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A Closer Look at the 2022 Piaggio BV400

2022 Piaggio BV400

The Piaggio Beverly scooter was introduced in 2001 by an Italian manufacturer called Piaggio. Piaggio scooters are generally revered for their elegance. As a result, the Piaggio scooter has become the most sold scooter in Italy. Over the years, Piaggio kept on upgrading their scooters. Besides its elegance, its features are what drew people to Piaggio scooters. To understand why Piaggio scooters sell well, we will analyze their latest model called the 2022 Piaggio BV400. Though this brand is different from past Piaggio scooters in terms of functionality, it still retains its elegant appearance. So, what are the features of this scooter that make it worth buying? Here are some details about this scooter that you should know about.

Fuel System

This scooter uses a fuel injection system. The fuel injection system replaces the carburetor. A carburetor's role is to distribute air and fuel to the engine's cylinder. Its major disadvantage is that it sometimes doesn't supply enough air and fuel to the cylinder. As a result, the person may have to install another carburetor to boost the air and fuel supply to the cylinder. Fuel injection is a method of delivering fuel to the engine through electronic pumps. Since the process is electronic, there are sensors. These sensors detect how much fuel the engine needs, and the electronic pumps pump fuel to the cylinder accordingly. Since fuel injection only pumps the amount of fuel you need, it is an efficient system for fuel economy.

Engine Type

The scooter has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. For combustion to take place, it occurs in four stages through four-piston strokes. In the first stroke, the air-fuel mixture is sucked in. Next, in the second stroke, the piston compresses the mixture. By the third stroke, high-pressure hot gasses get generated. Finally, in the fourth stroke, some hot gasses get expelled. The four-stroke engine makes this scooter advantageous in several ways. For instance, the engine is good for fuel economy since fuel is combusted in four stages before being expelled. Therefore, it will either be minimal or zero when some fuel is expelled out, unlike the two-stroke engine system, where fuel is expelled after two strokes. In addition, since the four-stroke engine releases less fuel into the air, it also minimizes air pollution. Also, this engine system gives this scooter a high torque. In this cylinder, fuel takes longer to reach the fourth stroke. The longer it takes to reach the final stroke, the more torque it develops. High torque is essential since it enables you to swerve quickly to avoid danger. Due to its high power, it is also ideal for engine braking. Engine braking is a way of stopping the scooter by letting go of the accelerator and downshifting gears. You do not need to step on the brake pedal with engine braking. Engine braking is helpful since it prevents the brakes from wearing out whenever you step on the brake pedal. If you constantly ride around hilly areas, it would be best to utilize this scooter's engine braking system. When you rely on the normal braking system frequently, it may fail due to wearing out over time. That means you would descend a hill very fast with no ability to stop.

Cooling System

Typically, vehicles will use an air-cooling system. In an air cooling system, the engine has fins that trap air and cool the engine. Rather than the usual air cooling system, the scooter relies on a liquid- cooling system. In a liquid-cooling system, the engine relies on a water-based liquid. The liquid contains a special coolant with alcohol to prevent oxidation or freezing. This means you cannot use regular water for this engine system. For the cooling process to occur, the liquid passes through a radiator and works its way toward the engine. Liquid-cooled engines generally offer more torque and faster acceleration than air-cooled ones. This is because the liquid cools the engine faster than air. In air-cooled engines, certain processes are involved, such as trapping the air and directing it into the engine. However, with a liquid-cooled engine, no air has to be captured due to the presence of the cooling agent (liquid). Since the liquid-cooled engines cool faster, they will be able to work more effectively to deliver more power.


The scooter has a wheelbase of 60.4 inches. Compared to other vehicles, it has a short wheelbase. Wheelbase refers to the distance from the center of the front wheels to the center of the rear wheels. Having a short wheelbase means the scooter is small, hence advantageous when it comes to parking it. It will not take up so much parking space as trucks or buses. As a result, it will leave enough room for other vehicles to park. Sometimes, you may want to park in a full parking lot. Luckily, with its small size, you can park it in between vehicles. You will, therefore, not require another section on which to park the scooter. Lastly, its short wheelbase makes it easy for you to lower its center of gravity. For instance, if you brake, all its wheels will respond by moving towards the direction you are heading. On the other hand, if you swerve with a vehicle with a long wheelbase, it will take time for all the wheels to face the same direction. Due to the misalignment, you end up rolling. With this scooter, you can therefore swerve and not worry about rolling.


When purchasing a scooter, you need one that is cost-efficient. So, if you need a cost-efficient scooter, get the 2022 Piaggio BV400. With its four-stroke engine system, you will reduce fuel wastage since it releases minimal or zero fuel into the air. You will therefore save frequent trips to a petrol station. Another reason for this scooter's cost-efficiency is its liquid-cooling engine system. Air-cooled engine systems tend to overheat. It is because the processes involved in cooling the engine are long. When engines overheat, they may get damaged, forcing you to replace them. With a liquid-cooled engine, it stays cool hence not prone to overheating. You will, therefore, hardly replace this scooter's engine.

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