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Eon Scooter: The Most Powerful Electric Scooter


Commuting to work can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Taking public transportation often means either standing or sitting in crowded buses. Driving provides more personal space, but comes with the added frustrations of traffic and parking.

One means of transportation that has seen a sharp rise in popularity is the electric scooter. It is a great way to get fresh air and exercise while avoiding the troubles of the car or bus. As well, electric scooters are by far more environmentally friendly. They are excellent not only for commuting, but for traveling around urban areas in general.

There are a wide variety of electric scooters on the market today. Unfortunately, many have some drawbacks. Some can be slow, have limited range, or experience difficulty riding uphill. Depending on the route that a person plans on taking, many scooters on the market are not feasible options.

Eon Scooter envisioned a world where the benefits of riding electric scooters can be realized without these drawbacks. Based in San Francisco, the company produces scooters that are comfortable, safe, have great range, and can easily tackle uphill riding.

The Company

Eon Scooter was founded in 2015. It is not simply driven to manufacture and sell scooters, but by the desire to provide an alternative means of transportation that is fun, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Eon Scooter produces units that are thoroughly tested on the hills of San Francisco. They have taken note of other models in the past and attempt to build on the strengths while addressing the weaknesses. As well, the scooters are shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer. There are no middlemen to navigate.


Eon Scooters’ founder and CEO is Dave Greenberg. He was born and raised in San Francisco, which gave him a great deal of experience with steep and winding hills. As well, he has lived in Taiwan and China while working on custom drones, consulting, and manufacturing.

He put his considerable experience in producing high-end technology to use when he decided to form Eon Scooters. He spent 2 years doing research before he founded the company in 2015.


The initial idea for the Eon Scooter was conceived in January of 2015. The rest of the year was spent performing research and gathering a team of qualified engineers and staff. This led to the creation of the scooter prototype in January, 2016.

In the spring, the scooter underwent more testing. The torque required to travel uphill was added, as well as many other additional accessories. In June, the handlebars and seat were improved to provide greater comfort and portability. The fundraising campaign began in October, which will enable Eon to deliver the scooters by March of 2017.

Unsurprisingly, the concept of an electric scooter that has better range, power, and comfort has appealed to many people. Despite setting a goal of only $50 000 for fundraising, the Eon Scooter has already raised over $155 000, three times its goal. Over 500 backers have supported this project.

The Scooter

The Eon Scooter is designed to offer all the benefits of electric scooters in a variety of designs. There are 3 main variations to suit differing needs: Mini, Standard, and Pro. In general, the scooters are defined by their portable design, with handlebars that can be lowered and tucked in to make for easy storage.

The scooters are also designed to optimize performance. Their rear wheel drive and pneumatic tires offer exceptional power, handling, and traction.


There are 3 types of Eon Scooters available for purchase: Mini, Standard, and Pro.

The Mini version is a compact and light scooter that is perfect for quick trips. It is easily stored and comes with a convenient shoulder strap. For anyone looking to buy a quality electric scooter for a low price that will be used for shorter routes, this is the ideal scooter.

The Standard version is an excellent scooter for a normal commute or moderate trips. It comes with a trolley handle so it can be rolled like a suitcase. As well, it features 8-inch pneumatic wheels for greater traction. It strikes a balance between the portability of the Mini and the capability of the Pro.

The Pro version is the most powerful, versatile, and durable option. Its aluminum wheel hub and 8-inch wheels are excellent for any terrain. As well, it comes with a unique folding seat which allows the rider to choose between sitting and standing. The Pro unit can also easily handle hills of up to 30% incline. For serious riders, the Pro is the ideal scooter.

Safety and Convenience

There are several features included in these scooters to make them safer and more user friendly. For instance, they come equipped with a Dual Start system. To start the scooter, the key must turn to the “On” position. Then, the waterproof on/off switch can be pressed to turn the scooter on. This provides an added element of security, while the lack of a kick start is very convenient.

As well, the scooters feature a built-in cruise control. After 8 consecutive seconds at the same speed, the cruise control automatically kicks in. This feature can easily be turned off by hitting the brake or throttle, or disabled entirely.

Further, speed can be controlled through the speed switch, which offers high, medium, and low settings. Despite the setting, the torque used to tackle hills will remain in full force.

Accessory Pack

In addition to the versatile options and built-in features, Eon Scooters also have an available Accessory Pack. This includes many convenient add-ons for the scooters, such as LED headlights and waterproof LCD display screens (which can be used to monitor speed, battery life, and watt output). Perhaps best of all, the Accessory Pack comes with a fast charger, which cuts 2 hours off the charging time.


Electric scooters depend on quality batteries to perform well and have long range. The Eon Scooters excel in this area, using Panasonic 18650 Lithium cells. These batteries provide up to a 25-mile range on a single charge.

The batteries can be plugged into normal outlets to charge, and automatically turn off when full. A full charge takes only 4 hours with the normal kit, but can be trimmed down to 2 hours with the Accessory Pack.

Naturally, the rider can also kick to enjoy the exercise of using a scooter or if the battery dies.


These scooters offer high-end value. The discounts for early buyers are impressive. The Pro scooter can be had for only $399 on Indiegogo, while it will retail at $1099. The Standard scooter is selling for $349 for early buyers and will retail for $999. The Mini scooter is discounted down to only $299 from its retail price of $799.


  • Small: 24V 8AH
  • Standard: 36V 9AH
  • Pro: 48V 12AH
  • Charge Time: 4 hours


  • Small: 15 miles per hour
  • Standard: 20 miles per hour
  • Pro: 25 miles per hour


  • Small: 18 miles
  • Standard: 20 miles
  • Pro: 25 miles


  • Small: 32"x15"x9" (folded), 34"x15"x42" (unfolded), 15lbs
  • Standard: 38"x7"x12" (folded), 40"x42"x48" (unfolded), 28lbs
  • Pro: 38"x10"x15" (folded), 40"x42"x48" (unfolded), 29lbs


Electric scooters are a viable means of alternative transportation. They offer fresh air, exercise, freedom, and mobility. The Eon Scooter offers all of these benefits while adding user friendly features. Eon Scooters stand out from the competition with long range batteries, impressive hill-climbing torque, and portable design. Anyone looking for an environmentally friendly and fun way to get around their city will love the Eon Scooter.

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