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20 Things You Didn’t Know about Blue Water Vaccines

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Vaccines are administered to prevent diseases, disorders, and infections. They work by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies to fight against the virus or bacteria that causes the disease. This can happen either through a live attenuated vaccine or a completely inactive form of the virus. Blue Water Vaccines Inc. has grown to be one of the most respected vaccine producers in the world. There have been lots of discussions about vaccination safety and efficacy. But some people still want to know more about what they are getting into before deciding to get vaccinated. The following are twenty things you may not know regarding Blue Water Vaccines.

20. The company’s reputation

Blue Waters Vaccines Incorporated was established to help people and save lives. Despite the company’s global scope, they have always acknowledged that they are a small corporation that maintains optimum simplicity. They implement their best practices promptly and efficiently. The corporation does not compromise on the quality of services, products, or safety measures. They understand the importance of making things convenient for all their clients.

19. Risks associated with these vaccines

Essentially, Blue Water Vaccines are a relatively new invention, meaning there is limited research on their side effects. However, the few studies conducted indicate that there are no known risks associated with these vaccinations. These shots are safe and well-tolerated. There are few side effects from the vaccines, and only a minimal chance of an allergic reaction has been reported.

18. Who should get Blue Water Vaccines?

Blue Water Vaccines are available to anyone who wants them. The CDC recommends them for travelers to countries where these diseases are common. They are also recommended for people who live in or visit areas with a lot of raw sewage, contaminated water, or poor sanitation.

17. When should you get these vaccines?

It is recommended that you get a blue water vaccine when you are traveling to a country whose water is contaminated. If you plan on traveling outside of the United States, you need to get vaccinations for hepatitis A and typhoid fever before leaving. For instance, individuals going to Africa should get the typhoid fever vaccination at least two weeks before departure. Also, domestic travelers in the country do not necessarily require vaccination against these diseases. The risk of contracting them is low due to the high-quality drinking water systems. If you live in an area with an increased risk of exposure, talk with your doctor about getting a blue water vaccine. In addition, you may want a hepatitis A vaccination if you live near an ocean or large lakes and go swimming often.

16. Vaccine candidates

Blue Water Vaccines Incorporation seeks to develop scalable, cost-effective, and efficient candidates who can provide long-term benefits to patients. The organization believes that its vaccine candidates can offer an alternative to the current care standards, with lasting and long-lived immune responses to multiple or specific antigens.

15. How these vaccines work

Most blue water vaccines are made from inactivated (dead) bacteria or a small number of weakened bacteria. They can be administered as shots, drops, or oral doses. The vaccine stimulates your immune system to protect you from the disease without acquiring the illness. Many people choose to get vaccinated in order to find protection against infections and ailments which they might come into contact with within their daily lives. These can include hepatitis A.

14. Vaccines for prenatal diseases

Blue Water Vaccines have been developed to address the need of people living in areas with limited or no access to health care. Less than 4% of the world’s population has regular access to inoculations for all vaccine-preventable diseases, and less than 50% have an anti-polio vaccine. Pregnant women should be vaccinated against a range of prenatal illnesses like rubella, chickenpox, measles, and whooping cough. Unless a parent opts out of having their children vaccinated, there are generally routine vaccinations given in schools, like measles, mumps, and rubella.

13. BWV-302 Norovirus-malaria vaccine program

Blue Water Vaccines is currently testing their malaria vaccine under the B WV-302 program using their norovirus S&P platform. The vaccine is meant to protect against norovirus and malaria, two infectious diseases that frequently occur in similar geographic regions. The vaccine utilizes a protein found on the surface of the plasmodium parasite, presented on the norovirus nanoparticle’s membrane. The results of this preclinical investigation, testing this vaccine design, are expected in 2022.

12. Norovirus-rotavirus vaccine program

The norovirus-rotavirus (BWV-301) vaccine program intends to prevent gastroenteritis using an S&P platform. Preclinical findings from gnotobiotic pig experiments have proved that this vaccine can prevent severe gastroenteritis and reduce viral shedding. Rotavirus vaccines are readily available on the market. However, finding a norovirus vaccine is a challenge. The BWW-301 vaccine can protect patients from two of the most common viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea in individuals across the globe.

11. Streptococcus pneumonia vaccine program (BWV-201)

Blue Water Vaccines company has developed its BWV-201 to protect individuals against pneumococcal diseases or infections caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. According to the Health State, the program involves a live, weakened serotype-independent intranasal vaccine candidate, developed under the licensing of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and intends to prevent S. pneumoniae-induced AOM (Acute Otitis Media).

10. Influenza vaccine program

BWV-101 is Blue Water Vaccines’ influenza vaccine is the lead program by the company, featuring a universal influenza shot. The firm is developing an influenza vaccine candidate with the potential of providing lifelong immunity against all flu strains like H1, Flu B, and H3. This vaccine leverages epitopes of confined variability in the leading domain of the haemagglutinin protein, naturally targeted by the defense system. According to the Biology Department at the University of Oxford, this vaccine is based on arcane technology. The company exclusively has rights to the influenza vaccine from OUI (Oxford University Innovation) and has concluded the initial design. It is in the vivo analysis of the H1 candidate design.

