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Is Amex Concierge Better than Chase Concierge?

American Express

When it comes to credit cards, it can sometimes be hard to tell which one is better. That's especially true when you're comparing concierge service for different credit card companies. Sure, they will all tell you that the one they offer is the best, but that doesn't mean that it's always true for you personally. After all, somebody has to be the best, so all of the credit card companies claiming that theirs is better can't be telling you all the facts, can they?

If that's the case, what are you supposed to do when it comes to deciding on a specific concierge service? Take two of the most popular concierge services, those provided by Chase and American Express. Have you ever wondered which one is better? In some cases, the differences are obvious, but it really comes down to your individual needs and how each credit card company best fits those needs. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Understanding the Mystery of Concierge Service

One of the first things that you must understand when it comes to concierge service provided by credit card companies is that it really doesn't have anything to do with the credit card company itself. In fact, all of the concierge services are provided as third-party services.

As a direct result, their quality can vary a great deal. It also makes it hard to understand which credit card company offers the best concierge service because they're not directly responsible for any of it. That said, it is often possible to compare the services offered between major companies such as American Express and Chase in order to see which one typically comes out on top.

Customer Service Is Still Number One

Many customers have reported that they first notice a difference when they call to speak to an actual human being because they either have a request or they are trying to iron out a problem.

Typically, Chase concierge service provides someone to speak with in under two minutes while American Express typically leaves people on hold for approximately 15 minutes before anyone comes to the phone. That’s a long time to wait, but there’s more. Several people have reported that the requests were never followed up on with Chase.

They might have received an initial follow up, but no one ever got back with them to make sure that they had everything they needed and that it was to their satisfaction.

On the other hand, an almost equal number of customers have reported that American Express got back with them in roughly half the time for the initial response and then followed up with them a second time in order to make sure that everything was done to the customer's expectations.

One Dynamic Difference

That's a rather dramatic difference and it's one that's worth taking note of, especially given the fact that these particular credit cards are typically only offered to individuals who have a rather good credit rating. As a result, many of them expect to get a little bit of extra service for having that distinction.

To be perfectly honest, no one likes to be kept waiting on hold for 15 minutes at a time, nor do they like being part of the company that fails to follow up with them and they have a problem. It's not the best use of customer service under any circumstance, and that leaves a lot of people confused over which is best.

Chase Concierge Service

The concierge service provided by Chase claims to offer help with booking travel, finding answers to questions about specific things to do at your destination and even getting help with COVID-19 protocols for international travelers. Some customers reported their own experience was lacking.

When compared to all of the services that the company claims to offer, others were more than happy with it. Typically, Chase will provide information about activities that can be booked, hotels and restaurants in the area. They will even help you book special activities that you might not have otherwise been aware of.

American Express Concierge Service

On the other hand, American Express offers concierge service that comes with their annual membership. That membership costs $550, so it's a good thing that you get a few perks along the way.

What makes American Express unique is the fact that you can get one-on-one help for virtually anything you need. It doesn't matter if you're trying to book a room at a particular hotel. If you need help planning an event when you're away from home, the concierge service is there to help you.

Fit Their Customers

They typically tailor their concierge service to fit the needs of their customers. They end up helping with a wide range of different issues. Amex will also field questions of virtually all types. There is no extra charge for the services provided. It automatically comes with membership at the highest level for American Express card holders.

So, Is Amex Concierge Better than Chase Consierge?

When it's all said and done, it's actually hard to pick a winner. American Express seems to come out on top, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should automatically discount Chase. They can both help with specific issues that may not necessarily be included with the other card.

As a result, it can be beneficial to have concierge service with both card companies. If you have to pick between one of the other, your best bet is probably to go with American Express. It comes down to the types of things you plan to use the service for, as well as your own individual needs.

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