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The 20 Best Treehouse Restaurants in the United States

Tree House Wailea

Treehouse Restaurants is not the name of a branded chain, but rather, it's a style of restaurant that is made to mimic a natural atmosphere. Most of us remember the thrill of building a treehouse. There is no atmosphere quite like a treehouse. Treehouse restaurants exist across the globe. It's a phenomenon. Restauranteurs recreate the magical environment for their guests. Some of them have excelled in establishing amazing dining experiences for their guests. If you're looking for a unique restaurant, here are the 20 best treehouse restaurants in the United States.


20. Norwood's Restaurant & Treehouse Bar New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This Treehouse Restaurant and bar offers an old-school environment with a retro vibe that takes you back to your childhood. They offer a huge wine menu with dine-in and curbside pickup options available. The restaurant ws established in 1946 with the Roots Bar providing the treehouse experience. Hours are daily from 11:30 am to 10 pm for dining. The bar is open from 11 am to 10 pm daily.

Thee Treehouse tampa

19. Thee Treehouse Tampa, Florida

Thee Treehouse (not a misspelling), is a small and cozy establishment that is situated on an underground tree. The food is made from scratch to deliver some of the best home cooking food you can find in a restaurant setting. There is a bar for grabbing a tasty craft cocktail after your meal. It's a fun place to dine but you need to make reservations if you hope to find a table. It's that popular.

Tree House Houston, Texas

18. Tree House Houston, Texas

The Tree House in Houston is a restaurant and bar that is designed to offer its guests a comfortable and familiar place to gather. The environment is warm and welcoming. The house specialties are their huge gulf shrimp and perfectly prepared ribeye steaks. The bar has become a hotspot where friends meet to relax over a few of their amazing craft cocktails. If you're in Houston, the Tree House is a restaurant you will want to check out before you leave.

Tree House Thai

17. Tree House Thai Culver City, California

The Tree House Thai restaurant offers a cultural experience with traditional Thai cuisine. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. This is one of the most affordable Thai restaurants in the city providing guests with generous servings at a reasonable price. The establishment offers both inside dining and takeout. You need to make a reservation online to guarantee a seat, or you can use the convenient online ordering form if you prefer takeout.


16. Tree House Pub & Eatery Bettendorf, Iowa

The Tree House Pub & Eatery is more of a pub that offers some of the best pizza and American fare in Bettendorf. They're also known for their craft beers. The interior of the pub is made of reclaimed wood with a spacious area of deck seating to give you the vibe of sitting in a treehouse. The menu items are prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

Tree House Los Angeles, California

15. Tree House Los Angeles, California

One of the best Treehouse restaurants in Los Angeles is on N. Spring Street. This is strictly a dine-in establishment with no delivery options offered. The Tree House is one of the most popular nightclubs with restaurant services attached. If you're in the mood for neon, DJs, and dancing, this is where the action takes place. The Tree House has an amazing roof deck that is complete with greenery for the tree-house ambiance.

Treehouse Vidalia

14. Tree House (Vidalia, Georgia)

The Tree House is a bar and grill that is amid trees and greenery. This restaurant's environment has a natural ambiance that is relaxed and comfortable. Its vibe is warm and welcoming. Their prices are reasonable. Guests give the liquor and beer menus high marks. One of the restaurant's most popular menu items is its fried shrimp. You can also take a stroll on the boardwalk and enjoy the elements of nature. You can learn more about Tree House in Vidalia by visiting the website.

Treehouse Cafe

13. Tree House Cafe (Bainbridge Island, WA)

The Tree House Cafe is a gathering place for the locals who will make you feel warm and welcome when you visit. It's a family-friendly establishment that offers live music. They maintain a separate area for adults who want to enjoy drinks and throw darts or play pool. The focus of the menu is pizza. The pub part of the establishment is the local hotspot if you want to enjoy the adult nightlife.

The Treehouse Nashville

12. The Tree House (Nashville, TN)

Nashville's Tree House is a restaurant that features fresh farm-to-table foods. They source local ingredients. They craft the fresh ingredients into meals that are delicious, filling, and satisfying. The chef has won many awards for excellence. Guests sit at wooden tables that are handcrafted and enjoy a spacious treehouse atmosphere. Specialty craft cocktails are also popular at this hotspot.

