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10 Biotech Stocks That are Solid Long-Term Investments


Over the past decade, an upsurge in biotech companies occurred in response to the need to explore new ways to improve the quality of life for mankind. The evolution of the human species has brought with it a range of new maladies and health conditions, ranging from genetic inheritances of mutated genes, and environmental hazards contributing to physical conditions for which no cures existed. New treatments and preventative medications become lucrative for the companies making discoveries and unlocking the secrets of new ways to improve human health. Some of the biggest biotech companies are celebrated for their groundbreaking treatments that take the sting out of bug bites or inhibit the replication of potentially fatal viruses. Investors realize that companies poised with a pipeline of new treatments in line for FDA approval stand to make the most profits, sharing the wealth with investors. We've highlighted ten biotech stocks that have the best likelihood of paying off for investors in the long term, and not all of them are large operations.

10. BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Ticker symbol: BMRN

BioMarin is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the research and production of treatments for rare diseases in humans. the biotech company most recently secured approval for a treatment for childhood achondroplasia called Voxzogo. More treatments are in the pipeline on their way to the FDA for consideration, including a new gene therapy called Roctavian, which is slated for its third phase of development in the first part of 2022. Biomarin has secured the confidence of JPMorgan, giving investors a sense of confidence in its financial backing and the likelihood of achieving success.

9. Axsome Therapeutics

Ticker symbol: AXSM

Axsome Therapeutics is another stock that has a high potential for long-term investors. We like the strong line of candidate drugs that the biotech firm has in place within its pipeline. Axsome Therapeutics researchers created a treatment for depression called AXS-05 that is favored to become the next blockbuster drug upon approval, with sales expected to top over $2.5 billion. The stock is further favored because of the drug's versatile prescribing arena for Alzheimer, and depression symptoms, as well as for its value in nicotine cessation. Axsome has two other drugs in line for USFDA review, including the migraine treatment AXS-07 and AXS-14, treatment for fibromyalgia. With these three drugs nearing their consideration phase, Axsome Therapeutics is a biotech stock to keep your eye on with early investment for a long-term portfolio inclusion to get in on the ground floor before stock explodes on the market.

8. Seagen Inc.

Ticker symbol: SGEN

Seagen Inc focuses on the development of therapies for cancer in humans. Researchers developed a cancer treatment called Tivdak, which has secured FDA approval for use in humans recently. Seagen Inc has four commercial products on the market today with a pancreatic cancer treatment entering phase 1 of its clinical trials. Seagen is a company that is active in research and maintaining a continual stream of candidate drugs for marketing upon approval. We favor it as another solid option for long-term portfolios.

7. Exelixis

Ticker symbol: EXEL

Exelixis is a biotech company that has already produced four drugs for marketing. It is known for its patented renal cell carcinoma treatment Cabometyx. The drug is useful in treatment regimens for kidney and liver cancer. The drug is recommended for use with Opdivo, produced by Bristol Myers, which makes it a hot commodity on the market today. It is also indicated as a suitable co-treatment with other big pharma drug combinations. Exelixis is a solid bet for long-term investments because of its profitability status, along with its long pipeline of developmental-stage drugs lined up for FDA consideration. It has a strong track record of gaining approval.

6. SpringWorks Therapeutics Inc.

Ticker symbol: SWTX

SpringsWorks Therapeutics Inc is a biopharmaceutical company with a focus on clinical stage treatments for cancer and rare diseases. It's a mid-cap biotech firm that has a treatment for desmoid tumors called nirogacestat entering its third phase of trials. The drug has the potential for high profitability on the commercial market and signals a positive forecast for investors upon its approval.

5. Novavax

Ticker symbol: NVAX

Novavax is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of COVID-19 vaccines with a new candidate in the pipeline called NVX-C0V2373. The vaccine uses a single protein molecule to incite an immune response against Covid-19. The drug is in the late stage of its UK studies with positive results. Novavax has secured a contract with the United States government for funding the late-stage development and manufacturing costs of the vaccine with a contract to supply one hundred million doses of the drug after securing FDA approval. Novavax has secured contracts with other countries for vaccine supply that amounts to more than 1 billion doses for delivery to Canada, the UK, India, and Australia. Novavax also has a flu vaccine pending called NanoFlu, which has the potential for combining a Covid-19 and flu vaccine into one vaccination..

4. Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Ticker symbol: KNSA

Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing treatments for autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases. The lead treatment produced by Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals is Arcalyst, which is projected to bring in over $650 million in sales, and it has the potential to become a long-term profit generator for the company. KNSA also has a drug called vixarelimab in the pipeline for the treatment of chronic skin disease. The outlook for KNSA stocks to produce for investors in the long term is sunny.

3. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Ticker symbol: REGN

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is known for its delivery of REGEN-COV, as an antibody therapy approved for emergency use authorization in the United States. The drug is also distributed outside of the United States in partnership with Roche. the spotlighted treatment for Regeneron is an eye disease drug called Eylea, which is its biggest revenue generator. Regeneron has formed lucrative partnerships with various pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to produce, and market the drugs Kevzara, and Dupixent for treating autoimmune diseases, Zaltrap and Libtayo for cancer treatment, the Praluent, a cholesterol drug. Regeneron has many approved drugs and more coming down the pipeline, including an experimental gene-editing therapy under development.

2. Ascendis Pharma A/S

Ticker symbol: ASND

Ascendis Pharma A/S is a biotech company. It specializes in developing and marketing treatments for pediatric growth hormone deficiency. Their lead treatment is Skytrofa, which has secured FDA approval for use in humans. The company has a new candidate in the pipeline. The drug for hyperparathyroidism treatment. It's entering its third phase of trials, with the expectation of licensing in the middle of 2022.

1. Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Ticker symbol: VRTX

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company that creates treatments for cystic fibrosis. Vertex has secured approval for multiple drugs in this classification. It's developing a treatment that combines two lead drugs Kaftrio, and Trikafta. They address the conditions of up to fifty percent of the diagnosed CF population with viable treatment options. Other drugs for treating CF are in the second phase of testing, creating a near-monopoly status for the company. Vertex is also entering the gene-editing therapy arena for developing therapies for rare blood diseases. The company is already profitable. The outlook is sunny for its continued success.

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