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Business Ideas for Professional Healthcare Providers


Truth be told, most doctors out there are still making a good living by practicing medicine, but any now and then some of them have a change of hearts and start looking elsewhere for winning some extra cash. However, if you’re a professional healthcare provider and you’re interested into adding a bit more money to your monthly income, some business ideas aren’t going to hurt you, for sure. Scroll down for our suggestions:

 Remember the good old house calls?

Back in the day, doctors paying visits to their patients at their homes was pretty common. You may win some extra cash by going out of your office and heading to your patient’s home. This sector is a growing as we speak so you may want to have to get more info about everything.

Practice Telemedicine from home

Instead of going to your patient’s home, let the patients come to yours. There are many web cameras and video chat programs that are going to help you practice telemedicine from the comfort of your home. Patients don’t pay a lot of money to get your professional advice and you’re not dealing with administrative matters anymore.

Run an educational clinic

If you’re a good physician, chances are you know a thing or two about healthcare. You can start making more money by running a CPR class for small business, corporate offices, local fire departments and so on. But this is just one example for the beginning and you should explore this solution. If you’re an OB/GYN, you may very well work at a Lamaze clinic and help the mothers to be about handling their pregnancies a lot better.

Provide childbirth services

Modern parents are determined to control every single aspect of childbirth and they bring in a midwife or a doula present at the birth. It seems that more and more parents are calling the midwife for the big event in their lives. A midwife is a trained healthcare provider that helps women during childbirth, whereas a doula is somewhat of a pregnancy coach that helps the parents get ready for the arrival of the newborn.  According to Journal Review you may very well become either of them or simply open a business that hires contractors., it's matter of searching through ideas

Help students for the MCAT

Did you know that at least 80,000 college students take the MCAT every year for trying getting into the medical school? You may very well become an MCAT preparation business as the barrier to entry isn’t high, whereas the profit potential is important.

Can you publish a medical newsletter?

It’s quite challenging for many physicians to remain connected to the latest developments in the medical industry. You may give a hand by creating a weekly/monthly newsletter for your fellow doctors to read. You should try to include all sorts of medical events, advice columns and so on- it’s going to be more interesting for more people out there. There are desktop publishing apps that can help you produce the final product in no time.

Coordinate health fairs

A good health fair is going to need really good physicians in order to become respected. Doctors may actually help the promoters by bringing popular speakers for putting the event on the map. You can even speak at the event which is going to add a bit more money.

Start a medical podcast

Despite of what one would think, starting a podcast is rather easy. You only need a laptop, a fairly good microphone and an iTunes account. The big challenge comes from your ability to get a big guest. Nevertheless, don’t scared about the whole thing; podcasting is a lot easier than it sounds. It’s not going to take you long until you’re familiar with editing programs (Audacity is one) so that you give a professional feel to your product.

Start your own medical equipment business

Most recent statistics revealed that the medical industry is worth an impressive $155 billion- and that’s only in the U.S. you may easily increase your income by working as a sales representative for the important suppliers. You may take it to another level and become a middleman, bidding in supply contracts for some small hospitals nearby.

Become an Expert Legal Witness

District attorneys and personal injury lawyers are always searching for respected physicians as they need them for testimony during various trials. A physician can get even thousand dollars per case, but it depends a lot on the area of expertise. Don’t see this opportunity as a choice for a career, but rather like a possibility to cash more money in the bank any now and then.

Review health insurance claims

Many insurance companies are going to reduce the costs by using the review of claims to independent review organizations. You only need a computer and plenty of flexibility for giving your second opinion on the claims. You are going to be working around the clock, so make sure you got the skills for it.

Become a nutritionist/dietitian

You may also help the people improving their nutritional habits and intake by creating your very own business as a nutritionist/dietitian. You need to get a license with the Commission on Dietetic Registration in order to work as a nutritionist. Not all states regulate nutritionists.
Once you become a nutritionist, you can also expand your horizons and specialize in various types of clients: nutrition for weight-loss, sports nutrition or holistic nutrition.

Partner with a Spa

Most spas out there work for relaxing their customers, but many spa operators are becoming more and more interested into offering medical consultation and care as well. Things are a lot easier for an osteopath which can partner with spas that help their customer deal with back or leg pain.

Can you invent a medical product?

If you know about CAD or engineering, you should design a prototype for a simple medical product, using an affordable CNC machine. A pen clip for medical professionals, an ergonomic walking cane- these are only few examples of the many that you can create. An original idea is going to help you stand out and win that extra money that you were also looking for.

Create a mobile app for physicians

There are many mobile app creators (iBuildApp, BuildFire, Adobe PhoneGap) out there that can help you design an app- you don’t have to be a computer genie anymore. The most challenging part about this one is to discover a very new niche and try filling it. Take a look at your competition on Google Play and iTunes to check the similar apps before even start working on your ideas. Last thing you want is to develop an app that is already in shops.

Become a headhunter

It’s pretty common for today’s nurses and doctors to practice their craft only on short-term contract basis. There are famous recruiters out there that are always hunting for great professionals that can fill the staffing shortages at various hospitals all over the country. If you’re determined to make some money on the side, you may very well start in the medical headhunting game. Who knows, maybe it’s going to work for you!

A piece of advice before you go

As long as you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of your free time, you should be able to increase your monthly income. You only need a couple of years of experience and a strong will for doing it. There are plenty of options to choose from, as you can see. You don’t need to make a decision right now. It may take a bit of trial-and-error until you find the solution that works the best for you. The most important thing is that you should open your eyes and see all the opportunities out there!


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