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The Everlast Notebook by Rocketbook


Nearly everyone uses a notebook at some point, whether creating spreadsheets for work, taking notes for class, or simply sketching for fun. While many people use laptops and tablets for note-taking, some prefer pen and paper. The advantages of typing are obviously speed and the ability to conveniently save documents, while its drawbacks include a lack of versatility and freedom. Therefore, many people prefer to allow their thoughts to more easily flow by using a paper notebook.

The issue with using a conventional notebook, however, is limited space. When the pages of the book are full, a new one must be purchased. Not only can this be extremely expensive, especially for students, but it can also make it difficult to find past notes. With these difficulties in mind, Rocketbook has created a unique notebook that feels just like paper while being endlessly reusable.

The Everlast Notebook is a smart notebook that combines all of the best features of a paper notebook with the convenience of today’s technology. It is the perfect notebook for students, artists, and anyone who takes notes regularly.


The company behind the Everlast Notebook is Rocketbook. This innovative technology company is based out of Boston, and seeks to resolve the main issues with paper notebooks. It is composed of a small group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about improving the everyday experience of customers.

The Team

  • Joe Lemay is Rocketbook’s CEO and co-founder.
  • Jake Epstein is Rocketbook’s co-founder.
  • Mark Mettler is Rocketbook’s GM of Retail.
  • Cuyler Bryant is Rocketbook’s Director of Operations
  • Chip Selley is tasked with business development for the company.
  • Jackie LeBlanc handles customer service for Rocketbook.
  • Rafael Bastos works on the software engineering of Rocketbook products.
  • Rui Varela also works as a software engineer for the company.
  • Joao Fontinhas is another software engineer for Rocketbook.
  • Carlos Saraiva is the final software engineer for the company.
  • Josh Epstein provides invaluable advice as the company’s advisor.


The Everlast Notebook has received an enormous amount of support from backers online. Its Kickstarter campaign has already far surpassed its goal of $26,000. It has raised over $190,000 thus far, with over a month remaining in the campaign. Over 3000 backers have supported the project.

Clearly, an endlessly reusable notebook that has all the freedom and versatility of a paper notebook is an attractive product.

The Everlast Notebook

The Everlast Notebook is a smart notebook that refuses to compromise. It provides the user with the same feel and function of a paper notebook but adds in the convenient features of today’s cloud technology. It is the ideal notebook for anyone who wants to have freedom while writing or drawing but still be able to save notes and reuse pages. It is a notebook that will save customers a great deal of money, space, and time.


The highlight of this notebook is the fact that it can be endlessly reused. It is designed to be compatible with the ink of Pilot Frixion pens. After taking down a note or drawing a sketch, the ink will dry in under 15 seconds. This means that pages can be turned and the ink can be touched without any smudging. The notes can even be scrubbed with a dry paper towel without coming off. However, with a wet paper towel, the ink will easily come off the page. This means that the notebook can be reused as many times as desired.

Paper Feel

What separates this notebook from all others is its unique material. While the thought of washing ink off a page naturally makes one think of a whiteboard, this notebook feels more like paper. It is designed with a synthetic polyester that feels just like a normal notebook. The pages of the Everlast notebook do not look or feel glossy.

The Rocketbook App

While the design of this notebook is incredible and innovative, another feature that makes this notebook perhaps the most convenient on the market is its compatibility with the Rocketbook app.

This app, which is free to download, allows the user to easily capture images of the notes and convert them into files on a smartphone. The app does this on its own, using innovative image-capture technology. Not only does it accurately capture the notes, it will organize them according to the page number. This means that even if the pictures are taken out of order, the app will automatically have the notes properly organized.


While the app is useful to easily capture, store, and organize notes, its connectivity to popular programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote (among others) means that the Everlast Notebook provides all the convenience of taking notes on a laptop or tablet.

The destination for a particular page in the notebook can be chosen by marking one or more of the seven icons at the bottom of each page. These icons can be paired to various programs, to which the app will automatically send the document.

In addition, the app automatically enhances the notes that the user captures with their smartphone. This means that the words and drawings on the pages of the Everlast Notebook will actually be clearer in the app than in real life.


Despite the incredible convenience and innovative technology of the Everlast Notebook, it is also extremely affordable. While the discounted prices on Kickstarter will not last forever, early buyers can have an Everlast Notebook and black Pilot Frixion pen for only $34. When one considers the endless notes that can be taken with the notebook, this price is remarkably low.


The Everlast Notebook will be available in two sizes. The larger size is the standard Letter Size, at 8.5 x 11 inches. The smaller is the Executive Size, which is 6 x 8 inches. The Letter Size book will have 32 pages while the Executive Size will have 36.


While laptops and tablets have improved the speed and convenience of note-taking, they have done so at the price of freedom and versatility. With the Everlast Notebook, however, all the benefits of smart technology can be had while enjoying the feel of taking notes on paper. It is a revolutionary notebook that allows notes to remain on a page until they are wiped away with water. With endless reuse and a low price, the Everlast Notebook is the ideal product for students, artists, and any other person who regularly takes notes.

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