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A Closer Look at the 1978 Harley Sportster

1978 Harley Davidson Sporster

Harley Davidson developed a new line of motorcycles called the Sportster. They were first introduced to the world in 1957. These bikes were inspired by their predecessors, the K, KK, KH and KHK Harleys which made their appearance just five years prior in 1952. It's fascinating to discover the influences behind some of the most iconic models currently enjoyed by riders throughout the world. The 1978 Sportster is one that is particularly significant in the history of the brand and its importance in the progression of the development of motorcycle technology and innovation is reason to take a closer look at the model.

The evolution of the Sportster

The first Sportsters bore the DNA of the four series of "K" motorcycles, with the exception of the flat head engine, which was not the case for the Sportster line. The successors were equipped with an overhead valve engine versus the sidevalve of the Ks. The original Sportsters maintained the same front suspension, gas tank, frame and fenders as the KH model and the line was coded with the "XL" prefix.

The XL Sportster models

From 1957 through 1985, the XL Ironhead Sportsers were made in an 883 cc and a 1,000 cc displacement. The name comes from the cast iron heads used for the overhead valve engine and they used the K series frame. The XLCH ironhead was made from 1958 through 1971 in the 883 cc version as a sportier version of the XL Ironhead. Then produced in a 1,000 cc from 1972 through 1985. Then the racing version called the XR-750 was introduced in 1970-1971 with the iron heads as the racing version of the Sportster in a 750 cc size. From 1972 through 1985, this variant used alloy heads with the overhead valve engine.

1978 XLCR

In 1977 through 1979, the XLCR came on the scene as the Cafe racer of the Sportster line in a 1,000 cc overhead valve engine with cast iron heads. There were 2,000 of this version built the first production year, an additional 1,200 made in 1978, and in 1979, just 9 were created.

The 1978 Sportster significance in the Harley Davidson history

1978 was the 75th anniversary of the Harley Davidson motorcycle company's founding. This was a very special year and in celebration of the event, the 1978 Harley Davidson XL-1000 Sportster was released for sale. The model was designed with some new features which included jet black paint with gold tinted cast wheels, gold striping accents and dual front disc brakes. A premium saddle crafted of genuine leather was also thrown into the design scheme to make this an extra special edition. Other notable traits of the motorcycle were the introduction of a new electronic ignition system, a tachometer and speedometer which stemmed from the headlamp housing, and a two into 1 exhaust header. The bikes were produced in a limited run for 1978 to commemorate the anniversary.

The impact of the Harley Davidson Sportster

You can talk to a dozen Sportster owners and ask them what makes this bike so special. You're likely to get a lot of different answers, all of them being accurate about the advantages that this line has to offer. While there are several different variants of the Sportster produced, one constant has remained, and that is the fact that they're among the most versatile motorcycles of the brand. They're all street legal and have a touring quality that makes them comfortable to ride on the road, even for long periods of time. In addition to this, these bikes perform just as well when you take them off road for some dirt biking fun. While some models are more specialty bikes, built for a specific type of riding, the Sportster is a sporty bike that has multiple uses and the performance is quite satisfactory for each. Basically, it's a good all around motorcycle and most enthusiasts will agree with this assessment. As Gary Ilminen states about the history of this bike, the Sportster has been successful in "reaching every Niche." While it may not be the preference of those who demand specialization, it does a good job in most areas of performance.

Final thoughts

1978 was a very significant year for Harley Davidson and the Sportster was chosen to represent the company in a commemorative limited edition that went the extra mile in aesthetics and new tweaks for improving comfort and performance. This was a pivotal point for the Sportster and an opportunity for the brand to highlight this model as being very special. All eyes were upon the new 1978 XL-1000 and it proved its mettle during its time in the spotlight. This bike has a rich history behind it and the Sportster is an evolutionary motorcycle which took a favorite of the brand and improved upon it with continual changes and innovations made with some degree of consistency. Within the Sportster family, a range of variants were produced, giving riders some seriously decent bikes to choose from, all sharing the DNA of their predecessor with the advances that being in a new generation and a new line brings with it. Harley Davidson excelled in producing a versatile bike that is suitable for a variety of riding situations. Racers had the cafe version in the XLCH, the XLH offered higher compression but all of them provided diversity. These are the things that combine together to make the 1978 Sportster a pivotal model in the history of the brand and it is one that will continue to be referred to by historians and enthusiasts who have a passion for riding and for sporty Harley Bikes.

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