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20 Benefits of the Chase United Explorer Credit Card

Chase United Mileage Explorer

When you're looking for a new credit card, it pays to shop around. The ultimate goal is to settle upon a card that delivers the most possible benefits for your lifestyle and shopping habits. For example, some cards offer bonus programs that pay two or even three times the rewards points bonuses for expenditures on travel. If you do a lot of traveling then something along these lines would be ideal, just as an example. One of the most highly recommended credit cards is the Chase United Explorer. This is a card that pays very well if you're a traveler. To help you decide if its the right choice for you, here are 20 benefits of the Chase United Explorer Credit Card.

1. The Chase United Explorer is a great entry level credit card

One of the benefits of this card that we love is the fact that the annual fee is waived for the first year. If you continue after the initial 12 month period and keep your account open, the annual fee is $95. It's always nice when you can get a nice welcome waiver that saves you money on a card that can actually help you to earn money is bonus points.

2. You can earn up to 13 X bonus points

When you fly with United Airlines you can earn more miles with the Chase United Explorer card. This is a benefit of going with a co-branded card such as this. When you become a general member of the United MileagePlus plan, you earn 5X the regular points for every dollar that you spend on flights that are purchased directly with United Airlines. Premiere Silver members earn 7X per dollar, Premiere Gold members earn 8X, Premiere Platinum earn 9X and when you have a Premiere 1K membership, then you earn 13X the miles for every dollar that you book directly with United. When you use your United Explorer credit card for these purchases you will add an additional 2X on top of your membership for each dollar that you spend booking directly with United Airlines and this can result in a substantial reward.

3. You get priority boarding even if you're not a MileagePlus member

Of course, if you're a Mileage Plus member you're going to be among the first groups to board the flight. Even if you're not enrolled in Mileage Plus, you can still receive a type of priority boarding. United Explorer cardholders and the people traveling in their party will board right after MileagePlus members. This still allows you to get on the flight ahead of the general boarding call. In addition, everyone who is on your reservation will also get the same priority boarding benefit.

4. You get a free checked bag

When you book your flight with the Chase United Explorer credit card, you are entitled to the benefit of one free checked bag. This can save you up to $30 on the first checked bag. This isn't where the benefit ends though. In addition, one traveling companion who is on your reservation can also receive the same benefit for a standard bag check free. You are both entitled to this benefit for both ways on a round trip flight that is aboard a United Airlines flight when the tickets are bought with the United Explorer card and you can save up to $120 on the trip.

5. Receive 2 United Club SM passes once a year

This benefit is also valued at over $100 and you get it every year on the anniversary of the opening of your Chase United Explorer credit card account. The United Club passes are one time per year only, and they allow you and one traveling companion access to complimentary snacks, beverages, workspaces, WiFi and other amenities for free. It's a great way to relax before your flight.

6. Earn 40,000 United Airline miles

Another great benefit of the Chase United Explorer credit card is that you have the potential to earn 40,000 miles with United Airlines. All that you need to do to claim your miles is to spend just $2,000 on purchases using the card within the first three months after your account has opened. This can give you enough mileage points to pay for a one-way flight to Europe via coach class, or a round trip ticket to Hawaii.

7. Just one of the many benefits can pay for the annual fee

The annual fee for the privilege of being a Chase United Explorer credit card holder is $95 per year. The first year is waived through a special introductory offer, but don't let the annual fee put you off. If you're a traveler then just one of the many perks that come with membership can save you as much or more than the cost of the annual fee. For example, one round trip flight can save $120 in free checked baggage and the 2 free passes to the lounge are valued at an additional $100 and these are just two of the benefits that prove this card can actually earn you money to the good in savings.

8. You earn points every time you use the card

The United Explorer credit card is a good way to earn miles on top of all of the bonuses that it has to offer. For every one dollar that you spend with the card to purchase United Airlines tickets, or at hotels or restaurants, you earn two United Airlines miles. For all other purchases that you make, you receive one mile for every one dollar that you spend. It's easy to see that this is a great card for anyone that flies at least once or twice per year.

