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10 Things You Didn't Know About CallMeCarson


CallMeCarson is a YouTuber who rose to fame after posting an upload titled "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge + Face Reveal." He's a well-known comedian who made it big on social media with a channel attracting millions of subscribers. He's also known for his comments on web culture and social media etiquette. He's had his share of fame and notoriety with recent controversies overshadowing his popularity. If you're not yet familiar with him, here are ten things you probably didn't know about CallMeCarson.

1. His real name is Carson King

CallMeCarson is the professional name that the YouTuber adopted. He was born Carson King. According to Wiki, he was born on May 10, 1999. King is currently 22 years old and will turn 23 shortly. His professional name includes his birth name, but so far as we know, his legal name is still Carson King.

2. CallMeCarson is a star on Instagram

CallMeCarson is famous for his YouTube channel, but that's not the only streaming service he uses. He is also a star on Instagram. His account is callmecarsonyt. The first photo he uploaded to the account was made on December 9, 2016. It was a close-up of the social media star. He uses self-deprecating humor for his Instagram account, similar to his brand of humor on YouTube. His fans have rendered thousands of likes for the photos he uploads. Carson has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and follows 320. He's made 248 posts so far. He lists himself as a poet, voice actor, musical author, and comic maker.

3. CallMeCarson began his professional career in 2012

Carson King began his journey to stardom in 2012. He was just thirteen years old when he established his first YouTube channel. He posted his first video in August of 2014, titled "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge + Face Reveal - Carson." He was only fifteen years old at the time of the upload, but his great sense of humor was evident. Although Carson had uploaded content before this event, he didn't show his face in them. This was a special occasion that marked the first time his audiences saw his face.

4. Carson began with a different tag name

When CallMeCarson started he didn't go by that tag. The first name that we know about was "TheBlueCrewPros." He changed his name somewhere along to line to CallMeCarson as his popularity soared. He had a different gamer tag, but we couldn't find out what it was.

5. Carson also has a Twitter account

Carson King is famous on multiple social media platforms. In addition to his two YouTube channels and his Instagram account, he is also active on Twitter. He has amassed more than a hundred thousand followers on Twitter. His posts get thousands of retweets. He is also active on Discord and Twitch. He has networked his humor, gaming, and commentaries across the most known social media platforms and reaches millions of followers in the aggregate.

6. Carson King is also a podcaster

The Famous People reports that Carson King is the host of a podcast titled "Solitairey Confinement." He co-hosts with RaccoonEgga, and TheNarrator, discussing entertainment and gameplay. he also created a podcast channel with Josh, Joko, and Cooper, titled "Goop Squad." The team began uploading content in 2019. His humor is at times a bit ruthless, but he scales it back before it crosses the line into cruelty.

7. Carson easily laughs at himself

Carson King has an exceptional sense of humor. Part of his attractiveness to the public is his ability to see humor in most situations. He pokes fun at other people, but no more than he does himself. He can laugh at his shortcomings and even make fun of his physical appearance without flinching. Carson's unique brand of humor is embraced by millions of fans who subscribe to his channels and follow him by the millions.

8. Carson King founded a Year of Charity

YouTube Fandom reports that Carson announced the "Year of Charity" to begin on September 1, 2021, to run for a year. King announced that he would donate all of the proceeds from his streams to charity. King further claimed each month the streaming proceeds go to a different charity. YOC is his way of taking a difficult time after being on hiatus for eight- months to turn it around into something positive.

9. Carson encountered legal problems

The "Goopcast" podcast ran into some legal issues with trademarking. There were problems with the name, so King and the co-founders were forced to rename the podcast. The first name change was "Fart Club," but this was only a temporary alteration. They later found a different name and officially changed the permanent name of the podcast to "Lunch Club." Carson encountered yet more controversy over the podcast when he was accused of stealing money from a fundraiser for the podcast. The Channel was eventually shut down due to numerous allegations of misconduct. Most of the members who previously performed vlogs and skits ended their relationships.

10. CallMeCarson is accused of pedophilia

Social Maximizers reports that there are allegations lodged against Carson King of pedophilia. It's the latest controversy to overshadow his brilliant career. Allegations that Carson groomed underaged fans are in the air. The allegations stem from complaints from a woman that claims King sent her sexual text messages when she was still underage. There were several reports of sexual misconduct with minors involving either sexting or having physical contact with underage girls that were fans of his social media content. Our research has not shown any official legal actions resulting from the accusations yet. Carson King has not yet made any public statements about the allegations, but fans had something to say about it. The various social media platforms lit up with questions and condemnation.

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