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10 Things You Didn't Know about the Cadillac Escala

Have you heard of a car called the Cadillac Escala? If you haven't, you're certainly not the first person that is unfamiliar with this car but once you see it, you'll never forget it. This is easily one of the most unique, futuristic looking cars that's ever been built, yet it's also one of the most beautiful automobiles. Cadillac managed to do something with this car that very few automakers have ever been able to do. They took a car and made it look completely modern without giving up its classic beauty. Many people consider these two things to be in direct contrast to one another, so it's a very rare occasion indeed when a car is able to encompass both things at one time. If you want to know more about how this car came into existence, keep reading.

1. It's actually a concept car

The truth is, it is a concept car but many people have high hopes that it will eventually be much more than that. It's not at all uncommon for concept cars to incorporate new ideas that most production models just don't feature but this one has everything you could ever hope for and then some.

2. The original idea is more than 10 years old

Back in 2006, an idea came up to produce a series of concept cars that would revolutionize the automobile industry. As you can see, this was no easy task. By the time the car actually came into existence, it had been just over 10 years since the original idea took root.

3. It's part of a group of three concept cars

That original idea incorporated creating three separate concept cars, each of them special in their own way. They were designed to showcase exactly what Cadillac was capable of and to let the world know that they were more than capable of creating a luxury car without sacrificing things like performance or technology. The Escala was the last of the three.

4. The car didn't come to fruition until 2016

It debuted at an auto show in 2016, and as previously mentioned, this was just over 10 years from the date that engineers started working on this project. One of the reasons it took so long is because Cadillac wanted to pay attention to every single detail, leaving no stone unturned. When you look at the finished product, you could definitely say that they succeeded.

5. It's one of the most unique luxury cars ever built

Everything about this car is different, from the way that it looks to the way it performs. It's designed in such a way that it could easily become the flagship of Cadillac. As a matter of fact, this car has the power to revolutionize the Cadillac name.

6. Its appearance of sure to turn heads

Even if you don't consider yourself a traditional Cadillac aficionado, you're bound to love this car. Everything about it is designed to get your attention. It somehow manages to look fancy and fast all the same time, even incorporating some sporty design elements into the scheme. Furthermore, it does all of this without giving up the classic lines that luxury cars are so famous for.

7. It's designated as a 4-door liftback

One of the things that makes this car look different is the fact that it doesn't necessarily have that traditional trunk and decklid that you would expect to see on most four-door luxury sedans. Instead, it has plenty of room for the front and back seats and then additional room for items in the trunk is created by making the trunk space something of a hybrid between a traditional sedan and a hatchback. The end result is a car that looks great and doesn't compromise on storage space.

8. Even the paint is unique

There are nine different coats of paint on this car and the final coat is pearlescent. This is a car that manages to look stealthy and classy all at the same time, thanks in large part to the unique paint scheme that it carries.

9. The interior is something to behold

People have said that the interior feels like the car has more than one personality. This is largely because it focuses on providing additional comfort for passengers and the driver as well. Each person can set their own temperature, thanks to individual temperature settings as well as heated and cooled seats. In addition, everyone has their own entertainment screen where they can watch whatever they want or listen to the music of their choice, making each person feel as if they are the only one in the car.

10. The car is not officially in production just yet

It's unfortunate that this car debuted two years ago and it still isn't in production but there is still hope that it will be. As a matter of fact, many people believe that Cadillac would be absolutely crazy not to put this car in production, as it could easily be the top seller out of their entire lineup.

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