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The Five Best Viper Motorcycles of All-Time

 Viper Motorcycles

Viper is a motorcycle manufacturer in Big Lake, Minnesota with locations across the nation. The business was founded in 2002 by John Silseth. He entered the industry intending to build motorcycles that offered the complete package of high-performance, innovations in styling, dependability, and the appearance of a one-off machine for every example. Approximately 80 percent of the bikes built are from in-house designs, fulfilling his ambition for creating unique models. Viper motorcycles were not your average cruisers. They were custom-built machines that were made for the rider who wanted everything his or her heart desired in one competent machine. Buyers paid a high-end price tag with a range from $29,000 to $55,000, but when the machines were completed, they had their money's worth and then some. You can still find a few of these bikes for sale as used models, and although they've retained their value if properly cared for, you can get them at significant savings. If you're interested in learning more, here are the best 5 Viper motorcycle Models of all time for your enjoyment and consideration.

5. 2013 Viper Black Diamond

2013 Viper Black Diamond

This is the Black Diamond Edition of the Viper Diamondback. It was one of the more popular models because it was a special limited edition bike. It was a celebratory edition made for the Dana Mecum 25th anniversary auction that was held in Indianapolis. This bike is a rare example if you can find one. Just 25 of them were ever made. It's a custom cruiser featuring a V2 four-stroke 152 cubic inch, 45-degree V-Twin engine. Other notable features include a 6-speed belt driven gearbox with a Rivera clutch, and a Tuned 2 into 1 exhaust system with optional accessories packages available.

4. 2008 Viper Diamondback

2008 Viper Diamondback

The 2008 Viper Diamondback featured a long machine with a low profile. This popular model was ideal for cruising in comfort. It was a new design from the Viper in-house design team that set the bar high for the rest to follow. The custom cruiser featured a 152 cubic inch V2, four-stroke, engine mated with a 6-speed belt-driven transmission. The high-performance bike was equipped with Viper's chrome billet aluminum swingarm with Viper Oil Dampened adjustable air-ride for the ultimate in rider comfort in the rear suspension. The front suspension featured Marzocchi inverted adjustable cartridge forks. Both front and rear brakes were single discs. The bike had a dry weight of 600 pounds with a seat height of 24 inches at the lowest setting. The overall length of the long and low was 100 inches. It was available in your choice of Viper Red, Viper Black, Viper Blue and Silver, and a Custom Flame graphic.

3. 2004 Viper Diablo Pro Street Custom Chopper

2004 Viper Diablo Pro Street Custom Chopper

Viper had only been in business for two years when it released the 2004 Viper Diablo Pro Street Custom Chopper. This one-off bike originally sold for $29,995 brand spanking new. Sixteen years later, it sold for just under $8,000. The bike featured a specialty paint job in Cobalt blue pearl paint. The classic Hallmarks of Viper bikes include chrome inverted Marzocchi adjustable cartridge forks, chrome billet triple trees, custom chrome billet wheels, and air cleaner and rubber mounted 128 cubic inch billet engine courtesy of Patric Racing. This exceptional example was equipped with carbon fiber fenders and tank billet chrome mirrors, chrome handlebars, and special anti-vibration weighted end caps for the handlebar. The bike provided its original owner high-end aesthetics along with powerful performance. It stands as proof of how well-built Viper motorcycles were back then and how well they've held up over time.

2. 2009 Viper Diablo Deluxe

2009 Viper Diablo Deluxe

The 2009 Viper Diablo Deluxe was a motorcycle that was known for its exceptional agility and it was frighteningly fast. This was one of Viper's highest performing motorcycles delivered as the high-end model of custom cruisers. This bike fulfilled the founder's dream of delivering powerful performance, reliability, and a unique one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The engine is the same model used in the 2008 Diamondback with s different exhaust system featuring stainless steel material or the option of chrome when customizing the order. The Diablo Deluxe took the center stage as one of Viper's most exquisite motorcycles and it was available in a wide range of colors and themes depending on the individual tastes and preferences of the buyer. The Viper Diablo Deluxe was the high-end of the Viper lineup with the Viper Diablo offered as the next step down in the collection.

1. 2015 Viper Diamond

2015 Viper Diamond

The 2015 Viper Diamond was the last bike made in the Viper Diamond line. This bike was made available with a muscle car paint job with the addition of black anodized parts and black chrome. A special GT-1 package was offered as an option on this bike when purchased new from the dealer. The package included floorboards, saddlebags for extra storage, passenger pegs to enhance passenger comfort during long cruises, a two-up seat, and a mini windshield. Each bike in this limited edition series was numbered. This custom cruiser was offered for a manufacturer's suggested retail selling price of $55,0000. The bike was powered with a 152 cubic inch V2 four-stroke, 45 degrees V-twin engine. The fuel system featured a Mikuni HSR 45 Flat Side carburetor. The clutch was upgraded to a Baker 9-Plate RSD combined with a Baker Pro-6 speed Overdrive driveline and a Tuned 2 into 1 exhaust system.

Final thoughts

Viper motorcycles were highly customized to give riders the one-off bikes of their dreams. Although the price was high, the quality of customized motorcycles to fit the lifestyle and preference of clients was to many riders, worth the extra cost. Vipers share a few common features from an aesthetics point of view, but each bike built was made to have its own unique personality.

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