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Ranking the 10 Best Chase Transfer Partners


Chase Transfer points are one of the perks of using one of the companies' credit cards. According to Forbes, several will give you points to redeem on hotels and airfare, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, and Ink Business Preferred. Others like Chase Freedom and Ink Business Cash give you points but don't offer travel rewards. However, if you have one in each category, the points will transfer from one card to another to use on your next trip. However you choose to use them, Chase credit cards indeed reward their customers. According to Business Insider, they are "some of the most valuable credit card rewards you can earn. Points on your card can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio and will usually be instantaneous, which works well if you're trying to snag a last-minute deal. However, you will find points vary depending on where you travel and the time of year, so it's best to do a little homework before deciding where to use your points. Here is some helpful information on the 10 best Chase Transfer partners.

10. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

This airline partners with many significant carriers, including Hawaiian Airlines. So, if you want to have fun in the sun, this is a great pick. Additionally, they also have flights to the United Kingdom, a great place for authentic fish and chips. One downfall is that the airline adds high taxes and miscellaneous fees to their flights so that you won't get as great a value on your flights.

9. Air Canada Aeroplan

This airline isn't only for people who want to visit or live in Canada. Air Canada Aeroplan also partners with nearly fifty other airlines, including Lufthansa and Etihad. There are also options to redeem Chase Reward Points for international flights. The company offers flights to over a thousand locations. When you use your points with Air Canda, you won't find seat restrictions or other limitations on how you can use your points.

8. IHG

One of the best ways to get more value for the points you acquire with your Chase card is to transfer the points into your IHG account. Additionally, there are numerous hotels you can choose from, including Regent, Holiday Inn, Candlewood, and Crowne Plaza. Currently, the company is working towards partnering with Six Sense, a luxury brand for people who want to enjoy a vacation in style and comfort. According to Upgraded Points, there is no longer a points chart, so you will need to factor in several things, including peak or offseason and the current room rate.

7. Aer Lingus AerClub

Ireland is a dream vacation for many, so it's nice to know everyday purchases can put you closer to your destination. When using your Chase Transfer points, you can get a better value if you travel in the off-peak part of the year. Addtioannaly, you may get a better deal if you travel from a city that's not considered an expensive zone like Los Angeles, Miami, or Orlando. It's a long flight, so remember you can also upgrade to business class with a few extra reward points.

6. United Mileage Plus

When using your Chase points for flights on this carrier, it's best to check their website since they typically run promotions to various cities. United is also part of Star Alliance which has 25 destinations so travelers can travel anywhere in the world. Moreover, you may find an unexpected city with fun for the whole family at incredible prices because United wants to ensure the people fill the seats on their flights.

5. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Singapore Airlines is known for its impeccable service and many luxury options not offered on other carriers, including suites that help you sleep during long flights. These include 32-inch HD flatscreens. Although there are no showers, Singapore Airlines provides a line of luxury products to keep you feeling fresh.

4. British Airways Executive Club

This is an excellent choice if you need a nonstop flight on an airline owned by Oneworld, including Japan Airlines. If you're flying domestic, you'll see substantial mileage savings over larger competitors like American Airlines. Another great thing about British Airways is that they award Tier Point each time you fly, which counts towards mileage on future flights. However, these reset each year. Nonetheless, that may be a great invention to travel more.

3. Jet Blue TrueBlue

Unlike some of the other companies on this list, Jet Blue keeps its point values reasonably consistent. It means that whatever time of year you redeem your points, you are most likely to see a constant rate. However, you also won't find some of the deals and perks other companies offer when using your Chase Transfer Points. If you want to increase your point value, you can redeem them through the Chase Travel Portal, giving you more points for future flights.

2. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Some of Chase's redemption options require some research on peak seasons and types of rooms. However, Southwest simplifies the process. According to Business Insider, if you want to use your points for a flight, you'll need to look at off-peak dates and zones. Moreover, Southwest has the values listed, so you are likely to find great rates for redeeming your points.

1. Hyatt

There are many advantages to using Chase Transfer points with Hyatt. First, if you use your points at one of the hotels or resorts, you'll never pay a destination fee. Moreover, you can use your points for standard and luxury rooms. According to The Points Guy, there are hundreds of different locations you can choose from, including Hyatt Grand Cypress Orlando and Grand Hyatt Washington D.C. You will also find a large number of options if you are traveling internationally.

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