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10 Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts That Will Blow You Away

Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts

Motorcycle technology is just starting to catch up with the first electric bikes in production. Some artists and engineers have designed some of the coolest futuristic designs that are like something from out of a science fiction film.

If you're a motorcycle rider who happens to love sci-fi, you'll enjoy these 10 futuristic motorcycle concepts that are guaranteed to thrill the imagination.

1. Honda V4 Concept

Honda V4 Concept

Honda's engineers have used their technological savvy to develop a real motorcycle that has such unbelievable power that it's almost more than the mind can fathom.

Although this machine is still in its developmental stage, it is believed that Honda's techs are going to equip it with a 12000cc V-4 motor.

The engine will be mated with a semi-automatic transmission that will allow the rider the option of an automatic or a manual. We checked out pictures o the concept bike and it looks like something from the year 2525.

2. Peraves Mono Tracer

Peraves Mono Tracer

The Peraves Mon Tracer is a motorcycle with two wheels that looks more like a hybrid of a minion and a transformer with its jelly bean shape. It's a cross between a two-wheel motorcycle and a car.

We classify this vehicle as a mind-blowing motorcycle concept because it's so unusual to look at. There are some technical issues with the concept that still need to be worked out.

It does have some stability issues but on the more positive side, it's designed with electric power and is better for the environment. This vehicle is scheduled for production

3. Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

The Yamaha PES2 is a unique-looking bike that is designed to have an extremely futuristic appearance. It has one of the sleekest designs that has ever been proposed.

It's hard to tell where one component ends and another starts. This isn't a new design but it certainly is one of Yamaha's most unique. The design keeps a single unit aesthetic flowing in this seamless machine.

The redeeming qualities of the ike are its disc brakes on the front and back wheels and GreenCore technology. It's hard to take this one seriously because it just doesn't have a substantial appearance.

It's a functional bike that works as it should but it looks a little too much like something out of a fantasy.

4. BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

The BMW logo sits at the top of this concept motorcycle that looks much like a large device or opening cans. You could call it a futuristic bike because it nails that aesthetic to a Tee.

From a distance, it doesn't even resemble a traditional motorcycle. It looks like a big piece of plastic holding two wheels at the base, but upon closer inspection, you can s that there are a sat and handlebars.

It can take a while but you can even make out the engine and after you study this concept for a while you see how it could be a functional motorcycle.

The bike is constructed with a carbon fiber shell and a single flex frame. It's fully equipped with self-balancing tech. It also can sense danger and found an alert to the rider through vibrations. It's not available yet but this futuristic concept bike is in the works as a production bike.

5. Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle

This is a motorcycle that is designed to look like the famed and exotic Ferrari supercars. It even sports the same red paint. The bike is a two-wheeler that takes as many iconic elements from past and present models of the Italian legend and combines them to create curvaceous lines and sleek aerodynamics.

It even imports features from Formula 1 cars as well as an F-16 fighter jet. How much more could they do to a motorcycle to make it out of this world?

6. Yamaha R7

Yamaha R7

The Yamaha R7 is a concept motorcycle that is based on the MT-07 model. It's made with a body made of tubular-shaped metal. Futuristic is a word that describes the look, but experts don't agree that it would be practical.

Still, this concept design is something that looks extremely cool, but will it ever really make it in the current age?

7. Kawasaki J Concept

Kawasaki J Concept

Easily the most beautiful futuristic concept motorcycle ever created, The Kawasaki J Concept is a sleek and powerful looking machine that looks like it could cut through the air like a bullet.

This is a bike that was presented a the Tokyo Auto Show in 2013. It's a three-wheel bike that is made for navigating sharp turns with precision and class.

It's a versatile bike that fulfills the functions of tourer, cruiser, and sports riding with ease. The seating can be optimized by the rider.

8. Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen

Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen

The 701 Vitpilen is a bike that looks like it is from a distant time. It looks more like a standard bike than most of the others on our list, but its exquisite beauty sets it apart.

This was once a concept bike that has made it to the production state. It's marvelously angled with a glossy aesthetic and a cutaway V-shape at the back of the bike that gives it an otherworldly aesthetic without disrupting the practicality of everyday riding.

9. LM847 Lazareth

LM847 Lazareth

This machine looks like something that would evolve out of the post-apocalyptic age of the future. It's a four-wheel bike that is equipped with a powerful Maserati V8 engine that cranks 470 horsepower.

The name is ominous and the bike has an aesthetic that goes along with the name. It's a brute that has a beefy appearance but from all appearances, the handling would lack agility.

10. Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

The Dodge Tomahawk is a concept motorcycle that is similar to the Lazareth. This is an older design that was first revealed in 2003, and it is just as exciting today as it was back then.

This is a four-wheel motorcycle powered by a specially designed 8.3-liter V10 engine from the Dodge Viper. It cranks out 500 hp and there have already been nine of them built.

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