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How to Get a Motorcycle License in Utah

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If you are a prospective motorcycle owner and want to drive it on Utah streets, you will need a Utah driver's license. Getting a driver's license in Utah is easier than you'd expect, and it is pretty easy to come about one since the process is a straightforward one. Before you get a motorcycle, or rather before you can drive it legally, you need to understand the said process of acquiring a license. Moreover, you have to make sure that you understand what the requirements for getting that license are. In this article, you will get all the information you need, from requirements, and eligibility for the testing and application process.

Requirements for getting a motorcycle driver's license in Utah

You need to get some things to successfully apply for a driver's license in Utah. First of all, you need to understand that the motorcycle driving privileges are actually endorsements that are added to your already existing state driver's license. To apply for a motorcycle rider's license, you need to be 16 years of age or older. This is an essential requirement, and proof of it must be eligible for other requirements, such as training and education.

Ways you can get a motorcycle driver's license

According to dld there are two ways through which you can get the driver's license you are looking for in Utah. Each has its upsides and downsides, and thus it is up to you to decide on which one you find most comfortable.

Educational courses

The first route through which you can get a motorcycle driver's license in Utah is by taking an educational course. When you complete the Safety and Foundation Beginning Rider Course, commonly referred to as BRC, you will receive your driver's license. While this is not a requirement, this route is perhaps the fastest and most convenient way to get what you are looking for. It will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. These bike classes are offered in a plethora of cities and towns all over the state. You will find them in South Jordan, Price, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Roosevelt, and Moab. It is essential to note that the schedule and the cost of the classes will vary. So make sure, before you register for anything, you ask all the questions as pertains to the time you will attend the classes and what amount of money you will pay for them. As said before, this course is not a requirement. That being said, it offers a myriad of upsides. It not only offers motorcycle driving lessons, but it also offers additional training on how to operate motorcycle vehicles. Completing this course will provide you with a waiver on all the motorcycle riding skills tests you would have to take if you took the other option.

At your local DMV

The other way you can get your motorcycle driver's license in Utah is through the local DMV. The DMV is a very straightforward application process. It comes with clear instructions and requirements that you will need to meet to complete the application application process. You should note that you will not be able to complete the entire process online, and thus at a certain point, you will have to be present at your local DMV office physically. However, you can save yourself some time by applying for an appointment through the internet. If you do not, it is still okay, but you will still need to apply for a walk-in appointment when you go to the DMV store. At the DMV, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, in addition to providing your Utah motorcycle license and showing your Utah D class driver's license. If your address has changed from the time you got your license, you will have to give your new address and provide some proof that you actually live there, in the form of two pieces of mail that include your legal mail and your residential address.

The tests you will have to take when you want to get a driver's license in Utah

To get your Utah motorcycle driver's license, you will have to undergo some tests. They include the vision screening test and a knowledge exam. The knowledge exam is a 25 question test that examines your knowledge of the riding and safety information outlined in the Utah motorcycle handbook. Thus, it is paramount that you study and understand every aspect of this book before heading into the exam room. Failing the test will mean that you will have to pay additional fees to retake the test. If you successfully pass the examination, then you will have your picture taken, and then you will get your motorcycle driving permit. This permit will allow you to operate motorcycles regardless of size and any other similar car.

However, you should note that the first two months upon being issued with the permit come with a couple of restrictions. You should have no passengers on the bike, and you should not ride the motorcycle between 10 pm and 6 am. Additionally, you will not be allowed to ride your motorcycle on any highway with a speed limit of 60 miles per hour or more. The last step in getting your motorcycle driving credentials is to complete the road skill examination. There is no minimum amount of time that you need to have held your permit to take this test. When you are comfortable enough to take the test, you will be scheduled for one. You should note that for you to take this test, you need to have your own motorcycle and motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, you will be turned away. You must use the same motorcycle you intend to use in your daily drive or day-to-day activities. This is because different motorcycles have different CC. CC stands for cubic centimeter, and it is a measure of the volume of the cylinder in the bike's engine.

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