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What is an Enclosed Motorcycle?

An enclosed or cabin motorcycle is a motor vehicle with motive power that has been designed to operate with not more than three wheels on the ground. It can be fully or partially enclosed, has a seat or a saddle for the operator's use, and an enclosed compartment on top. The semi-enclosed or fully closed motorcycle first appeared in the 1920s in parts of Eastern Europe they were referred to as Dalniks. An enclosed motorcycle has around 50-850 cc. Riders can ride the motorcycles at higher speeds because of the protection that comes from the cabin. Some of the motorcycle brands that produce semi or fully-enclosed motorcycles include Honda, BMW motorhand, the Auto Moto, and Quasar.

Types of enclosed motorcycle

Over the years motorcycles have evolved, many designs have been made to improve their usage, comfortability, model, and functionality. There are many types of motorcycles, split into classes and uses: there are enclosed motorcycle and semi-enclosed motorcycles, including:

  • Electrical vehicle - Monoracer - Dirt bike
  • Tricycle - Sport - Scooter
  • Cruiser - Touring - Dual purpose
  • Standard

The classification of motorcycles has strictly been classified by systems enforced, for they are no universal system to classify all types of motorcycles, According to Wikipedia, classification can only be enforced by competitive motorcycle sports bodies or legal definitions. The legal definitions can be established by legal jurisdiction in different countries, and ways such as motorcycle registration, emissions, motorcyclist licensing, or road traffic safety rules. Thinking of purchasing a motorcycle? You will have to consider your country's rules and regulations put in place for use and requirements you must meet to own or drive motorcycles. Different types of motorcycles are used for different tasks such as:

  • For military services
  • Presidential escort
  • Deliveries
  • Ambulances
  • Blood transportation
  • Police motorcycles
  • Sports motorcycles
  • Touring motorcycles
  • General purposes

Most of the motorcycles have been of help in running the day-to-day activities with ease, they have become an essential means of livelihood for many people across the world. However, even if this is the case, enclosed motorcycles have pros and cons.


  • Climate-friendly - The enclosed motorcycle comes in handy for everyone with the fear of effects of wind and change of climate around them, the design protects you fully from cold, rain, injuries, sun, and other discomforts that the compartment shields you from outside. However, there are those that can easily convert into enclosed and open motorcycles. It is easier to deliver goods by using motorcycles. If it's a delivery of perishable goods or documents, you can relax the compartments since they are designed to protect your delivery.
  • Cost-effective - It is cheaper to purchase and maintain a motorcycle compared to cars, you can check online for the best motorcycle available some cost less however some of them cost way high depending on the make just like cars.
  • Fuel saver - By using a motorcycle as a means of transport, you can save money on fuel. You can ride it for many miles compared to a car with the same amount of fuel. Although they can also use electricity and gas, the consumption rate is lower than the cars. According to Moto gear knowledge it is cheaper to use a motorcycle than a car or a truck. A motorcycle covers a greater distance than a car saving more fuel and money for you.
  • Motorcycles are long-lasting - With the availability of spare parts that can be replaced, motorcycles can last longer, by replacing the worn-out parts increasing their durability and lifespan. However, it is vital to maintain a motorcycle well and service it on time so that it lasts for many years.
  • Riding is great for health - By riding a motorcycle, you engage your muscles, which are used to control the movements and direction by which you have to be active increasing core strength and even your posture by carrying the helmet with your neck. Your mental health can improve as you ride. Thus, the body releases endorphins that make you "happy", not forgetting the fresh air that is inhaled will also increase mental health. According to, spending time outside can reduce anxiety and stress thus making you feel better and happier.
  • Easy commute - Motorcycles move easily everywhere. You can move faster around especially if traffic is heavy and you are allowed to cut through saving you time. More so, finding a parking space for the motorcycle is easy, relieving the stress of searching for parking.


An easier target for thieves - Motorcycles are mainly targeted by thieves for being easy and faster to steal without being noticed due to their easy access and lightness, unlike cars that require more time and attention to break in and drive away. However, you can secure your motorbike by using trackers and covering them when possible. Also, park them in secure locations and don't leave them in vacant areas.

A limited space - In as much as you enjoy your motorcycle and love taking it with you, its limited space can limit you. You have to plan an event that you need a large space for carrying your stuff or other people to tag along with you.

Exposed to danger - Motorcycle riders are known for aimless driving and not minding the way they drive even on sharp bends. However, it's more likely that an accident would be caused by a car since most drivers do not look out for motorcycles.

Do and don'ts

  • Regularly service your bike
  • Protect your bike from harsh conditions
  • Avoid mixing the substance with riding
  • Put on protective gear always
  • Avoid over speeding ride within your limits
  • Take road precautions and rules seriously
  • Treat your bike nicely, give it the attention it deserves

The world has become a global village with everything in one place, if you wish to own an enclosed motorcycle with a simple click, you can access all available designs and models that will suit your personal preference, personality, and pocket.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is one of the managing editors of Moneyinc. Ben's been focusing on the auto and motorcycle sector since 2005. He's written over 1000 articles in the space and continues to learn about it each day. His favorite car is "any Bugatti" and he's a die hard Harley Davidson fan.

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