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Is it Worth Splurging on Cruise Drink Packages?

Cruise Drinks

If you are a regular cruiser, you know how wonderful it is to enjoy great meals while drinking wine and beer. So when preparing for a cruise, you need to purchase a beverage package to allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks with ease. At times it is usually difficult to decide on what to buy while on board, especially for newbies. This is mainly because one does not know the price of everything or does not know how much they will be drinking while on board. But the main question remains; are cruise drink packages worth the money? Well, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer because making a decision among the various drink packages can be daunting. Moreover, these drink packages are very pricey, especially when you have already paid for the cruise. Here, we will discuss more Cruise Drink Packages and help you determine if they are really worth it.

What Is a Cruise Drink Package?

When it comes to beverages on a cruise, some of their prices are not included in your fare. However, most cruise lines offer free coffee, hot chocolate, milk, water, tea, and other basic juices. If you would prefer a little more drink varieties, you can opt to buy the basic beverage packages that entail most of your favorite soft drinks for a fairly affordable price. If you plan on spending more, you can purchase the premium cruise line drink packages that include alcohol.

How Much Is a Cruise Drink Package?

Although some luxury cruise lines incorporate the price of drinks in their fare price, most of them do not. That said, the money you will pay for your drink package will largely depend on the cruise line and package you choose. According to Savoredjourneys, below are some of your cruise drink package options on five of the best cruise lines:

1. Royal Caribbean

They provide:

  • Deluxe Beverage Package. This is the most expensive drink package in the Royal Caribbean, where you will have unlimited access to any drink offered on the ship. You will also be given a 40 percent discount on wine bottles that cost more than $100. This package is priced at $69-83 per day.
  • Refreshment Package. This is the ideal beverage package if you plan on not taking any alcoholic beverages while on your cruise. This package entails all drinks offered in the soda package and non-alcoholic cocktails. It is priced at $29-38 per day.
  • Classic Soda Package. This package includes fountain drinks and refills provided at any venue on the ship. This also entails drinks in a Coca-Cola souvenir cup and from the Coca-Cola freestyle machine. It is priced at $12.99-15.00 per day.

2. Disney

Disney Cruises offer:

  • Beer Package. This package entails imported beer options such as Heineken, Guinness, or Pub Ale. Domestic beer options include; Michelob Ultra, Bud Light Lime, and Miller Light. The Disney beer package is priced at $30 per six-pack beer.
  • Classic Wine Package. This package includes some standard bottles of white and red wines. It is priced at $95 for three bottles and $199 for seven.
  • Premium Wine Package. This package entails premium wine bottles priced at $145 for three bottles and $309 for seven bottles.

3. Carnival

The Carnival cruises offer:

  • Cheers! This package includes soft drinks, spirits, cocktails, wine, and beer. It also entails energy drinks, hot tea, bottled water, frozen cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. This package is priced at $59.95 per adult over 21 years.
  • Bottomless Bubbles. This package includes unlimited soft drinks priced at $6.95 per day for children and $9.50 per day for adults.

4. Norwegian

The Norwegian cruise line offers:

  • Corks and Caps. This package entails soft drinks and a variety of wines and beers. It is charged at $6.50 per day.
  • Soda Package. This package includes a wide array of Pepsi products such as Mountain Dew, club soda, etc. It is priced at $7.95 per day.
  • Premium Beverage Package. This package contains soft drinks, cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine. This package is priced at $65.00 per day.
  • Premium Plus Beverage Package: This package entails all the selected beverages offered by the cruise line. It is priced at $128 per day.

5. MSC Cruises

There are various options for drink packages on MSC Cruises, such as:

  • Easy Plus Package. This package includes a wide variety of wines, specialty coffees, canned soft drinks, energy drinks, and cocktails. It is priced at $49 per day.
  • Easy Package. This package entails alcohol-free cocktails, energy drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, bottled water, and well-blended cocktails. It is priced at $38 per day.
  • Minors Package. This package is for people under 21 and includes energy drinks, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and sodas. It is priced at $17 per day.

Are Cruise Drink Packages Worth the Price?

According to Cruisecritic, if you spend more money purchasing individual drinking than the cost of the available cruise drink packages, then the drink packages are certainly worth it. If the cruise drink packages are more expensive than the price of individual drinks, you should opt to buy individual drinks instead. Most cruise lines do not restrict their customers from bringing their water and soft drinks on board. However, this policy varies on the cruise line you choose, as some do not allow drinks from outside. Cruise line drink packages usually come with a catch, where drinks must be priced at about $9-15 each. Generally, cruise drink packages can be worth it, but you are advised to do some calculations to help you determine the most suitable option. Cruise lines usually stock a wide array of beverage options, from well to top-shelf liquors. Although you might have to spend a few hundred dollars to get a sip of some of the high-end drinks available, cruise drink packages offer you the luxury of being able to order your favorite drinks at most of the restaurants and bars available without worrying about your final bill.

Final Words

According to Openjaw, most of the drinks offered on cruise lines are usually very expensive, from $10 beers to $19 cocktails. Drinking your favorite beverages on a cruise can quickly increase your onboard bill to hundreds of dollars. That said, it is often advisable to first do the match and determine which drinking option is the most suitable one for you and your budget.

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