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A Closer Look at The Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT Diver

Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT Diver

Any movie lover worth his or her salt will remember the scene from 2015’s Kingsman: The Secret Service where the main character, Eggsy (played brilliantly by the remarkable Taron Egerton) is preparing to go into battle. Since Kingsman plays homage to spy films like James Bond, it only stands to reason that part of his preparations include donning a bulletproof suit of the highest quality, along with a stunning Bremont watch. In fact, Bremont was featured prominently throughout the film. The watch you see on Eggsy’s wrist during the latter one-third of the movie is the Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold watch, one that was subsequently produced for sale to the public. Earlier in the film, he and the other recruits sport the Kingsman Special Edition DLC Chronograph, while the tech wizard in the organization wears the Kingsman Special Edition Stainless Steel watch. Bremont has always been distinctly British- it’s something they are fiercely proud of. As a result, they were more than happy to provide a special lineup of watches for a film that made a name for itself in special marketing campaigns with the likes of British stalwarts Mr. Porter, Jaguar and Brigg. Just six years later, Bremont is introducing a brand new, distinctly British factory. They’ve also launched a new watch, the Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT Diver.

New Factory, New Watch

The new factory, located in Henley, is just as unique as any watch the company has ever made. It's been years in the making. In addition to providing a comprehensive location where all of the company's operations can take place under one roof, it was purposefully designed to leave virtually no carbon footprint whatsoever. When it was ready to be opened, one of the first things that the brothers in charge of Bremont did was stand on the roof of the building, one of them waving the British flag and the other waving a flag with the company's name on it. It was a classic way to celebrate the opening of this much-anticipated facility. Along with it, this new watch is being made available and it's unlike anything that the company has ever produced in the past. Just as the name implies, it is a dive watch that’s water resistant all the way to 300 meters. Up until now, that is something that Bremont has distinctly steered clear from. That said, there is absolutely no reason not to believe that they will continue in this particular niche after venturing into the market with this stunning example. It truly is one of the best looking watches of its type to ever be made, but it's also capable of standing up to the elements, thanks to its outstanding construction and remarkable durability.


This stainless steel watch with a fine leather strap is 40 mm in diameter and includes a sapphire crystal, coupled with an ETA 2893 GMT base. The movement is both automatic and chronometer-certified. The watch also features a 24-hour hand and the date. It runs at a frequency of 4Hz and incorporates a power reserve of 40 hours. As you can see, the only thing that is more striking than its appearance is its ability to perform at a level that few other watches in this category have ever even thought about reaching. After all, Bremont is mainly known for producing high-quality, luxury watches that are often worn by some of the most prestigious people in boardrooms around the globe, with a distinctly British appeal. This watch allows the company to explore new territory, but it still maintains all of the core values that have made Bremont what it is today. Granted, this watch can easily be worn while diving, but it can also be worn in the boardroom. In reality, it would be equally at home in virtually any type of scenario in between these two extremes. The best part about it is that it still has a distinctly British flare, something that the company was keen on keeping. They're very proud of their heritage and they intend to set the stage for a new era in watch making with the creation of this particular example of their workmanship in comparison to other luxury watch makers like Rolex.

Putting Britain Back on the Watchmaker’s Map

One of the reasons that Bremont decided to create this watch is because they wanted to capitalize on their earlier success with the Supermarine 500 (produced in 2011), yet they also wanted to do something that was distinctly uncharted. In the dive watch category, they have seen a lot of competition from companies like Omega and Rolex. One of the things that many individuals have complained about with the Supermarine 500 is that it simply wasn't big enough to be of practical use for someone who was actually diving, especially if it involved changing time zones. This particular example, the S302, changes all of that. It has a larger size and of course, a bezel that is designed to be used at depth. It's also easy to adjust the bezel a few clicks to track a couple of different time zones. Thanks to the extra 24-hour hand, a third one can effectively be tracked at the same time. The end result is a watch that is both functional and visually appealing. More importantly, the watch doesn't just serve one particular type of activity. It can be worn in a business setting, while diving, for recreation or to track multiple time zones when traveling from one location to the next. At the end of the day, the Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT Diver has everything you could ever want in a watch. It has all the functionality you could ever hope for. It is capable of tracking time across multiple time zones. Of course, it has a distinct place in the boardroom or in any other formal setting (it is a Bremont, after all). It seems that the watchmaker has truly outdone themselves this time. Considering how high they have traditionally set the bar, the fact that they have topped even their own previous work is quite a feat, indeed.

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