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10 Big Data Stocks to Consider for Your Portfolio

Big Data Stocks

Investors who wish to diversify their portfolios have a broad range to choose from when considering Big Data stocks. The data industry is one that is complicated and diverse because it covers a range of vertical sectors such as analytics science, securities, and others. Big Data companies serve everyone across the board and the need for technologies to manage the increasing amounts of information processed, stored, and evaluated continues to grow. The opportunities for Big Data companies are vast and will continue to increase in demand from sectors requiring more powerful tools to manage the high volumes of data they work with daily. If you're considering an investment in Big Data stocks, here are ten that come recommended.

10. International Business Machines (IBM)

Experts at Finder recommend the old established company IBM. It's been around for decades as one of the first software, consulting, infrastructure, and financing companies. working across four business segments to provide integrated services and solutions throughout the globe. IBM offers a hybrid could platform and software solutions to meet the demands of companies in transition from older methods of data management with a long track record of success and a market cap of $118,502,474,728. Its annual revenue is approximately $57.4 billion. Stock prices have run around $130 per share with decent performance.

9. Alteryx (AYX)

Alteryx inc is a promising Big Data company that serves its customers with a platform providing end-to-end analytics for data analysts. It also serves scientists throughout the globe with software for analytic process automation. The Alteryx Designer program is capable of managing large volumes of data for preparation, blending, data profiling, and analytics that proves visual workflows for users of analytics processes. Other products in its arsenal include Alteryx Servers, a product for running analytic processes on applications in web-based environments for scheduling and sharing, and Alteryx Connect, for exploring collaborative data, information assets, and sharing recommendations. Alteryx Promote is the company's analytics model management product most commonly used by data scientists and analytics teams for deploying predictive models into production applications in real-time. The stock runs about $66 per share on average with annual revenue of $536.1 million and a market cap of $4,576,832,512

8. MongoDB (MDB)

MongoDB is a company that provides its customers with a global general-purpose database platform. MongoDB Atlas is a hosted multi-cloud database as a service solution. MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is its commercial database server for enterprise customers who runs their operations either on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. It's useful for companies making the migration from on-premise to the cloud. MongoDB also offers a free downloadable version of its database for developers to get started using the other MongoDB products and services. Stock runs on an average between $299 to $315 per share. It's a little more expensive to invest in shares but worth considering. MongoDB's annual revenue is around $873.8 million with a market cap of $23,981,307,904

7. Oracle (ORCL)

Kiplinger recommends Oracle as a Big Data stock worth consideration. The company has been in operation for around 50 years with a market value of $1.95 billion and stock share prices in the mid $70 range. The advantages of Oracle are its longevity and its global infrastructure with a reputation as a trusted brand. They've invested heavily in cloud technologies that increased revenues by 22% in the previous 12 months. They provide technologies to healthcare organizations after buying out Cerner, leading the patient data systems tech for the industry. Five analysts recommended it as a strong buy with 2 recommending it as a buy.

6. New Relic (NEWR)

New Relic is a software development company that mines volumes of data while providing customers with real-time insights. Its outstanding technology provides users observability to detect errors in IT infrastructure while fixing them automatically. It improves performance from transformational projects working with Big Data enterprises. New Relic's business model is based on data growth of all known types including telemetry information, events and alerts, logs from cloud providers, and more. The company acquired CodeStream as a growth driver providing sophisticated development of new software for the Big Data industry to help developers make improved apps. The market value of New Relic is $4.2 billion with analysts recommending ratings of strong buy, buy, and hold with none of the opinions it is a sell.

5. Splunk (SPLK)

Splunk is a Big Data company that has been in business for about two decades. They pioneered analyzing machine-generated data when the technology was in its early development stages. The result of its research and development is a platform that provides valuable insights for consumers in monitoring IT network health and detecting cybersecurity threats. Silver Lake Partners is an investor in Splunk, committing $1 billion to the company. The market value is $19.6 billion with analysts ranking its stock as a strong buy to a buy with a smaller segment suggesting the stock is a hold. None see it as a sell, promoting confidence that now is the time to invest in its stock. It's worth noting that stock was up 5% in a down market this year.

4. Datadog (DDOG)

Datadog is a big data company that holds top posturing in the industry currently. The company develops software for monitoring and security of cloud applications. Its products are so popular that a third of its customers opt to use at least four products from the company, showing an increase in service usage of 11 percent growth. Datadog is known for its new and innovative products and services such as the Sensitive Data Scanner used to classify and protect sensitive information for corporations. It's experienced a significant growth rate of 84% in the fourth quarter in revenues. It's a profitable company with a market value of $38 billion. with plenty of free cash flow and operating cash flow. Analysts offer their opinions that it is a buy and even a strong buy for 2022.

3. Elastic N.V (ESTC)

Analytics Insight recommends ESTC as one of the Big Data stocks to buy for 2022. The company focuses on search-delivering technology enabling users to search unstructured and structured data for enterprise and consumer applications. Elastic N.V. has been in operation since 2012 from its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Its premier product is Elastic Stack, a software set that ingests and stores data from a range of sources. The platform finds the data in various formats, making it useful for business analytics, metrics, management, and security analysis.

2. Workivia (WK)

Workivia Inc is a big data company that functions with its subsidiaries around the globe to connect compliance platforms for worldwide reporting. Workivia launched its operations in 2008 from its headquarters in Ames, Iowa. It provides its customers with granular permissions, data linking, full audit trail services, data integrations, controlled collaboration, and process management. It's one of the most highly recommended big data stocks for s2022 as analysts see its potential performance to explode in 2022 and beyond.

1. Cloudera (CLDR)

Cloudera Inc is a Palo Alto, California company that provides products and services for data analytics and management. Its reach spans international boundaries throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. It's been in business since 2008 and offers subscriptions, and services with its Cloudera SDA solution for enabling metadata management for multiple analytics functions. Cloudera Workload XM is an analytic workload experience management cloud service. Yahoo Finance suggests there is a high potential for the stock to surge to new heights. They place it as a buy over MongoDB stock.

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