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A Closer Look at The Drako Dragon EV SUV

When taking a closer look at the Drako Dragon EV SUV, it is half the price tag of the Drako GTE trim at $1.25 million USD that speedily took the world by storm at the 2019 edition of Monterey Car Week. It did so with a Fisker Karma platform that was exclusively designed by Lowie Vermeersch of Pininfarina fame by using the Drako Drive OS vehicle management system technology. Built with optimal performance in mind as an electric vehicle (EV), the idea was to focus on the passion of driving one of the most advanced sports cars to date without further compromising the delicate condition of the world's ecosystem. The development team of Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand used their Silicon Valley-based expertise to bring their enthusiasm for awesome cars to life. There were only twenty-five of the Drako GTE units made. As for the Drako Dragon EV SUV, the numbers have so far been uncertain. According to Motortrend, these EV SUV units are a five-seater equivalent to its GTE cousin that seems to be built on steroids.

About Drako's Dragon

The impressive ground clearance of the Drako Dragon EV SUV offers a broad aerodynamic design with its curvy gullwing design. The world-class designed passenger cabin can hold five people in comfort and luxury. Just like the GTE, the Drako Drive Operating System uses a powertrain that allows the individual control of each wheel's positive and negative torque through its in-house-built battery system. At a two thousand horsepower output, the Dragon goes from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds. At top speed, it can surpass the two hundred miles an hour mark. Its triple-stage suspension system serves as a balancer for a smoother ride on the road and trails as an SUV that has also proven its might as an off-roader. Because of the luxury and performance in mind for the Dragon, it has a close price tag associated with the likes of Aston Martin's DBX and Bentley's Bentayga. According to the information shared by sites like Motor Authority, it is suspected the Dragon will be at the $200,000 USD price mark. Although built as an SUV, it shares the same similarities as a supercar by design. The flying buttresses and gullwing doors give off that impression, as intended by the Italian design team that's not only responsible for its aesthetics but for its mechanical structure as well. Assuming the information provided by Car and Driver about the Dragon is accurate, the interior of these EV SUV units will follow the pattern of Europe's finest leatherworks and carbon fiber construction. At the same time, it follows the mechanical expertise of America's best engineering talent.

About Drako

Founded and headquartered out of San Jose, California, Drako Motors was first established in 2013 by Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand. When the two first got into the game of manufacturing automobiles, they already knew they had much to prove in one of the most competitive markets. In August 2015, the duo introduced its DriveOS four-wheel torque vectoring, single-VCU drive operating system. Although they knew they couldn't compete with Elon Musk's Tesla, they were confident enough to at least go toe-to-toe with the likes of Bentley, Lamborghini, and even Mercedes-Benz. In 2019, Drako Motors introduced the Drako GTE as an all-electric unit with its quad motor and four-door sedan-style design. This four-seater luxury vehicle had only twenty-five units made that started at the base price of $1.25 million USD. The GTEs were able to reach 206 miles per hour, along with the ability to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than three seconds. Riding on the success of the GTEs now comes the Drako Dragon, which was first introduced in 2021. With a number of technological upgrades, the Dragon has so far been regarded as a beefier counterpart to the GTE.

Prior to the founding of Drako Motors, Dean Drako founded and ran Barracuda Networks from 2003 until 2012. He resigned from that company in order to set up Eagle Eye Networks, serving as its president and chief executive officer. By 2013, Drako Motors became his latest corporate baby. In 2015, he acquisitioned Brivo and has since become chairman. Drako, a graduate with degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and UC Berkeley, has become a prominent figure in the technology industry. As of 2020, he holds at least fifty-three patents that include biochemical assays, digital circuits, digital image processing, electric automobiles, network security, video analytics, video storage, and video streaming. Of the companies he's either founded or acquired, they all work together in a network that's been productive and profitable without fail.

Drako Dragon Schematics

The engineering technology that makes up the Drako Dragon EV SUV comes from California's Silicon Valley. The design and craftsmanship are done in Italy. What the Dragon does is take electrical hypercars to the next level in luxury and performance while at the same time being as environmentally responsible about it as possible. The idea is to set the bar in the EV automotive industry by using the best American engineering and European design teams in order to bring the futuristic experience to the here and now. The Dragon's structure is mostly made from carbon fiber while its sleek appearance comes from the creative talent of Drako's chief designer, Lowie Vermeersch, and the Italian GranStudio team. In just nine seconds, the Dragon can run a quarter-mile. Contributing to this SUV's performance level the trademarked DriveOS quad motor powertrain, the in-house built battery system, and the nanosecond precise control of the DriveOS architecture. When combined, these offer the ultimate handling experience with optimal performance as a next-generation breed of technology and luxury features. The idea is to make the Dragon feel more like a spaceship rather than a car. So far, Drako's team has yet to reveal more information about the EV SUV other than they're supposed to become available on the market before the year 2022 is over. On the company website, the information is limited at the moment but it does offer an opportunity to sign up

Dean Drako, along with Shiv Sikand, explained the reason behind Drako Motors was to introduce a new driving dynamic paradigm. Doing so strives to eliminate the dangers of the road and off-road conditions while at the same time creating a superior driving experience. This is done through an all-wheel-drive solution that features three differentials. Those are located in the front, rear, and center as a means to split the power evenly throughout. In order to eliminate oversteering and understeering issues, the two men realized they needed to deliver a positive and negative torque to each of the vehicle's four wheels. This is accomplished through sophisticated software algorithms that cater to both the engine and mechanicals of each vehicle. The new torque command delivered by the Drako DriveOS is done one hundred times per second. Doing so gives it an unrivaled turning capacity with an incredible focus on safety on every driving surface.

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