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10 Great Things to Do on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant and diverse city that is known for its culture, history, and music scene. If you are visiting this city, you can enjoy a vast array of experiences when visiting many of the attractions in the area. One of the most famous and most popular destinations to visit in New Orleans is Frenchmen Street, as this is one of the oldest and most famous parts of the city. This historic street offers its visitors plenty of things to enjoy during a visit. Here are just 10 things that you can do when you visit Frenchmen Street in New Orleans.

1. Listen to Live Jazz Music

The main reason why people visit Frenchmen Street is to listen to live music as this is for what this street is best-known. There are four main blacks to this street, and there are multiple music venues on each block. The most popular genre of music played is jazz music, so this is an excellent place to visit if you are a jazz enthusiast. Some of the top venues for live music include Igor’s Checkpoint Charlie, Dragon’s Den, Rare Form, Blue Nile, The Maison, Café Negril, Apple Barrel, and Spotted Cat. However, you will find many more great venues as you stroll along the street. It is also worth noting that live music is often played in the street, so you can enjoy some al fresco music if you prefer.

2. Admire the Wonderful Architecture

Frenchmen Street is one of the oldest parts of New Orleans, and this means that there is varied architecture to admire as buildings were added during different eras. Some of the oldest buildings are the Creole cottages that were built between 1790 and 1850. There are also examples of Creole townhouses dating back to 1788, and structures that have been erected in almost every period since.

3. Enjoy an Amazing Meal

This street is also a good place to enjoy an amazing meal as there are some outstanding restaurants in this part of New Orleans. Many of these restaurants also offer live entertainment, so you can combine excellent food with music and fun. Each of these offers different cuisines and will suit different people. If you want to try some of the traditional, local Cajun food, then one of the top restaurants to visit is Marigny Brasserie, which is a chic bistro with a menu that focuses on Cajun-inspired dishes. If you want to enjoy entertainment while you eat, then head for Three Muses, which offers excellent food and live entertainment in a cozy atmosphere. Another great restaurant is Bamboula’s, which serves Caribbean-Creole dishes and also has live music.

4. Dance in the Nightclubs

There is a buzz around Frenchman street at night, and some of the best places to enjoy this is the nightclubs. While some people are happy to sit and listen to music, others prefer to get up and dance. If you fall into the latter category, then the nightclubs are the perfect activity for you to enjoy.

5. Relax with a Drink in a Bar

Even if you do not want to get up and dance, there are still plenty of quieter places that you can go to enjoy a drink as there are multiple bars along Frenchmen Street. These vary in style from classy wine bars to hip joints with a grungy vibe. Regardless of your preference, you will find a bar that offers the perfect ambiance for you to feel comfortable and at home.

6. Peruse the Stalls at the Palace Market

Frenchmen Street is famous for its nightlife, but there are still plenty of things to do during the day. US News suggests that you take a stroll around the Palace Market. One of the highlights of perusing this market is the opportunity to admire the handmade crafts and jewelry. If you are planning to buy a souvenir of your time in New Orleans, then this is a great place to find something.

7. Watch a Burlesque Show

Frenchmen Street Live suggests several fun activities that you can enjoy during a visit to this destination, and one of them is to watch a Burlesque show. There are several venues that host this type of show, and it is a fantastic opportunity to watch the artistry of this style dance while enjoying a drink. This is a different form of entertainment than the live music that you can enjoy at most of the venues along this street.

8. Mix Cocktails at a Mixology Class

Another suggestion from Frenchmen Street Live is to take a mixology class. These one-hour classes are held at The Maison, which is one of the best live venues on Frenchmen Street. It is a great way to combine learning how to make some classic New Orleans’ cocktails with enjoying a drink. After the class, you can stay to enjoy the live entertainment.

9. Take a Guided Tour

Frenchman Street is rich in history and culture. It has an interesting past and some historically significant landmarks. One of the best ways to learn more about the history and culture of the area is to take one of the guided tours. The tour guides have a vast knowledge of the area and can offer those on the tours interesting snippets of information. This is a good choice of activity if you are more interested in learning about the history and the culture of the area than you are in experiencing the evening vibe.

10. Visit the Art Garden

According to the New Orleans French Quarter, a great daytime activity on Frenchmen Street is a visit to the Art Garden. This is an open-air venue that showcases the work of local artists. On display at this venue are examples of artwork, sculptures, and crafts. There are some pieces that are available to buy, so you can get yourself something as a souvenir of your time in New Orleans. This is the ideal activity for art enthusiasts who will appreciate the local talent.

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