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The Top Five Ridley Motorcycles Ever Produced

Ridley is a motorcycle company that was based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It became a popular brand with its first cruiser featuring a continuously variable transmission in 1999, called the Ridley Speedster. This put America on the map it the country's first automatic motorcycle. Ridley launched its operation in 1995 and continued producing innovative motorcycles until 2010 when the company closed its doors. During that time it produced a variety of popular models which are now available on the used motorcycle market. Although you won't' be able to find a brand new version, here are the top five Ridley motorcycles ever produced for your enjoyment and consideration.

5. 2000 Ridley Speedster

The first production version of Ridley's Speedster was released for sale to the public in 1995. The first vehicle offered was a 3/4 scale miniature cruiser that was powered by a 600 cc V-twin engine and a CVT transmission. A 2000 version of the Ridley Speedster was reviewed by Mecum with its large displacement and quick speeds being among the most notable features. The small 3/4 size, however, kept it beneath the radar of its larger competitors in the industry. Public interest was high in the Speedster as riders liked the power along with the smaller size for handling purposes. There were just 25 versions of the Signature Series Speedsters ever produced. This makes it a fairly rare motorcycle and if you can find one in pristine condition with low miles, you have something of value. Although Ridley was only in business for 14 years, it left its mark in the industry. The small 1995 Speedster is a bike that has gone down in history as America's first automatic motorcycle and it deserves its place on the list of the most significant models ever made by Ridley.

4. 2002 Ridley AutoGlide

The 2002 Ridley Auto-Glide was the first full-sized motorcycle produced by the brand with completely automatic transmission for use as a street bike. Although the smaller bike found a niche of riders who made the brand successful, some riders weren't looking for a small size. Some larger riders, in particular, prefer a larger bike. Ridley rose to the call for a bigger bike and produced the Auto-Glide, released for its debut in 2002. This became a focus for the brand and it fulfilled a demand for the market niche. The AutoGlide features lightweight handling with a fully automatic transmission, a low seat height and it came in an array of variations. This was one of the most successful models produced by the brand.

3. 2007 Ridley Auto-Glide Old School

The 2007 Ridley Auto Glide Old School is a custom cruiser that was offered in a bobber with a more laid-back personality that riders loved. It earned an overall score of just over 70 out of 100, which is a decent ranking with 3/4 approval from riders during its heyday. The Old Schools is powered with a V2 four-stroke engine with a 738ccm displacement, air-cooled, belt-driven with a fully automatic gearbox. The dry weight of the bike is 440 pounds. It featured a low seat height of 24.5 inches with a fuel capacity of 5 gallons. This is a rugged bike that you can pick up on the used market for between $14 to 17,000. The bike has retained its value well over the past decade.

2. 2009 Ridley Auto-Glide Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Auto-Glide for 2009 was one of the last production models made by Ridley. This bike was a popular model featuring unique styling that gives it a distinct personality that sets it apart from other models in the family. This bike featured an exotic black and black cherry paint job that gave it exceptional curb appeal. It was an attractive motorcycle with a tan leather seat that further distinguished it in appearance. It became a collectible model after the closure of Ridley's operations. Other notable features include an electronic fuel gauge, a tank-mounted electronic dash, which was another first for the brand, and a black engine that made it look even more exotic. This model was first introduced in 2001 with the 3/4 sizes called the Signature Series One. The dash features a self-calibrating speedometer and tachometer. The odometer featured a resettable trip meter with an LED fuel gauge and battery voltmeter. Other notable features of this model include a center-mounted chrome horn, chrome driving lights, a chrome road bar with highway pegs, beach bar handlebars, and chrome and rubber floorboards. Keeping the chrome theme going was 60 spoke chrome rims with nicely contrasting whitewall tires. Models from the previous version in 2008 sold out with lightning speed. The average shelf time on the dealer floor for a new AutoGlide Limited Edition was 30 days or less. Ridley kept the production numbers low, however, but this makes them all the more collector's items.

1. 2008 Ridley Auto-Glide Classic (740)

The 2008 Auto-Glide Classic was formerly known as the 740. This bike received new styling cues that gave it a timeless traditional design that riders liked. Ridley was good at throwing in a few twists for the sake of uniqueness. Both front and rear featured full fenders with a 6-layer paint job and chrome accents that gave it sparkle and brightness. LED turn signals were a safety feature that gave the bike high visibility on the roads. This became the most refined and famous model of the Ridley lineup. To sweeten the deal, Ridley threw in a 2-Year Plus warranty. Ridley would continue production of its limited number of motorcycles for one more year before closing its doors forever. The 2009 version of the motorcycle didn't see any significant changes. It had dropped the 740 designations a few years back, but it was still from the same family of bikes.

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