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What Differentiates Infiniti Wheels from Other Cars?

Infiniti Wheels

Infiniti is a brand that was created as Nissan Motors Inc's luxury division. It was launched in 1989 to create a brand that is differentiated from standard Nissan models. The two are not the same, although owned by the same entity. Not all parts on Infiniti or Nissan brands are interchangeable. Infiniti wheels are made in a sophisticated and simple styling without a lot of flash. The subdued styling is nonetheless, a luxury feature that offers subtle finishes that do not detract the focus from the body of the car. According to Original Wheels, there is a choice of factory original rims in all styles including machined, polished, hyper silver, stainless still, and plain silver finishes, plus a few more choices. This is one of the first things that stands out in a luxury vehicle. While some others emphasize ultra-stylish rims that stand out as a main focal feature, Infiniti took another approach and understated the styling. This is compatible with the overall tone of Infiniti vehicles. Here are other things that make Infiniti wheels different from other cars in the luxury class.

Who makes Infiniti wheels?

Infiniti wheels are not a product of Nissan nor Infiniti. Unlike the majority of the engines that originate with Nissan, the wheels are made by a third-party provider. Factory original wheels for Infiniti are made by Detroit Wheel and Tire. The company offers a wide selection of original factory OEM alloy and steel wheels and rims. Other manufacturers make OEM factory wheels for Infiniti as well.

You don't need gaudy styling for luxury

One of the differences that set Infiniti wheels apart from the rest is the understated styling that is still remarkably luxurious. We look at a few different wheel models to see the differences and the uniqueness of their simple and subtle design. Custom Infiniti g35 rims feature a concave design that draws the eyes to them without coming across in an overpowering style that detracts from the natural beauty of the vehicle. They're available in colored custom versions for size 17 through 22 inches. The rims are made with a monoblock forging process that uses one solid piece of alloy or steel for exceptional strength and durability according to Jova. They are made to fit certain models of the Infinity lineup with precision machining to ensure that all components function per their specifications. The concave design in an otherwise simple aesthetic is a lovely feature that sets these wheels apart with the utmost of stylishness that one would expect from a contemporary luxury vehicle.

Infiniti Q60 factory wheels

The wheels for the Infiniti Q60 are made of forged aluminum alloy in the same monoblock forging method that crates the wheels out of a single piece of a6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy. This gives them durability and strength. These wheels are available in powder coating, machine facing, colored, brushed, chrome, anodized and polished finishes with multiple including dual color options. They are available in a size range from 15 to 24 inches. Other styles of Infiniti factory wheels offer a variety of different aesthetics such a five-spoke wheels in a variety of custom colors and finishes. As a general rule, Infinity produces subtlety in its factory original wheel designs. Those who prefer a flashier aesthetic may also opt for customized factory wheels without sacrificing the quality of performance.

Which are better OEM or aftermarket?

Some drivers and even mechanics go with aftermarket wheels because it's easier to find them at lower prices than the factory replacement wheels. It may not be worth saving a few bucks if you're going to lose out on performance. According to Wheel Craft, Infiniti, as well as other luxury brand vehicles, are high-performance machines. They are built with precision components that fit into the overall design of the vehicle to work in unison within the system design. Even slight deviations can make a difference in the performance. While some customization of the wheels is acceptable, quality in delivering factory replicated wheels is important.

Factory wheels are made specifically for each individual model regardless of the manufacturer. This is why it's important to ensure that the maker follows guidelines for producing exact replicas that fit the original wheels, even after modifications made for customization. This supports the case for going with factory (OEM) wheels for your Infiniti versus aftermarket brands. Using a wheel that is even the slightest bit off of the recommended specifications is likely to lead to less enjoyable performance, and this is one of the reasons why it's not recommended. If you shop around, you can find reasonably priced factory original wheels for your Infiniti, depending on our style preferences.

Final thoughts

Infiniti, like most other luxury brands, has a unique set of specifications for the wheels of each model that it produces. The specs of the wheel must work in unison with many other components and systems in the vehicle to ensure that everything operates smoothly and seamlessly. This means that precision crafting is required for the wheels. While some drivers and vendors assert that using aftermarket wheels for your Infiniti is acceptable, it might not be the best choice. When outfitting your Infiniti, you must strive to replace the wheels with factory versions that are intended for the exact model you drive without deviation. It's not good enough to come close when it comes to the wheels that help to keep you on the road. You purchased a luxury vehicle for a reason and trading even a percentage of the performance to save a few bucks is probably not going to be worth it. There is no such thing as one size fits all with Infiniti. The wheels are made of premium materials crafted of a single piece of steel or alloy for durability and high performance.

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