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The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Utah


Some people might say that Utah has the best location in the US. It’s easy to see why when you’ve got Nevada to the west, Arizona to the south, and Colorado to the east. But Utah is truly its own unique place, and living here is great simply because it’s Utah—it’s the land of gorgeous mountains and incredible lake views. It’s no wonder why many people decide to call Utah home each year. Thankfully, the Beehive State has many affordable options when it comes to housing. If it has ever crossed your mind to relocate to Utah, here are the 10 cheapest places you can call home in Utah.

10. South Ogden

Sitting on a flat plain on the northern part of Utah, South Ogden gives stunning views of the state’s northwest mountain ranges—including that of Mount Ogden. The area is simply charming, and living here can’t get any better if you happen to be a fan of the outdoors. South Ogden gives plenty of amenities and activities for a cheap price. In fact, the cost of living here is 8% lower than the Utah average.

9. Harrisville

With only a population of about 6,600 residents within a 2.70 square mile area, the city of Harrisville is quite small. The sparse feel of the suburb is actually what’s attractive to many of the residents here. The cost of living here is lower than the national average, and housing costs are even lower. In fact, the median rent rate in Harrisville is only about $870—something that’s really not always easy to find so close to the mountains.

8. Farr West

Farr West is rural Utah, so there might not be a lot of amenities in the area. However with a location like Farr West’s, the backdrop is really the recreation area. There are also other advantages to living in a rural community. Aside from the peace and quiet, you can enjoy lower costs of living and lower housing costs. Farr West is a healthy, active community that’s definitely worth looking into.

7. Nephi

Whether you like fishing, hiking, or biking doesn’t matter in this part of Utah. Here in Nephi, you’ll have access to all those activities and so much more. But Nephi is more than just its attractions. Nephi is an ideal home location because it’s also incredibly affordable. The city only has about 6,100 residents, and it has a suburban feel. Nephi is right at the heart of Utah and is close enough to other major cities including Salt Lake City.

6. Roy

Roy is a mid-sized city that’s known to those in transit around Utah. With a population of about 39,000 residents, Roy also has all the amenities you could ever want in your city. Aside from that, you’ll also get access to various nature attractions and even a one-of-a-kind air force base museum. It’s a wonderful place to call home, especially since the cost of living here is lower compared to some of the other bigger Utah cities.

5. Roosevelt

As a small town, Roosevelt gives its residents the best of both worlds. You can get the rural feel here with the suburban amenities—an excellent combination that’s not always easy to find in a certain price range. Fortunately, the cost of living in Roosevelt is 7% lower than the state average. This is incredible, but price isn’t always everything. In Roosevelt, you get that cost of living for a beautiful location.

4. Nibley

If you have a family to house and need a lot of park and recreational amenities to keep the little ones entertained, Nibley’s got you covered. This small town in Cache County is probably one of the best places in Utah for families. The schools here are great, and crime ratings here are low as well. Nibley’s rural appeal is also really affordable. If you’re looking for a fresh start somewhere new, Nibley would be a great place for a new home.

3. Sunset

The cost of living in Sunset, Utah is 10% lower than the national average. If that’s not enough to make you move, then maybe this fact will. As a small city with only about 5,000 residents, you’ll enjoy your privacy and your quiet here at Sunset. You should also know that there’s a reason why this city in named as such. The sunsets here are just phenomenal. It’s something you can imagine to have on a daily basis if you lived here.

2. Price

Housing in Price, Utah is one of the lowest in the state. It’s what’s greatly contributing to the fact that the cost of living here is about 15% lower than the rest of Utah. That’s an incredible difference, especially for those looking to live in an area with a solid history. Price, Utah has been settled since 1879, and it’s also been home to some notable names in history. Price is a small mining community that boasts of astonishing diversity. It’s an unusual thing for Utah and a great thing for Price.

1. Hyrum

If costs drive a lot of your housing decisions, Hyrum, Utah is a place you should definitely consider. Hyrum is another rural Utah community, and it has a population of about 7,800 residents. Hyrum is an excellent location for families, but it’s also a good starting point for young professionals looking for an affordable place to establish themselves. Hylum is only a short distance away from more popular cities such as Salt Lake City and Ogden. Therefore, many people call Hyrum home and drive out to work and play in other areas close by. You essentially get the best of both worlds--access to the best amenities, quiet, affordable living, and a location close to both Wyoming and Idaho too.

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