How to Start Using Online Workers for your eCommerce Company

Do you ever find yourself engulfed in your eCommerce company? Does it seem hard to grow because you’re so busy taking care of the day-to-day operations? You’re producing awesome work, writing all of the content, managing the day to day of your business, and doing it 16 hours every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a little time to focus on building your business instead of having your head buried in day to day operations?

If you’re nodding your head right now, your business is ready to start using online workers. Have you ever wondered how some businesses have been able to grow by leaps and bounds? If so, you are ready to swim out of the shallow end of the pool.

It’s called growth.

This is your baby now. You have all of the skills required to create a hugely successful eCommerce company. Up until now it has been knees and elbows while you try to keep up with day to day operations.


Your business is trying to tell you something.

This article will share some of the steps you need to take to begin listening to your business and venturing out into uncharted territory for your brand. I want to show you the top tips needed to begin growing your company with online freelancers. This allows them to shoulder the weight of the day to day and you can devote your work week to watering that awesome brand you have.

Step 1 – Your Time Management

In order for you to be able to step out into the wide world of expansion, you must understand where you need the most help first.

Create a list of all of the operations in your business which are taking up the biggest chunk of your time.

Don’t let anything fall by the wayside. Write down everything you do and put yourself on the clock while you do it. This allows you to understand which tasks you need the most help with to increase productivity.

Do you find yourself spending too much time creating content? Add it to the list, and the time it would take you to create it.

You cannot defeat time. Many have tried to do it only to find time always wins. The point of this project is to allow you to perceive time and how it works within your business. No, you cannot defeat time, but you can learn how to manage it better.

Have you got your list ready?

Step 2 – Prioritize Your “Time List”

You have now spent a week and began to get a better glimpse at what you do and how long it takes you to do it. Now take a look at your list and prioritize it so the most repetitive, and easily taught skills are located at the top.

For example, you may have these 5 things:

  • Posting to social media – 2 hrs/week
  • Writing content – 5 hrs/week
  • Engaging with current social followers – 1 hr/week
  • Video creation/editing – 6.5 hrs/week
  • Company PR and client management – 9 hrs/week

Take a look at your list. Which one would be the easiest to hire an online freelancer for? Using the above example, #3 would be the easiest taught skill on this list. Move that to position #1.

Go through your list and rearrange them according to their simplicity.

In any business, it is very important to consider the time required to do a certain task. I know you love posting your brand on social media, but you need to ask yourself, ‘Is this something I should be doing, or can I use this time wisely for something else by hiring someone to do this for me?’

Step 3 – Hire Your Online Worker

With the list you have just made, you can now begin to look for an online worker who can fulfill these tasks for your business. Growing your team is an awesome step in building your business.

When it comes to hiring your remote worker, you need to know your worker will:

  • Focus on the right tasks for your business.
  • Be someone you can trust – how can you work with someone who you don’t trust?
  • Be a great communicator – a professional remote worker will always be in contact with you on every task. They will have great notes, and you should be able to understand everything they have done simply by looking at these notes. A great communicator also knows when to ask questions. Remember, questions are a good thing. They don’t know the business like you do.

When done correctly, the application can be a great way to determine if your remote worker has these qualities. Allow them the opportunity to address your questions or share their areas of expertise in this stage of the hiring process.

Find the perfect person and start this whole process by creating an awesome job description in various trusted job boards across the web which you know to be trustworthy.

One example would be FreeeUp, a hands-on solution to hiring remote workers online. Best of all, FreeeUp interviews hundreds of workers so you don’t have to. These remote workers already come vetted, experienced, and highly skilled to complete the task you’re about to give them.

Over To You

Does it seem like the day to day of your business is overtaking you?

If so, you could benefit from using the steps in this article to expand and grow your business. Think about it. If you are covered up with the same old work every day you need to break your business out of its shell and branch out with your brand.

Do you have an exciting tip you would like to share about using online workers for your business? There could be someone reading this right now who would benefit from your experience. Let us hear about it in the comment section.

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