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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Honda NC700X

Motorcycle enthusiasts who are familiar with the Honda brand's commitment to excellence but who haven't kept up on the most recent innovations may be surprised to learn about how far the brand has come in the last few years. They've made some changes in trajectory with the NC700X model and if you're not privy to the wonders of their latest innovation, here are ten things you didn't know about the Honda NC700X.

1. It's a new machine from the ground up

Those who are not familiar with the Honda NC700X do not know that it may be Honda's greatest innovation yet. It represents a 180-degree change in the trajectory of motorcycle engineering and it's done so by changing the focus of their intent for this bike. It's more of a combination model that takes a few desired elements, not including speed or flashiness, and combined them in one package in a way that has not been accomplished until now.

2. The goals for this bike are of simple concept but difficult to execute

The design team at Honda set out with a few simple goals in mind for the NC700X. They wanted to build a bike that was affordable, fun, easy to ride and fuel efficient. Accomplishing all of these simple tasks in one package is where the hard work comes in. Some of the goals were difficult to achieve without one feature impinging on the quality of the other. They set about the task and pulled it off. How do you build a bike that features some of the latest and most innovative technologies while keeping the cost down? It was a real challenge, but the team took some nontraditional routes to accomplish this goal.

3. It's neither particularly fast or glamorous

In general, when a brand designs a new bike, they either make it faster than the competition's new models or they make it more comfortable and attractive. It's usually a cruiser or a bruiser when it comes to implementing a new concept. This bike is neither highly attractive or luxuriously comfortable nor is it wickedly fast. It's fast enough, attractive enough and fairly comfortable, but no one of these features are its dominant strength or calling card. It is fun to ride though.

4. The focus is on fuel efficiency

One of Honda's goals was to build a bike that was incredibly fuel efficient. This gives us our first clue that their intention was to create a bike that was ideal for commuting to and from work. They chose the 1.5-liter inline-4 engine because it's compact and it gave them something that they could work with to lower fuel consumption. With a few tweaks and adjustments, they did just that.

5. They call it a game changer for Honda

When describing the NC700X, it has been officially recognized as a game changer. This is not solely for Honda, but for the motorcycle industry as a whole. It may well change the way that manufacturers think about their new concepts. The NC700X claims a maximum fuel efficiency of 64 miles per gallon, combined but under certain conditions, the bike has achieved a 73 mpg rate and it's believed that with a little work and if ridden in a conservative manner, this number could jump to as high as 80. Now that's what we call game-changing technology.

6. It's more eco-friendly

Another goal that Honda accomplished with the NC700X is to make it more environmentally friendly. They'te doing the best they can to leave a smaller carbon footprint and they found an innovative way to increase the gases burned through the ports that end up in the catalytic converter with a faster heating of the converter that reduces emissions every time the engine is started.

7. Riding it takes some getting used to

The NC700X is a different kind of bike that most riders are used to. The designers were well aware that the propulsion method used would cause seasoned riders to take notice. The power delivery is on the low end and the order of firing is staggered so the bike features a lopey sound that might feel a little off at first. The rev ceiling is low and the exhaust is quiet so it takes a bit of psychological adjustment to get used to it.

8. This bike can deceive you

This very different bike features an urgent spin up that comes across in a heavy-cranked delivery. It's easy to get the sense that there's a lot of rpm headroom, but the truth is that there isn't. The rev limiter is abrupt and it occurs fairly frequently.

9. It's made for commuters

The NC700X is a unique bike that caters the most closely to the average work commuter. In fact, that's who it's designed for. It's a versatile and multifunctional bike that isn't intended to be a racer, but it offers a comfortable ride and it will get you and from work on a budget. It's comfortable to ride and you can use it for taking a road tour with a decent level of comfort.

10. The press cites it as significant and a departure from the norm

Multiple press articles have been written about the Honda NC700X. One writer claims that this bike has the potential for becoming the "most significant engine of recent times." Another describes the fact that everything about this bike is unconventional, but that is a part of what makes it so special.

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