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A Closer Look at Bremont's Jaguar C-Type Watch

Bremont's Jaguar C-Type Watch

The Bremont's Jaguar C-Type watch pays homage to the automobile, Jaguar XK120. This car was built from 1951 to 1953 for racing. According to Sports Car Digest, it was considered the fastest production car of the early 1950s. The car was known for its curviness, so the watch's dial is curvy. Furthermore, the Jaguar logo appears just above the date window, and the bezel is made from aluminum since C-type Jaguar cars were made from aluminum. For fans of the classic car, they will indeed like the amount of detail included to pay tribute to it. Without further ado, here are five specifications of this watch.


The watch is driven by the BE-50AV automatic winding movement. For the watch to run, it relies on a caliber equipped with a balance wheel, balance spring, and an antimagnetic mainspring. Although manual watches use batteries to run, automatic watches do not. Instead, this watch is powered based on the wearer's wrist movements. When the person wears the watch, the rotor spins, and that is how it generates mechanical energy, which keeps it running. The advantage of this watch is that you do not need to wind it habitually. One reason for winding a watch is for you not to lose or gain time. As long as you frequently wear this watch, you do not need to wind it. However, if you do not wear this watch for some time, the watch will stop running. Fortunately, you can get it running by winding it.

Case Material

The entire case of this watch is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel maintains the appearance of your watch for a long time due to its anti-corrosiveness. According to Thyssenkrupp, it does not corrode since it is a steel alloy that contains 10.5% of chromium. Chromium reacts with oxygen in the air, and instead of corroding, it forms a protective layer on the watch, which keeps it safe from corrosion. Another admirable quality about stainless steel is its toughness. That means this watch can withstand considerable force. So, even if you were to drop it from a high point, the material wouldn't change its shape due to damage. Another aspect of its toughness is its boiling point. According to Marlin Wire, it has a boiling point of 1510°C. Even if you somehow managed to drop it into the fire, the material will keep the watch unaffected.


Some watches cannot display in the dark. As a result, you would have to switch on the light or move to a lit area. Another challenge of reading time is when you swim underwater with certain watches since they tend not to display time clearly. Thankfully, this watch solves the two issues by using Super-LumiNova luminescence. Luminescence is a type of afterglow powder that is non-radioactive and non-toxic. Since this particular luminescence does not rely on a battery to stay charged, it is instead charged by light (natural or artificial). According to Keep The Time, some watch enthusiasts claim natural light delivers better results than artificial light. When light hits the material, the electrons get excited and energize rapidly, thus creating a phosphorescent glow. So, when the energy level of the luminescence reduces, its brightness also reduces. In that case, you would have to wear it in a bright place. Although luminescence is to enable you to view time in the dark or underwater, it makes the watch visually pleasing. It resembles the color of strobe lights that are popular in nightclubs.

Glass Material

Its glass is laced with domed sapphire. Most watch wearers find domed watches attractive, but they serve a more important use. Its dome-like shape eliminates glare which increases the dial's visibility when you need to look at the time. Due to its shape, it eliminates glare by dispersing light. Were it not dome-shaped; you would squint to view time on your watch. As for sapphire, it is a tough material. According to Jeweler's Touch, it has a hardness value of 9, which makes it the second hardest mineral after diamond. Due to its hardness, it cannot scratch or crack easily. That means you would have to really try to break it.

Strap Material

Its strap is made of leather. Far too many people think that metal straps are more visually appealing than leather. It is debatable which material is more attractive, but leather has quite a lot of advantages. First, leather is comfortable due to its breathability. That means it can absorb perspiration and humidity. Therefore, you are not going to experience some wetness under the strap. However, that is not the case with metal straps that cannot absorb any moisture. Another aspect of its comfort is its flexibility. For instance, leather easily flows along with your body's movement when you write or dance. On the other hand, metal straps are rigid, so you would have to keep twisting them into position. Also, leather is a material that can be worn with formal or casual gear due to its simplicity. When you wear official gear comprising a leather belt and leather shoes, the leather strap can match the two pieces of apparel. As for casual gear, the material does not even have to necessarily match your clothes. Most people who love casual gear like to wear metal straps, so people who like to wear official outfits may find them limiting.


Few people would admit this to themselves, but some of us frequently damage our watches. That usually happens when we frequently drop them. As a result, you may have spotted someone with a scratched or cracked watch. Since Bremont is aware of how much people ruin their watches, they used the right materials, e.g., sapphire for it. If the functionality does not impress you that much, this watch has got you covered. This watch's dial is clear due to the use of domed sapphire. That means you will not stop looking at your watch. Also, we have seen how attractive luminescence is for watches due to its glowing properties. So, if you desire a durable and pretty watch, get the Bremont's Jaguar C-Type watch.

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