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How Daryl Hannah Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is an American actress. Her name doesn't come up much in current entertainment news. However, Hannah's acting career covers four decades and counting. The proof of her success is her estimated net worth of $20 million, as stated by Celebrity Net Worth. It seems safe to say that Hannah earned most of her money through her involvement with the entertainment industry in one way or another.

What Is Daryl Hannah's Background?

Hannah was born to Susan Jeanne Metzger and Donald Christian Hannah. Her mother was a schoolteacher turned producer. Meanwhile, her father was the owner of a boat company. Hannah's parents divorced when she was still a child. Subsequently, her mother remarried Jerrold Wexler. Said individual was notable in his own right. The Chicago Tribune states that Wexler owned a real estate empire. On top of that, he was once part of the ownership of the Denver Nuggets. In any case, Hannah grew up with her brother Don Hannah, her sister Page Hannah, and her half-sister Tanya Wexler in Long Grove, IL. The last is famous for its historical buildings, strict building ordinances, and million-dollar residences.

The New York Times says that Hannah struggled with insomnia at a young age. She might not have become an actress if it wasn't for that. As the story goes, she discovered her interest in acting by watching movie after movie late into the night when she was still a child. Besides insomnia, Hannah also struggled with a case of shyness so bad that she was diagnosed with autism. Supposedly, the professionals wanted to institutionalize her. Fortunately, her mother decided on a short-term move to Jamaica instead to see whether a change of environment would help.

Unsurprisingly, Hannah started studying acting when she was still in school. Other than that, she was also very physically active as a child. Hannah did ballet, an art form notorious for the exacting demands placed upon its practitioners. For proof, look no further than the fact that a professional ballerina's career tends to last 10 to 15 years, which is similar to the length of a professional athlete's career. In addition to ballet, Hannah also played soccer.

How Did Daryl Hannah Get Started As an Actress?

In 1978, Hannah had her first role in the supernatural thriller The Fury. For those curious, the movie told the story of an ex-CIA agent seeking to save his son from a secret governmental project weaponizing psychic children. He is unsuccessful. Even so, he and his son manage to get their revenge because it turns out that mistreating people with weapons-grade psychic powers is a terrible idea. Hannah's role in the movie was minor. Still, it was her first role, secured before she had even finished her acting training.

After this, Hannah played a succession of roles in a succession of projects. Most of these weren't very famous. For example, most people wouldn't care about the western movie Hard Country. Similarly, most people wouldn't care about the TV movie Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman. Some might care about the surprisingly influential original. However, this was the less well-known remake made for the TV screen.

With that said, Hannah did appear in some more notable projects. To name an example, she was Pris Stratton in the original Blade Runner. As such, her character wasn't one of the ones that the movie revolved around, but her character still mattered enough to do things and be remembered for doing things. Likewise, Hannah played the mermaid Madison in Splash, which was notable for several reasons. For starters, that was the first movie released under Touchstone Pictures, a film label meant for Disney movies too mature to be released as Disney movies without diluting or damaging the brand. Furthermore, Hannah managed quite a coup by being the female lead of a successful movie. Splash did quite well by earning $69.8 million at the box office on an $11 million production budget. Better still, Hannah specifically received praise for her performance alongside Tom Hanks.

What Has Daryl Hannah's Later Career Been Like?

Sadly, Hannah's career in more recent years seems to be lower-profile. Her most famous role since the turn of the millennium would be Elle Driver in the two Kill Bill movies. Even then, those came out in the early 2000s. It is possible that this was the result of hostile interference. She was one of the women sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, as reported by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker. In Hannah's case, she once fled her hotel room via the fire escape while filming Kill Bill because said individual was breaking in. Under those circumstances, her difficulties in finding new roles after rejecting Weinstein's advances don't seem like a coincidence.

Regardless, Hannah has been consistently working. Her roles haven't been very high-profile. Still, work is work, meaning she has been making money steadily over time. Most recently, Hannah played Maxine Poole on the comedy show The Now, which ran for one season on the Roku Channel because Quibi started shutting down after just six months of operations.

How Did Daryl Hannah Make Her Money?

It seems safe to say that Hannah's earnings have come from her acting in one way or another. She has consistently worked as an actress for four decades and counting. Most of Hannah's roles aren't well-known. The sheer number of them has nonetheless added up over time. It is interesting to note that Hannah has worked in the entertainment industry in other ways, though they are unlikely to have contributed much to her net worth. She has done some work as a writer and a producer. Similarly, she has performed on the theatre stage. As such, Hannah's earnings presumably came from her acting jobs for the most part.

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