Five Indie Brands To Watch For In 2019

There’s something so gratifying when you discover great indie brands that change your life. But today it seems like Indie brands are everywhere from beauty to beverages there’s a new one popping up every day. With the help of social media influencers, the hype is even more prevalent. They help many of these small brands get the word out encouraging consumers to give these brands a try.  We definitely have a plethora of choices, so you’re probably wondering which brands should you be watching for in 2019. Or maybe you’re just curious to see which brands are making noise? The list is massive but we’ve narrowed down the top five brands which are capturing attention in the marketplace, doing heavenly goodness for the world, and changing the way we live, love and self-care.

1. Code Blue

A natural energy drink infused with multivitamins that not only helps maintain your energy but also touts the ability to lose weight. The drink launched into the market in order to assist first responders to maintain their energy level while saving lives. Code blue is laden with multi-vitamins from Vitamin B to berries such as Glucomannan (keeps you full and blocks fat absorption), Garcinia Cambogia (plant extract blocks body from making fat), to green tea and coffee bean extract. The drink is not only filled with healthy goodness but it’s also a do good brand. They donate a portion of their sales to different first responder organizations, taking care of those who take care of us. The energy drink was created by serial entrepreneur and award-winning business mentor Alexander Caro along with Will Abi Rafeh a fellow police officer, influencer and entrepreneur.

2. Gorjue

Food, makeup, and travel are massively trending within the social media platform and Maesa Koeber, a doctorate prepared entrepreneur, fused these interests together to create her brand Gorjue! Gorjue is a New York-based cosmetics line that is the first to mimic vibrant and earthy colors of sweet and savory foods from around the world and has a very unique patent pending foodie packaging! Their followers will journey with them globally to experience the transformation of nostalgic bright cuisines into picturesque makeup!

3. By Minnie Park

By Minnie Park was born through beauty influencer, Minnie’s own challenges with mental wellness. She discovered the healing properties of combining crystals with essential oils to soothe the soul. This discovery has led Minnie on a mission to bring peace, joy, and happiness in handcrafted crystal infused candles to those who face challenges with mental wellness. The assortment of each aromatherapy candle serves to address different needs individuals may have. Lavender candles infused with amethyst crystals are designed to calm and relax. Where Bergamot Aventurine and Peridot acts as a cleanser not just for the body but also for the air. The Eucalyptus Aquamarine combination helps to eradicate mental exhaustion and stress. While the Patchouli Tiger’s Eye candle serves as an anxiety reducer that also balances the mind, body, and soul.

4. Cranium Care

The best head care for baldies. This brand is taking bald from a stigma to stunning. Cranium Care is created by husband and wife duo Adam and Melissa Fitting. Adam was set out to find a solution for his hair loss after many failed attempts to find something that works, he shaved his hair all off. It was this journey of being a baldie that inspired him to create a line of products that are great for the bald head but also ethical. Cranium care products are vegan, certified cruelty-free, made in the US, sustainable packaging and all their ingredients are safe for people and the environment.

5. FlipBox

Founded by Karla A. Salinari,  FlipBox a subscription base Healthy Dessert Kits For Kids. After the birth of her daughter, Carolina, Karla learned the importance of good nutrition. From a family of Miami-based and Puerto Rican food lovers, Karla began to “flip” recipes, replacing unhealthy ingredients with gluten-free, organic, and higher-quality ones. Now based in Brooklyn, her weekly blog helps others do the same. One blog was so successful that Karla launched Flipbox, an organic, gluten-free, dye-free and healthier version of a cake-in-a-box. Each kit comes with an apron, mini spatula, and the dry ingredients needed to create a cake and frosting, but more importantly to spend quality time with your kids, enjoying healthy food.

Karla also runs baking parties and participates in Pop-Up events throughout NYC and the Hamptons. When she’s not flipping recipes, Karla helps lead an Annual Woman’s Summit that promotes woman empowerment and networking.

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