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The Five Best Henderson Motorcycle Models of All-Time

Henderson Motorcycle Company is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in North America. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality motorcycles that are both practical and fun to ride. Henderson has been around since 1902, so it is no surprise that they have produced some of the most iconic bikes ever made. In this article, we will take a look at five Henderson models that represent the best of what Henderson offers to consumers.

5. Henderson 1920 Model K

The Henderson K 1920 is a small motorcycle manufactured by the Henderson Motorcycle Company. It was introduced in 1920 as a successor to their successful Henderson G 1917. This bike featured many improvements, with an enlarged engine and improved brakes being two of them. Production ceased in 1931 due to the Great Depression and its demise was inevitable, after all but two production years. However, it was a popular motorcycle at the time of its release and many people still enjoy riding this model today. The Henderson K 1920 is often dubbed as "America's first real motorcycle."

This bike has what is referred to in some circles as a vintage style that can't be matched by current models on the market. The Henderson K 1920 is a part of the 1909 model range which features many advancements from previous models. Amongst these are the modern steering and suspension, which allow for handling therapy with greater precision that was not available before. The 1920 Henderson K was a game-changer when it was unveiled in 1919. It features long-lasting components that stand the test of time and handcrafted leather seats to withstand every road you travel. Perfect for any motorbike enthusiast looking for a classic model.

4. 1929 Henderson Streamline Model

The 1929 Henderson Streamline Model is a very unique bike. It was designed with an enclosed body that would have cost the owner of this motorcycle $400 in 1930. The streamlined design also made it faster than other bikes on the market at the time and might be one of the reasons why it feels so modern to riders today. The Streamline model, also known as the KJ, appeared in 1929 and constantly improved. The IOE or Inlet over Exhaust valve configuration allows for a more efficient engine with less fuel consumption than other engines of the time period - it had 40 bhp/4000rpm at 100 mph! The illumination on your speedometer is something you'll be thankful for when driving this bike which boasts both leading-link forks and an illuminated speedometer built into its gas tank. The 1929 Henderson Streamline Model was produced from 1929-1931.

3. 1930 Henderson "Special" KL

The Henderson "Special" KLH is a 1930 model that was designed to beat the Indian Scout in competition. It did, with an average speed of 56mph while maintaining low fuel consumption and lightweight. This bike's success leads to it being produced for two years, where its popularity became so high due to its affordability and easy handling that Henderson's production was sold to Sears-Roebuck. The "Special" KLH is one of the best Henderson motorcycle models ever created and has remained an icon for vintage motorcycles today. Joe Petrali, a motorcyclist achieved 116.12 mph and 109.09 with a Henderson "Special" KL solo on April 29, 1930, in an Illinois highway demonstration of the new concrete roadway; this averaged 112.61 miles per hour The higher compression two-ring pistons produced 45 horsepower at 4500 rpm for remarkable performance flexibility too that meant it could pull smoothly from 8 to 110-mile speeds while being popular among police departments in America.

2. 1922 Henderson Deluxe

In 1922, the improved Henderson Deluxe motorcycle was introduced. This model made Harley-Davidson a much more reliable competitor to other motorcycles of the time. The new model is better because it has a redesigned crankshaft, a cylinder head that is cooler and that has an improved intake system, and an exhaust. Touted as one of the fastest bikes in its class after a match race against their main rival at Tacoma Speedway in 1937 where they set a 24-hour endurance record that stood until another company beat them for military contracts pre-war because it had been so long since anyone made motorcycle engines or transmissions stateside. This '22 Deluxe Long Tank model is a well-liked car for the vintage rally. It is resplendent in dark blue with gold accents and has been restored to be extremely road-worthy. It was refurbished circa 2005 and so does not have clincher rims or an alternator. ( The roar of the engine is enough to get your heart beating fast and racing! The bike was restored with a lot of love, care, and attention. It's in perfect condition for riding or showing off at any showroom because it has been made period correct including the H&F Mesinger seat and leather saddlebags which are original to 1922.

1. 1999-2000 Excelsior-Henderson Super X

The Henderson Super X-Lite is a motorcycle that was manufactured from 1999 to 2000. It features an Excelsior engine and has been called one of the most collectible motorcycles ever made with less than 500 units produced. The bike's design emphasizes low weight for great acceleration with handling advantages over heavier bikes on twisty roads. The air-cooled V-twin engine was designed to be powerful and efficient. The Weslake Engineering design is seen as one of the best in its class, with a 90mm bore size that gives it more power than most other engines this size while still being lightweight enough for good fuel efficiency. It has two chain-driven overhead camshafts which let you keep your speed up on hills without worrying about slowing down or damaging your valves because they're double protected by four valves each. The engine, though a bit archaic in design and execution, was advanced for its time. The isolastic mounting helped to keep it from vibrating excessively when the bike was moving at high speeds while the complicated torsional damper minimized noise during braking periods. Programmable fuel injection used a 9:1 compression ratio and dry-sump oiling system with an extensive dipstick measuring the history of motorcycling's longest ever seen.


In conclusion, the Henderson Motorcycle is one of the best and most well-built bikes in its category. The engine is powerful, yet efficient; it can withstand high speeds with little to no trouble at all. It has a dry-sump oiling system that helps keep the bike running smoothly, even after heavy usage or when used for long periods of time. May this article be your guide when you're looking for the best Henderson Motorcycle.

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