Underground Tunnels

There are plenty of things to see and do in the city, making it one of the best places to visit in Poland, but for those who are intrigued by tunnels, check out Wroclaw's underground passageways. These tunnels were built during World War II primarily as a means of transport throughout the city but have since been quite popular among tourists. It might not sound like much, but seeing these large, dark spaces with some lights along the way will give visitors an experience that they won't forget easily. This is something different than what you would typically expect, so if you're looking for a change of pace, then definitely check this place out.


7. See How Chocolate is Made at Czekolada

Everyone knows the best part about eating chocolate is seeing how it's made. Well, there's a place in Wroclaw where you can do precisely that, and surprisingly enough, it also involves learning more about this sweet treat as well. The first room of this museum teaches visitors all about cocoa and why people worldwide, including Poland, love it so much. The next room is where you get to see how chocolate is made by viewing a live demonstration every half hour.

Hala Stulecia

6. Explore the surroundings of Hala Stulecia

Every year, Wroclaw hosts an event called the Night of Museums which happens during the summer months when there are usually fewer tourists. During this time, visitors can enjoy open doors at museums, including Hala Stulecia or the Centennial Hall. According to Wikipedia, this particular building is one of the city's most famous tourist attractions and happened to be built during Germany's rule, so it has a unique design.

Jewish Synagogue

5. See Poland's Oldest Standing Jewish Synagogue

If you're into seeing some historic buildings, then be sure to visit the Old Synagogue of Wroclaw. This place is one of Poland's oldest standing synagogues and was built before a Polish city had even been established. It has miraculously survived World War II, making it a rare sight for people to witness nowadays. If you're interested in learning more about the history of this place, then the entrance fee also includes a tour that will take you through some of its rooms and past various pieces of religious art.

Cheap Souvenirs at the Market

4. Get Some Cheap Souvenirs at the Market

Every city has its local Market, so whether you're looking for some souvenirs or want to pick up some fresh foods, then the Market of Wroclaw is the right place to go. Many vendors here sell various items such as traditional Polish clothing or handicrafts. It's also a good spot for foodies since it offers all kinds of yummy snacks and meals, including pierogi, kielbasa, and freshly made Kopernik (Polish cinnamon rolls).

Mischievous Dwarves

3. Go Hunting for Wroclaw's Mischievous Dwarves

It might not sound like much, but the Dwarves of Wroclaw are local legends who citizens spread during the Middle Ages. The story goes that these little people were cursed to forever walk through the city's streets at night in search of a priest and a blacksmith who had wronged them, and they would attack anyone who got in their way. Today, some statues scattered around Wroclaw depict these dwarves, and if you happen to see one, then it's said that you must touch its hat to be blessed with good luck.

New Year's Eve

2. Experience a Local Tradition on New Year's Eve

If you're feeling adventurous, mark your calendar because New Year's Eve in Wroclaw is a sight you won't want to miss. This celebration takes place in Market Square, where visitors gather each year at 11 pm on December 31st. The fun begins by watching fireworks light up the sky for ten minutes before everyone starts singing Auld Lang Syne. Once this song fades out, it is time to eat fruit salad which symbolizes riches for the following year.

beautiful old town

1. Fall in love with the beautiful old town

Wroclaw's Old Town has many different things to offer its visitors, but one of the most fascinating would be its architecture which harks back to Wroclaw's glorious past. Like any other city in Poland, the buildings here are very ornate and beautiful, with certain parts even dating back hundreds of years. According to Wikipedia, this part of town is especially famous for its cobblestone streets which can be bumpy underfoot if you're not careful. Still, it's worth seeing at least once just for how photogenic everything is while there.


This piece is a helpful resource for those interested in learning about the 20 best things to do in Wroclaw, Poland. Overall, this list would be a great starting point for people who want a quick rundown of tourist attractions and other activities which make the city special.

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