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20 Things You Didn't Know About Boston Market

Boston Market

When looking at the fast food industry, one of the most iconic restaurants that still brings in thousands of customers every year is that of Boston Market. The restaurant chain, that is centered around rotisserie style meals, has had a vast history over the past three decades, and one that not many people are aware of. This is why we are here. We are going to reveal to you twenty things that you may not know about the fast food chain, and how it has shaped the restaurant into how it is today. Let's get started with our countdown.

1. Foundation

The company first began back in December of 1984 by two gentlemen, Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores. The first store was opened in the small town of Newton, Massachusetts.

2. Expansion Issues

After the company's initial opening in Newton, the expansion process began very quickly. The majority of this expansion took place during the early and mid 1990's, and focused on locations most prevalent in the Northeastern region of the nation.

3. What's In A Name

When the restaurant chain was first established, it was actually called Boston Chicken. This name lasted from 1984 all the way to 1995, and was changed after the company was purchased, which we will discuss later.

4. Money Problems

As we mentioned earlier, Boston Market spent the majority of its time during the 1990's making its expansion and presence known in the nation. However, the rate at which the expansion took place caused the company to have many financial troubles with interest rates on its developmental loans, even with steady revenue coming in. Eventually in 1998, Boston Market had to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

5. McDonalds Takeover

After filing for bankruptcy in the late '90s, the company was at a bit of a loss. That is when McDonald's Corporation stepped in, and purchased the company in the spring of 2000. The initial reasoning for the purchase was to use the locations and real estate. However, the corporation found that the company was still serviceable, and continued to operate the locations regularly under Boston Market. The ownership did not last long, as we will discuss.

6. Let It Go

After seven years of being restored under the McDonald's Corporation wing, Boston Market was sold to Sun Capital Partners in the fall of 2007, and still operates as Boston Market to this day.

7. World Expansion

As we mentioned before, Boston Market made its mark by expanding vigorously at the beginning of its establishment. Since that time almost three decades ago, the restaurant is officially operating locations in 28 states in the nation. The company has also opened two locations in Canada, about nine locations in Australia, and is planning to one day begin opening locations in the Middle East as well.

8. Menu Change

At the beginning of its history, Boston Market mainly focused on only selling rotisserie style chicken dishes with a variety of side dishes that went along with it. However, at the time of their name change in the 90's, the menu aslso changed, adding meatloaf, ham, and turkey dishes to the menu as well. By the 2000s, sandwiches were also added to the menu, making Boston Market a more variety style restaurant chain.

9. Boston Market Brand Name

You don't have to go to the sit down restaurant to experience the delicious dishes of Boston Market. Since 1999, the Boston Market brand name has had several different frozen meals, dishes, and other times that have been available in super markets all across the globe for your at home enjoyment.

10. Trademark Issue

In 2002, while under the McDonald's Corporation, Boston Market was sues by Boston Pizza. The lawsuit consisted of using the trademark of Boston in Canada, which was apparently help by Boston Pizza. The lawsuit was eventually settled after Boston Market stopped operating its locations in Canada in 2004. The settlement included that Boston Market would not use the world 'Boston' or 'Boston Market' in Canada for five years.

11. Headquarters

Although the company was established and opened its first restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts, the company is actually headquartered in Golden, Colorado.

12. Operation Today

Although they have had quite a bit of controversy with their locations abroad, the company is still doing quite well in the United States. As of the end of 2018, the company has about 750 locations open in almost every state in the nation.

13. Charity

Boston Market is one company that is quite philanthropic. The company helps to support Give Kids The World, which is a foundation that helps to fulfill the wishes of children with life threatening and terminal illnesses. They often hold several fundraisers for the foundation as well.

14. Katie's Kitchen

Katie's Kitchen is a restaurant that located inside the Give Kids The World Village, which is where many of the families stay when they are being helped by the Give Kids The World foundation. The restaurant that is located their by Boston Market helps to provide warm and cost free meals to those families staying there during such a difficult time in their lives.

15. Make Your Own

Not only can you buy some of the Boston Market brand items in your local supermarket, but the company also provides delicious restaurant based recipes that you can make at home with your Boston Market products, allowing you to have Boston Market for dinner every night if you wish.

16. Catering

Their services just keep getting better and better. If you have a craving for some Boston Market, or if you need a catering service for your next event, just hit up your local Boston Market. The now offer catering which can get to you two hours after you place your order if you would like.

17. No Salt For You

If you go into a Boston Market to eat anytime soon, you will see that there are no salt shakers available for customers on the tables. This is because the company decided to help aid in the effort to reduce salt consumption in Americans. They also reduced the amount of sodium within the majority of their menu items as well. There have been no salt shakers since 2012.

18. Work On The Base

Along with their charitable work, Boston Market has also been working to open more locations on military bases throughout the country. They have a partnership with the Army and air Force Exchange Service, which has allowed them to open 19 Boston Market locations, 12 of which are in the Eastern region of the US

19. Great Stocks At One Point

When the company first went public way back in 1993, the price of the company's stock nearly doubled on the first day of trading for them, and it even surpassed several other first day gains of other companies, such as Chipotle and even the Shake Shack.

20. Their Gravy Will Blow Your Mind

Gravy can be a hit or miss with people, but the Boston Market gravy will literally make you go buy a couple jars for your home. Typically with gravy, you will often thinks its heavy, and not the best sauce for you to consume health wise. However, each jar of gravy that they produce only has ten calories per ounce, and includes not even a trace amount of fat within each ounce as well. That is a winner right there.

With every restaurant and business venture, there are always hits and misses, and the same is the case for Boston Market. Although they have been through quite a lot in their 30 year history, they have still managed to make a well renowned and consistent customer base throughout their time. With all of this knowledge, and with their amazing food, we believe it is about time that you go give their rotisserie a try. You won't regret it.

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