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A Closer Look at the Hautlence Linear Series 1 Tourbillon Watch

Hautlence Linear Series 1 Tourbillon

Hautlence is a Swiss company that was founded in 2004. Since its formation, the company has been actively producing watches with unique displays. Unfortunately, the company experienced hard times, which caused it to release fewer watches over the years. According to Monochrome, its financial difficulties caused MELB Holding to acquire it in 2012.

After the acquisition, the company made a huge comeback by releasing the Hautlence Linear Series 1 Tourbillon watch. The watch stays true to Hautlence’s trademark design, its TV-shaped case. This time, the case is bigger, measuring 50.8mm in diameter. Other notable features of the case are the exposed levers of the retrograde display and the double-digit Arabic numerals scales. With that brief introduction about the watch, it is time to discuss it in detail. Here are other features of the watch below.

The Movement is Controlled by the D50 Caliber

The caliber was made in collaboration with a Geneva-based watchmaker called Aghenor. It combines the watch’s distinct time display with automatic winding and a flying tourbillon-based regulation system. Thanks to its flying tourbillon, the watch maintains high levels of accuracy since it will neither gain nor lose time. Its role is to counter the effect of Earth’s gravity on the watch’s balance wheel and spring. The D50 movement is not compact like most movements in other watches.

As a result, it allows you to view the watch’s components in their entirety. This movement is made up of 239 parts that operate at 3Hz with a power reserve of 72 hours. Its power reserve is more than most automatic watches. According to Wixon Jewelers, the average power reserve for automatic watches is around 36-42 hours. With the watch’s high power reserve, you will not have to wind it constantly.

It Has a Water Resistance Level of 100 Meters

Are you tired of taking your non-water resistant watch off every time you go for a swim? Fortunately, you can swim with this watch. According to Define Watches, you can even use it for professional marine activity. That means you can swim in almost any water body. Before you get too excited, there are things you should know when caring for this watch.

Showering with this watch will do serious harm to it. However, if you decide to shower with cold water and no soap, the watch will remain safe. Realistically speaking, some people wouldn’t want cold showers, and bathing without soap means you will remain unclean. The combination of hot water and soap destroys its gaskets with time. Once the gaskets get ruined, they will no longer keep the watch resistant to water. If you are planning to swim with this watch frequently, you should have it checked once a month. This is to ensure that the gaskets are still intact. Even though it is highly water-resistant, the gaskets lose their functionality with time. Once you check it regularly, you will be able to replace the gasket in time.

The Crystal is Made of Sapphire

Some crystals are sensitive to pressure. That means dropping them can cause them to scratch or crack. In such a case, you will be forced to replace the watch. Thankfully, this watch’s crystal is made of sapphire, which neither scratches nor cracks due to its hardness. According to Jeweler’s Touch, sapphire has a hardness value of 9. That makes it the second hardest mineral in the world after diamond, with a hardness value of 10.

Besides its hardness, the mineral is very transparent. Due to its transparency, you can view time on the dial. The drawback of sapphire is that it causes glares due to its extreme transparency. Glares are formed from too much reflection, which then reduces visibility on the dial. To minimize the glares, the mineral is coated with an anti-reflective substance. As a result, you can view time clearly on the dial and still not see glares.

Its Case is Made of Stainless Steel

One feature that stands out about the metal is its non-corrosive nature. Rust causes the watch to look unpleasant. Also, it weakens the case and other components with time. Stainless steel does not rust because it is a steel alloy of chromium. According to Thyssenkrupp, it contains a minimum chromium content of 10.5%. Chromium reacts with oxygen in the air to form a protective layer, which blocks rust. Another notable feature of the metal is its good hardness and strength.

Due to its hardness, it can withstand external pressure without getting damaged or changing shape. The metal is thus ideal for people who constantly drop their watches by mistake. Though rare, there are people allergic to nickel watch cases. Such people exhibit symptoms like itchiness, redness or bumps. Luckily, these people will benefit from this case since stainless steel does not trigger any allergic reactions. That is because the alloy has little to zero nickel content.

The Watch’s Strap is Made of Rubber

Rubber is better than silicon straps in so many ways. First, it is resistant to water and temperature changes. Its resistance to water means the strap dries quickly, meaning you will not experience the discomfort of a wet strap. As for temperature resistance, it stays at room temperature. Therefore, the watch will neither feel too hot nor too cold. Also, it does not attract dirt like silicon since it is not positively charged.

Also, the material is comfortable to wear. Since it is elastic, it can stretch to match the width of your wrist. That means it will not feel too tight or too loose. As a result, children and adults can wear this watch. Lastly, the material is lightweight compared to steel bracelets. Heavy watches put some strain on your hand, which means you will take significant effort to lift them. Contrast that with rubber, which is so light that you will not feel it.


Aren’t you fascinated with this watch? It delivers in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Due to what the watch offers, you probably wonder where you can buy it. You can order it from their website, for $64,900. Bear in mind there are only 28 pieces of it since it is a limited edition.

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