9. Bacteria and protozoa vaccines

Blue Water vaccines use a solution to stop disease-causing bacteria and protozoa. The solution binds the skin, mucous membranes, and actual organs for protection against any kind of pathogens. It has been reported only once that a patient’s reaction was not warranted by their medical condition, forcing experts to scramble to elucidate the reason behind it.

8. How these vaccines work

Most water-based vaccines contain viruses that have been killed or “inactivated,” combined with chemical additives that promote immunity to various diseases like diphtheria and typhoid. The microparticles contained in blue water vaccines mimic virions with their membrane intact and functional. A blue water vaccine will provide the same protection as a traditional vaccine, with minimal side effects.

7. How many employees are there at Blue Water Inc.?

Blue Water Vaccines Inc. has a total of 25 employees across all of its facilities and produces sales of about $5.02 million (USD). This revenue estimate is based on a simulation model. The first six months of 2021 saw approximately 200 private biotech firms, including Blue Water Vaccines Incorporated and offering shares to the public. Recently, the biotechnology firm raised about twenty million dollars in its IPO, pricing each share at $9. The funds will be used in advancing a slate of preclinical programs in IND studies and boosting manufacturing capabilities.

6. The company’s mission

Blue Water Vaccines Incorporated was founded by three medical professionals who are on a mission to help people and save lives. Despite their global scope, they have never lost sight of the fact that they are a small company. They aim to keep everything simple to allow the implementation of best practices quickly and efficiently. The biopharmaceutical firm does not compromise on the quality of their products and safety, but they know how important it is to make things convenient for their customers.

5. The purpose of Blue Water Vaccines

Blue Water Vaccines help protect against bacteria, viruses, and parasites that live in the environment. These doses kill the organisms causing water-borne diseases like cholera and leptospirosis. A team of scientists from the company is working on improving the potency of these vaccines by determining that a small dosage of it administered over 16 weeks was enough to protect swimmers in the tropics.

4. Blue Water Vaccine’s Leadership

Blue Water Vaccines Incorporated is led by top minds across the science and industry sectors. The company works with a team of industry veterans, advisors, and executives, adding valuable expertise to the growing list of infectious disease prevention programs. Their skills and experience range from biopharmaceutical manufacturing, policy, drug research, development, regulation, and many others. Data from Sec.Gov, indicate that Erin Henderson, the CBO, has more than 20 years of experience in heading strategic transactions, corporate expansion, and stakeholder relations. She was the Aetos Group’s managing principal. Andrew Skibo, who is in charge of Biologics Operations in the company, headed global biologics operations at MedImmune/AstraZeneca. He also worked for Roche and was responsible for construction, engineering, operations, and validation for large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing projects. Jon Garfield is the Chief Financial Officer at Blue Water Vaccines, Ronald Cobb leads the Science and Discovery department, and Danielle Spangler heads the Investor Relations and Corporate Strategy department.

3. Who founded Blue Water Vaccines Company?

Blue Water Vaccinations was established in October 2008 by Joseph Hernandez, who is the CEO, with the goal of creating a revolutionary universal flu vaccine to prevent and treat infections in patients across the globe. Mr. Hernandez is a seasoned entrepreneur, operator, and philanthropist with a competitive skill set in business establishments, development, marketing, and securing public and private capital. The research, development, and vaccine manufacturing firm aims at combating viruses such as influenza, hepatitis A and B, rabies, measles, and varicella.

2. What are Blue Water Vaccines?

Blue Water Vaccines help protect people who come into contact with certain types of water sources, like fishermen and travelers. They are also beneficial for people who live in developing countries where clean drinking water is not always available. These doses are not considered routine vaccinations because the risk for contracting one of these diseases might not be high enough for you to need it. Blue Water Vaccines are shots that help protect people from disease-causing bacteria found in contaminated water sources. Such diseases include cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, and bacteria that cause diarrhea. These vaccines have been approved by the FDA and can be obtained after consultation with a medical specialist.

1. What is Blue Water Vaccines Inc.?

Blue Water Vaccinations, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company focuses on producing transformational vaccines to address serious global health challenges. According to their website, the company is known for inventing a technology-based universal flu vaccine, which aims to protect individuals against all virulent strains, and pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumoniae) vaccine candidate that helps to prevent Acute Otitis Media (AOM), an extremely infectious middle ear infection in children. In addition, Blue Water Vaccines company has licensed a distinct norovirus (Nov) S&P nanoparticle multifunctional virus-like particle vaccine platform for the development of vaccines for different infectious diseases. These include norovirus/rotavirus, malaria, and other illnesses.


Vaccines are one of the greatest advancements in medicine. They prevent people from getting sick and even save lives. With more vaccines being developed every year, knowing which ones are necessary and which ones are not is not easy. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Blue Water Vaccines Incorporated holds the rights to proprietary technology developed at the University of Oxford, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), and St.Jude Children’s Hospital. Their vaccines help protect against any disease caused by a virus or bacteria. They can also be used to curb infections caused by spores and other things that grow in the body if they are not eliminated from the body. People traveling outside the USA may require more vaccines like hepatitis A, typhoid fever, or rabies vaccine, depending on the destination. If you plan to travel to any region that puts you at high risk for severe complications from these diseases, then you should get the blue water vaccination. Whether you’re looking for information concerning general vaccine info or more background on specific vaccines, this article provides valuable insights into various facts concerning Blue Water Vaccines.

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