9. Cardholders receive 25% statement credit

Here is yet one more amazing benefit that you get with the United Explorer credit card. Whenever you use the card to make a purchase of an eligible item aboard a United or United Express operated flight, you start earning statement credits. When you use the card to buy Wi-Fi, beverages or food aboard the flight, you get 25% up to $100 towards paying for a TSA Precheck or Global Entry enrollment fee.

10. Earn double miles that won't expire

When you earn miles with United Airlines using the co-branded United Explorer credit card by Chase, you don't need to worry about using them within a set amount of time. Unlike some credit card programs that give you a narrow window to use the miles that you've earned, you get to keep them until you need them as long as your credit card account remains open.

11. PQD Waiver

Here is more good news if you're a Chase United Explorer card holder. When you spend $25,000 using the card within a calendar year, you get a waiver that will move you up to United Platinum status. This is just one more way that the card rewards you for spending.

12. You get insurance for trip delays

Sometimes the best-made travel plans can go awry despite your best efforts and doing everything right. Delays can happen at any time and if it does and your flight is delayed for at least 12 hours or even overnight, you are covered. You can get reimbursement for any expenses that you incur for meals, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation to get to and from the airport when the delay is not your fault

13. There are no foreign transaction fees

This card is ideal for anyone who is traveling outside of the United States. When you use it to make purchases in foreign countries, there are no fees associated with the transactions. This can result in significant savings because there are many cards which will charge you approximately $15 in foreign travel charges when you spend $500 internationally.

14. There are several ways to use miles earned

When you have miles accrued you can use them to book travel on airlines other than just United. There are other partners within the plan. You can book award travel through Star Alliance and you can also use miles for car rentals, gift cards and merchandise.

15. Primary car rental collision damage insurance is included

When you use your Chase United Explorer to pay for car rentals you can waive the insurance options that they offer you because it's covered through the card. This plan covers you with collision insurance for reimbursement that limits out at the actual cash value of the rental vehicle that you're driving in the event of collision damage or theft for the majority of vehicles rented both within the United States as well as out of the country.

16. Luxury hotel and resort perks

When you reserve your room and pay for it with the Chase United Explorer credit card you get some pretty amazing perks. These include free daily breakfast for two, free daily breakfast for two, late checkout, early check-in when offered by the hotel and many more amenities in a network of participating luxury hotels throughout the world that number more than 900.

17. You also get purchase protection

Another great benefit of shopping with this card is the new purchase protection. You automatically have 120 days worth of coverage on your purchases in the event of theft or damage. The maximum amounts are up to $10,000 per claim for a total of $50,000 per the calendar year. The exclusions for the coverage are computer software, antiques, collectibles, cars, and animals,

18. The card gives you access to concierge services

When you're traveling in areas that you're not familiar with, it's nice to have access to help when you need it. The Chase United Explorer card provides you with the help that you need for making reservations and they also provide recommendations and referrals. All you need to do is to call the telephone number at 1-800-888-8756 and you will receive personalized attention for learning more about hotels, restaurants, events and more.

19. New perks can show up at any time

When you are a cardholder, offers are constantly changing and you never know what they're going to be until you receive the notification. The previous benefits that we discussed are offered on a consistent basis, but there are occasionally special offers made for earning more bonus points on travel and other useful rewards.

20. Gain access to the full benefits of their luxury hotel and resort collection

To go along with the more than 900 luxury hotel amenities there is more that we haven't yet covered. There are even more perks when you use your Chase United Explorer card. you can also get credit for use of the spa for relaxation or for fine dining, and you can also get credits towards greens fees if you're a golfer. These are just a few of the many hotel and resort benefits you can gain just by using your card. you can also receive an upgrade on your room through participating hotels and resorts. These are just a few of the benefits that are associated with the Chase United Explorer credit card. If your lifestyle involves travel, hotel stays, and fine dining then this card may be worth checking out.

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