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How to Change a Debit Card on Cash App

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Cash App is a peer-to-peer online application that allows users to send and receive cash from other users within the scope of their countries. According to Time, the App, which has been in the market since 2013, has experienced exponential growth raking a gross profit of $385 million in 2020, which is an equivalent of a 212% increase. This figure shows the increasing confidence of the users on the App. In the opinion of Business Insider, the two main functions of the Cash App are getting paid and paying people. To accomplish these two functions, you begin by tapping the dollar sign icon beneath the app. The role of the app can be broadly categorized into four functions which include receiving, sending, using, and investing money. What probably gives the App an upper hand compared to other cash transactions Apps is that you are provided with a bank account and a debit card which gives you the freedom to transact on any ATM. The only disadvantage of using the App is that you need to be extra careful to ensure the correct details for the transaction are given because the money is not refunded after the transaction has taken place unless the wrong recipient voluntarily agrees to refund the money. The following are step-by-step guidelines applicable when changing a Debit card or Credit Card on Cash App.

1. Open the Cash App on Your Phone

You can open the Cash App by tapping it on your iPhone or Android phone or by downloading it from platforms such as Google play if you don’t have one on your phone. The downloading process involves accessing the app store provided for your phone and searching for Cash App. After the downloading process is over, you need to install the App. When it comes to the creation of a Cash App account, you need to enter your email or phone number. After this, you will receive a code, which you are expected to send to the email or phone number that you are using. After entering the code, you need to feed details into the card to gain access to your bank. You will be asked to enter your full name. You have to create a unique identifier referred to as $Cashtag and finally the Zip code. It is vital to note that this procedure is only for those without a Cash App account. However, if you have an existing Cash App account linked to your bank through a debit/credit card, you should go directly to the second step of opening the Cash App icon on your phone or even the computer.

2. Access the “My Cash tab”

You will find an icon after opening the cash App on the lower end of the left side which is written Cash Amount. Tap on the icon to access the My Cash Tab on the Cash App. This step is essential as it gives you access to the bank account. The tab is also the gateway upon which you can perform the other functions, including changing the cards.

3. Find the Bank Accounts

The next step is to go to the tab “bank accounts” which when you tap you will get your account summary. One of the items to find under bank accounts is an item indicated as “Debit Card XXX” or “Credit Card XXX”. You can click on either of the two depending on what you want to change. Some of the options you will get include “remove the card” or “replace the card”. These are the cards that provide the link between the Cash App and your bank. The cards will enable you to access banking services at any time.

4. Changing the Cards on Cash App

Note that it is possible to change the debit or credit cards. Click the icon remove which shall remove the card from your account on the Cash App. You can also tap on the replace icon if you want to replace your card. Cards supported by Cash App include Visa, Discover, American Express, and Mastercard. It is ideal to link your bank account with the cards if you feel uncomfortable linking your account directly with the Cash App. In this case, the customer can transfer money to his bank account or add it to his Cash App account indirectly through the cards.

5. Replacing the Cards on Cash App

If you want to replace the card, you should click the option replace followed by filling in information concerning the new card. Fill in the information and tap the Icon “Add Card”. When this process is completed, you will have added the new card to your account on the Cash App. However, according to Really Need Cash, consumers are not allowed to have more than two cards on the Cash App. Therefore, you can only remove the existing one and replace it with the new one as per the described process. This is not a problem though since you can do it personally on your mobile phone, as many times as you need.

Charges for changing Cards on a Cash App

There are no charges for changing the cards on the Cash App. The only charges would occur when printing the card or withdrawing particular amounts from an ATM. However, according to Cash App, you will be charged to redesign your card. The process of redesigning the card involves clicking on the Cash Card tab on your Cash App home screen. After that, click on the cash card, and select the design you prefer for the new Card. This process is a premium service and charges $5.

Advantages of changing Cards on a Cash App

Changing debit or credit cards is beneficial for many reasons, including acting as an added security feature. You can minimize cybercrimes such as hacking of debit or credit cards by changing your cards regularly since it makes it hard for criminals to keep the track of your transactions. The other benefit is that since you can do it instantly. This makes it convenient for those with more than one card to change the cards and continue enjoying Cash App services without a hitch.

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