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A Closer Look at The Kymco AK550 Luxury Scooter

Kymco AK550 Luxury Scooter

Scooters are gaining popularity with pedestrians who are tired of walking, peddling, or hailing a taxi or bus to go for short trips around the city. We see the rise of scooter rental services happening in most metropolitan and recreational areas, but why rent when you buy your private scooter? If you're thinking about investing, the Kymco AK550 is one of the latest models to consider. If you've not yet had the pleasure of taking it on a ride, you probably don't know what you're missing. Here is everything you need to know about the AK550 before you head down to the local dealer.

What is the Kymco AK550?

Kymco USA offers its 2021 model of the AK550 for $9.399 for its base model. The brand goes on to describe it as a luxury scooter made for those who demand the best things in life. It's a lifestyle vehicle designed to be comfortable, yet practical to provide the ultimate riding experience. The company also promises that the scooter is innovating and represents a breakthrough in performance standards, but what does that mean?

A closer look at the Kymo AK550 Luxury Scooter

To understand the message of the Kymo USA brand, we must look at the elements of the bike that deliver on the promises made. when it comes to the enhancement of the riding experience, we look at the handling. Kymo's design team built the AK 550 with a low center of gravity that ranks best in its class. It's put together with a perfectly balanced distribution of the weight on the bike from the front to the rear. the strategic placement of the center of gravity gives the scooter exceptional handling, making it easier and more fun to ride and control. It comes in handy at all speeds whether you're on the main thoroughfare or parking in a lot.

Power and performance

Exceptional performance is far more than handling. It also implies ample power. You may not equate a scooter with power, but the Kymco AK550 is built to impress. It's equipped with a 550cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder DOHC 8V engine that generates 53 horsepower. For a scooter, it's impressive. The engine runs smoothly and offers power ample for quick starts and it gets you up to speed fast. Kymco also included a performance-oriented chassis with an upside-down fork front suspension. In the back, they are equipped with Brembo dual disc caliper brakes for supreme stopping power when necessary.

Onboard technology

The 2021 AK550 is also loaded with plenty of features to make it more luxurious for your comforts and convenience. ride Mode offers a Smart Dashboard that is customizable to make it personal. It delivers useful information such as weather reports and guides for reaching your destination via the Smart Compass feature. it also tells you what is coming up on your journey. The system also gives you a cruising speed and displays the time. When you switch it into stop mode, you're set to check your social updates and messages and get caught up on breaking news through real-time notifications. The dashboard is loaded with tons of goodies on the instrumentation panel. Here you'll also find the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature, ambient temperature, voltage, and the clock to keep you informed of the time. It also comes in your choice of Space Gray or Matt Silver Crystal colors.

The Kymco AK550 Scooter in review

Bike Review goes a little deeper into the overview of the working parts of the bike and gives an honest opinion on its performance from an up-close and perspective. We learned that Kymco offers a range of storage options and seat sizes to customize the scooter. This service increases its versatility scores out of the gate. We also discovered that compared to other scooters in its class, the AK550 is faster than the average bike. It's been likened to bikes that can cost up to $7 grand more in price and comes out to be just as fast, with responsiveness and extreme handling capability. It gets a solid thumbs up from the Bike Review team. Aggieland Scoots supports the Bike Review team's assessment deeming it one of the most luxurious scooters on the market today. Riders appreciate the powerful acceleration that makes it suitable for touring and adventure. It's a scooter, not a motorcycle, but the descriptions from test riders put it up there with riding a bike. The final verdict is that Kymco has taken scooter riding to the next level and maximized its potential through the AK550. It gets high scores for delivery of performance, handling, power, luxury, and a host of electronics. The 2022 model is available in deep blue, gray, matte black, or matte gray exterior colors.

Final thoughts

Scooters are becoming the best option for many short-hop commuters. Moving from one part of town to another is faster and easier with this affordable mode of transportation. The Kymco AK550 Scooter is by far the most luxurious we've seen for the price. It's also one of the most affordable options that represent a stellar value for what you get. Kymco is breaking ground with its commitment to rider comfort and convenience with an affordably priced luxury scooter that comes in for thousands less than comparable units. If you're tired of walking, cycling, or hailing down public transportation, this may be a suitable solution for you. The Kymco AK550 scooter is a reliable model. You can personalize it to suit your physical needs and personal preferences. Over time, it can save you a lot of money on a taxi, cab, or bus fares. You won't need to wait for a ride to make it to school, work, or appointments. Make your commute a fun and enjoyable experience instead of sitting on a crowded bus waiting for your turn to get off at your stop.

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