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Five of the Most Amazing Mountain Hotels in the World

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Some of the greatest views and holidays are said to come from visits to the mountains. Yet the idea of visiting such a place may be worrisome, since you may be wondering where you are supposed to stay, or how you will be able to get to other areas you want to visit while on your travels. However, more and more luxury hotels are setting up around and on top of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, offering so much more than what a nature park resort next to a mountain would be able to offer.

Not just that, but many of these five star hotels are becoming highly reputable as some of the best hotels in the world, and are certainly unique in their approach to offering a highly rewarding customer experience. If you want to go to a five star hotel that offers beautiful views, and offers you a wonderful relaxing stay, then check out five of the most amazing mountain hotels in the world below:

El lodge


Situated in Sierra Nevada in Spain, El Lodge offers a luxurious hotel and spa experience and a chance to be surrounded by the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada. From doubles rooms to imperial suites, this hotel has rooms to fit anyone's needs. Each room comes with its own mini bar, free WI-FI, espresso machine and even a safe box to keep all your belongings safe. As well as its own fully equipped gym and spa centre, El Lodge also has its own outdoor pool and sun deck, where you can relax in luxurious hot water while enjoying the gorgeous mountain views.

You'll be spoiled for choice, with the four restaurants El Lodge has on site. From enjoying some lunch close to the mountains at The Sun Deck to playing some snooker in the evening at The Lounge, this hotel has something for everyone. This includes the opportunity for you to receive skiing and snowboarding lessons from the hotel itself. Such lessons are held throughout most of the day, and would be perfect for families or couples who plan on traveling to this hotel together.

Starting price - $328- $562 a night

The Omnia

The Omnia

One of the finest five star hotels Switzerland has to offer, The Omnia hotel is situated around the stunning Matterhorn mountain and makes for an amazing traveling experience. The hotel is unique in that they do not have numbers for their rooms, boasting that each room is unique from one another. Whether you opt for a queen size or a double deluxe, each room comes with its own mini bar, wireless internet, skin products and a balcony, so every morning you can wake up to the mountains above you.

The hotel is also fully equipped with its own Flower Steam room, Turkish baths and Finnish sauna, with customized yoga lessons also available at their in house wellness center. As well as 24 hour room service available on request, The Omnia also has four restaurants and bars, with their very own snack and a la carte menus.

Starting price - $330- $896 a night

Hotel Mont-Blanc

Hotel Mont-Blanc Chamonix

With a business spanning over one hundred years, Hotel Mont-Blanc is one of the most prestigious five star hotels in the French Alps. All rooms are inspired by the beautiful scenic surroundings of the Alps, and all come with free Wi-Fi, slippers, cable TV, and if you opt for a suite, your own private sauna. The hotel has its own spa treatment center, that allows you to enjoy a state of the art fitness center and outdoor swimming pool, while still being able to get up close and personal with the scenic views that the mountains have to offer.

The in house restaurant, Le Matafan, offers traditional French cuisine, with the options of Al La Carte, and even has a specialist cheese menu to choose from. If you fancy yourself to be an avid ski player, then this hotel is perfect for you because the hotel is situated only a few minutes from the ski lifts at Brevent, and even offer a shuttle service which can take you right up to any ski slope you'd like to visit in the area.

Starting price- $269- $649 a night

Kasbah du Toubkal

Kasbah du Toubkal

Set at the very top of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Kasbah Du Toubkal is an eco-friendly luxury hotel that is inspired by nature around it. All rooms available accommodate at least two people, and you can expect to receive amenities in your room such as board games, books, a radio and even 24 hour room service. Using fresh ingredients and traditional Moroccan cooking methods, you can expect a peaceful low key evening at their Kasbah restaurant, set on the a stunning terrace which enables you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the mountains.

The hotel also offers specialist trip packages, including a five day holiday package which will allow you to get a tour of the Atlas Mountains, as well as a visit to the surrounding valleys and nature parks that are near the hotel. It's useful to bear in mind that Kasbah Du Toubkal is not licensed to sell alcohol, so it is advised that you bring your own if you intend on visiting the hotel.

Starting price- $186 - $304 a night



A mountain top hotel situated on the Teton Mountains in Wyoming, the Amangani hotel offers beautiful mountain scenery and a relaxing stay. All suites come with a private balcony, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and your access to the Teton mountain views through the private patios available. The hotel also offers you the opportunity to go on a once in a lifetime expedition to the Yellowstone nature park, near Amangani, and get up close and personal with the mountain bears and deer that populate the park. The wellness center on site, also offers all guests the opportunity to enjoy Himalayan salt treatments, yoga classes, and even have their own outdoor pool that is right next to the other mountains around the area.

Starting price - $952- $1,531 a night

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