The Five Best Camping Bivy Sacks on the Market Today

When you’re planning an overnight hiking or backpacking trip in the mountains, taking a tent along may not be your preferred option. They can be heavy to carry, but a bivy sack is more lightweight, and it can offer the advantages you’d get with a very small tent with less burden in your pack. They’re smaller, but a bivy sack provides you with an instant shelter that goes up quickly. This feature makes them useful when a sudden weather event happens and you need to get into a shelter fast. Here are the top 5 camping bivy sacks on the market today for your consideration.

Aqua Quest Hooped Green Waterproof Bivy Tent

Stay warm and dry on your next hiking adventure with the waterproof Aqua Quest hooped waterproof bivy tent. Made of strong and durable materials that are ultra-lightweight. The entire kit weighs just 2.4 pounds for the perfect shelter when you’re out in the wilderness. The fabric of this bivy tent is treated with special waterproofing to repel moisture and rain for greater comfort and protection from the elements. Water beads and rolls off the sack so you and your belongings stay warm and dry inside. This bivy works like a small tent and expands to give you plenty of room for storage as well as sleeping. when it’s not in use, the unit folds into a small and compact size of 15 x 5 inches and can be compressed to a size of 15 x 3 inches for greater carrying ease. The Bivy sets up fast and easy in as little as two minutes. All that you need to do is unzip the front panel and you have an instant shelter. The clear TPU window allows you to see the moon and stars above you, but you’re also protected from even the tiniest insects thanks to the “No-see-um” mesh that protects you from flying or crawling pests. Maintain an awareness of your surroundings. This bivy is designed with plenty of space so you can move around inside and eat a snack, change your clothes or read a book. It’s made with extra space for wide shoulders and in the foot areas. This bivy is made to accommodate persons up to 6 ft 6 inches comfortably.

Outdoor Research Bug Bivy

The Outdoor Research Bug Bivy is made to keep pests out and comfort in. This is the ideal tent solution for hikers and backpackers, without the bulk our weight of a traditional hiking tent. A special No-see-um-netting fabric stands between you and flying insects and crawling bugs. The tiny holes are small enough to keep out the tiniest bugs so you’ll have a more comfortable night’s sleep. This bivy sack sets up faster than most instant tents. It features a single shock corded Delrin pole that goes up quickly, making it an essential for hikers or backpackers who need fast access to shelter from unexpected weather events, or when it’s time to go to sleep after a long day of hiking. It sets up quickly in an average of 5 to 10 minutes. This kit comes with three stake loops and two guy line loops to make it hold securely, even when there’s a strong breeze blowing. The total weight of this backpacker’s shelter is 16 ounces which makes it the perfect travel shelter for hikers who are trying to keep their packs light.

Rab Alpine Bivi Sack

Enjoy the full comfort of a small warm shelter with the convenience of a compact and lightweight bivvy sack for hiking and backpacking. The Rab Alpine Bivi sack is made from 3L 15d eVentA fabric that is ultra lightweight. When not in use, it folds into a 12 x 4 inch size that weighs 18 ounces for a light shelter that is easy to carry wherever you go. The differential cut sleeping bag pattern design keeps you warm inside when it’s cold outside. The bivi is easy to get in and out of with an end zip entrance that zips closed to keep the heat inside.

Chinook Summit Bivy Bag

The Chinook Summit Bivy Bag keeps moisture out, but allows airflow for a comfortable shelter from the elements for hikers and backpackers. The fabric top of this bivy is treated with waterproofing to prevent rain and other types of moisture from penetrating the materials. Factory taping ensures that the seams won’t leak Special ripstop nylon bottom fabric is lightweight, yet strong and durable. The design uses this water resistant material on the bottom to prevent moisture penetration as an added bonus. Some bivy sacks become stuffy inside. To prevent this, a facial ventilation system has been built in for better breathability and sleeping comfort. The footbox is made for extra roominess for moving around inside.

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy offers comfort and protection from the elements in a fully waterproof shelter that goes up in minutes. Instead of pitching a tent, the Alpine bivy goes up easily in just a few minutes Five stake loops and one guy loop help to keep this bivy shelter firmly in place, even when the wind is howling outside. A 3 layer Gore-Tex fabric construction with hydroseal waterproof coating and fully taped seams keep moisture on the outside. Lightweight nylon materials are durable and strong, yet ultra light in weight. This is the perfect companion for hikers and backpackers who prefer a smaller alternative to traditional tent shelters. The weight is 30 ounces and packed size is 15-1/4 in x 4 x 4.

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