Tree House Restaurant (St. Louis, MO)

11. Tree House Restaurant (St. Louis, MO)

St. Louis is home to one of the best treehouse restaurants in the United States for people who prefer vegetarian cuisine. It's a trendy bistro-style establishment with a natural atmosphere. The restaurant prepares some of the best vegan and vegetarian dishes in the city. You may choose between a dine-in experience or ordering your food as a to-go order.

Tree House Stanford

10. The Tree House (Stanford, CA)

Stanford University is the home of The Tree House, which is located just off of the campus. It's one of the most popular hot spots for grabbing a burger or a beer. It's a fast-food establishment that serves the local student body, but it's also popular with the other locals. You don't have to be a student to enjoy the fast food offered at The Tree House. This restaurant also sells pizza and other traditional fast food options, but their specialty is the classic potato buns that are hand-prepared on site. They also use locally sourced and carefully chosen healthy meats and other ingredients.

Tree house cafe carmel

9. Tree House Cafe (Carmel By The Sea, CA)

Carmel-By-The-Sea is the home of this small yet fashionable rooftop restaurant that offers outdoor seating with shaded areas. The elevated venue offers global meal options along with a generous selection of fine wines. The atmosphere is nothing short of spectacular, offering lovely views of the sea. It's chic and romantic.

Treehouse Portland

8. The Tree House (Portland, ME)

The Tree House in Portland, Maine, is a dine-in-only establishment. Menu items are pricey, but when you consider the ambiance of the restaurant and the quality of the food, drinks, and experience, it's one of those places you visit to have a magical dining experience, making it a good value for the cost. The environment is intimate, with deck seating available upon request. The fare is Mediterranean-inspired, offering a cocktail and wine menu available.

Treehouse Magnolia

7. The Tree House Cafe (Magnolia, Texas)

The Tree House Cafe in Magnolia serves American cuisine on a farm-to-table platform. This commitment guarantees that all the ingredients taste fresh for the best in American comfort foods and home-style menu items. It's one of the most highly rated restaurants in the city. It has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from guests.

Treehouse Atlanta

6. Tree House Restaurant and Pub (Atlanta, GA)

The Tree House Restaurant and Pub is a moderately priced eatery. It serves American cuisine in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The interior is woodsy and festive and features a lush patio for outdoor dining. They gear this restaurant toward casual dining with cocktails, wine, and beer on the menu for relaxing with a drink after dinner.

Treehouse Warwick

5. The Tree House Tavern & Bistro (Warwick RI)

This restaurant is a lovely little Bistro that serves lunches and dinners with a soup of the day. There is something new each day. Pulled Pork Quesadillas in a honey wheat wrap, and Chicken wings with a choice of specialty house sauces including honey, lavender, buffalo, dusted salt and vinegar, or crispy plain.

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4. The Tree House (Chicago, Illinois)

The Tree Houe is one of the most popular hot spots in Chicago. The nightclub atmosphere features a disco ball with colorful interior decor, a DJ booth, and plenty of dancing. The chef is Marco Colin, one of the most celebrated in the city. The fare is modern Italian cuisine with Detroit-style pie, braised beef, and other tasty dishes. The establishment offers an ample menu selection with craft cocktails and an extensive list of craft beers and wines.

Tree House Restaurant (Mt. Shasta, CA)

3. Tree House Restaurant (Mt. Shasta, CA)

The Tree House Restaurant in Mt. Shasta is in the Best Western Hotel property. This is an award-winning restaurant that has received numerous accolades for its high quality and delicious cuisine, as well as for its prompt and friendly service for guests. They are even open on holidays for select hours to serve wonderful full-course holiday meals for the family. You can either make reservations for in-restaurant dining or order your meal as a takeout option to eat in the room.

Treehouse Bel Vernon

2. Tree House Restaurant (Belle Vernon, PA)

The Tree House Restaurant gets a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from the local crowd of guests. This restaurant is a fully functional restaurant that is within the American Legion. The food is tasty, and the cuisine is superb.

Tree House Wailea

1. Hotel Wailea Tree House Dining (Hawaii)

Hotel Wailea offers a unique treehouse restaurant in the United States. Guests sit beneath a canopy of avocado and mango trees in an authentic treehouse environment with spectacular ocean views. The award-winning chefs serve 7-course private dining experiences for romantic dinners and private parties upon request.

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